learn from art and literature for living a better life

welcome to this living a better life series we are talking about how movie theater literature can also teaches after reading a book or hearing a song or watching a show we can walk out with smiles on our faces along with the wholly new characters we can pretend to be in our daily life or we can walk out with the theories empathizing with a story in a way there are lessons to learn as to what we should and what we should not from the show so every song every prose every essay every novel in addition even thing that has been written everything that has been said by others every speech adds something to teach us they give us a relaxation and relief from stress yes they are form of entertainment they take us to different world the one we come from or the one we want to go through they may be totally different they give us a new perspective many times we identify ourselves our friends and families with the characters sometimes we disagree with the direction but in the end all forms of literature and art feature something art forms of literature give us a perspective all forms of literature help us identify our friends or families with the characters and features what we should and what we should not be doing the book or the drama could help us reconnect three focus +2 or we minimize or restrain us from suitably and help us take grounded to bring more clarity or perspective into the things we do so the art forms help us to be grounded art forms help us to remember the perspective art forms help us to bring clarity and focus to our goals and ambitions we literature theater or movie theatre drama beat the song beat a show me the book there are something for us to learn for bring the more of you into life every day life is beautiful be enthusiastic with the songs and it shows it is better and more easy to make it more likely be entertained but be educated thanks for watching this video for to see you again so

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