Learn English Through Story – The Stranger by Norman Whitney

the stranger by Norman windy chapter 1 a stranger in would end on Saturday the 31st of October 1964 a man arrived in the village it was late in the evening he was looking for somewhere to stay the night he knocked at a door and a woman opened it good evening madam the man said I'm sorry it's so late but can you help me please is there a hotel in this village I want to stay here tonight the woman laughed a hotel here in Woodend no sir I'm afraid there isn't what a pity said the man I'm a stranger here and I want to see your village tomorrow the stranger was very polite he was tall and had dark hair and he had strange green eyes perhaps mrs. Harrison can help you the woman said she has a room perhaps you can stay with her wait a minute I'll get my coat and I'll take you there the woman took the stranger to mrs. Harrison's house mrs. Harrison gave him a room for the night he was very glad it was the last night of October and it was cold the next day was Sunday the man looked round the village he was very interested in the history of the village he met some of the villagers and asked them their names but he did not visit the church that was unusual the church in Woodend was the most beautiful building in the village but the stranger was not interested in it he did not go to church that night with all the villagers it was the first Sunday evening of November when the villagers came out of the church the man had gone they had all liked him the ladies had thought he was very good-looking a few weeks later he came back it was the first Sunday in December the villagers were coming out of church it was cold and dark hello he said I'm back again it's nice to see you all once more his next words surprised everyone perhaps you can help me he said I'm looking for a house I want to buy a house here here someone said but why here there's no working would end for a young man all the young people leave the village they find work in Ligny the nearest town I'll get a job somewhere the stranger said perhaps in Ligny then one of the villagers told him about old mr. Smith's house mr. Smith had died in the summer his house was empty it was for sale the house was on the corner of Main Street and Church Lane I'll ask about the house tomorrow said the young man perhaps I'll be lucky goodbye I'll see you soon the villagers watched him leave they all saw his car it was very big and luxurious he looked rich a few days later mr. Smith's house was sold and in the middle of December the young stranger arrived he moved into the house and worked very hard he fixed the roof he repaired broken windows he painted and decorated he changed the whole house but there was a big surprise for the villagers on the morning of Monday the 21st of December they saw a big sign on the front of the house and on the sign with these words the corner shop proprietor Dave Slaton chapter 2 the village meeting the villagers could not believe it a shop in would end everybody talked about it there was once a shop in would end but it had closed 20 years ago some people wanted the shop but others did not the villagers met in the evening in the village hall everybody was there everybody was interested in the new shop the corner shop is a good idea someone said we need a village shop we won't need to go to Lib nee then mrs. Harrison spoke she liked the stranger Dave Slayton I agree she said a village shop is a good idea it's too quiet here would end needs a shop nonsense said Miss Brown she was the village schoolteacher Ligny is not far away there are lots of shops there soon everybody was shouting then mr. Hardt spoke he was a very big man with a loud voice listen everybody he shouted we've never had trouble in this village before we've always been quiet and happy now this shop is causing trouble let mr. slaton speak someone said is his shop let him speak ladies and gentlemen said Dave Slayton I don't want to cause any trouble I'm still a stranger in your village but I want to be one of you I want to be your friend I liked the people of Woodend he smiled and a few people clapped they liked him the corner shop will sell lots of things he went on it will sell food and things for the house everything will be cheap I promise everybody was listening carefully and I have another idea he continued I'll sell village products what do you mean by village products asked miss brown I'll tell you miss brown he I know that you make beautiful bread and cakes Ms Brown smiled yes she did make bread and cakes everyone knew that and you mr. Hart I've seen your flowers you grow beautiful flowers now mr. Hart smiled yes his flowers were beautiful everyone knew about them and mr. Everett makes pots someone said and mrs. Davis makes dolls said another voice and I do paintings of the village said old Miss Lucy gray yes said Dave you can all do something you villagers are clever you make lots of things we can sell them to the tourists in the summer wood end can make a lot of money but what about the money said mr. Hart how will you pay us that's a good question said Dave and here's the answer you all bring your things to me and I'll sell them for you I'll keep some of the profit you'll have the rest what a good idea said Miss Brown yes I agree said mr. Hart all the villagers agreed everyone in the village was happy with Dave Slaton's plan the corner shop opened on Monday the 4th of January 1965 soon the shop was busy and Dave needed an assistant the new assistant in the corner shop was Anna she started work in late January Chapter three the corner shop Dave Slayton kept his promises things that the shop were good and cheap how does he do it asked mrs. Harrison it's winter but he's selling lots of fruit and vegetables and they're cheap I never go to Ligny now the other villagers agreed the corner shop was a success and Dave seemed happy he paid Anna good wages sometimes her friend Peter helped at the shop and Dave gave him money too Dave advertised in newspapers and the village products sold well people from Ligny came to the corner shop there were lots of visitors and Woodend became more interesting the villagers were surprised but pleased they were making a lot of money Dave lived alone in a flat above the shop he was very popular in the village but no one ever went to his flat no one ever saw inside it at the bottom of the stairs there were two doors one led into the stockroom the other door had a notice on it special orders only keep out the door was always locked Anna never went into the special orders room why'd you lock that room Dave and her asked one day what's in there it's first special orders he replied big orders but you won't get any big orders in Woodend said anna Dave said nothing he did not want to talk about that room Chapter four a beautiful customer for three months everything was normal then one day in April an unusual customer came into the shop the new customer was a very beautiful woman she was wearing expensive clothes and arrived in a large car is this the corner shop the woman asked she looked round and seemed a little surprised yes replied Anna this is the corner shop it's the only shop in the village I'm looking for mr. slaton the owner of the shop said the woman I think he's upstairs said Anna I'll go and get him does he know your name yes I think so was the reply and tell him the woman stopped tell him miss Gordon is here miss greater Gordon Anna was amazed are you greater Gordon the film star yes that's right the woman smiled but she was nervous wait a minute said Anna I'll tell mr. slaton that you're here Anna ran to the bottom of the stairs and called Dave Dave there's someone to see you who is it asked Dave from upstairs miss Greta Gordon shouted Anna it's Greta Gordon the film star I'm coming he said and he came down immediately I'm pleased to meet you miss Gordon he said good morning said Greta Gordon she and Dave shook hands she had beautiful hands and she was wearing beautiful diamond rings Anna had never seen so many diamonds before miss Gordon looked round is this where you work mr. slaton she asked once again she seemed nervous yes said Dave it's a small place but it's big enough for me please follow me miss Gordon Anna was surprised Dave and Greta Gordon did not know each other he did not call her Greta and she did not call him Dave he seemed to be in a hurry and she seemed to be frightened Anna watched them Dave and Greta Gordon went to the back of the shop and into the special orders room Greta Gordon was a special order customer Anna thought that was very strange she wanted to tell someone about Greta Gordon Anna loved films she wanted to tell Peter about the film star but she had to stay in the shop ten minutes later Greta Gordon came out of the special orders room Dave went straight upstairs and Greta Gordon came to the front of the shop the film star looked terrible she was pale she was crying her eyes were red with tears what's wrong asked Anna can I help you miss Gordon no thanks I'm all right said Greta Gordon do you want to sit down said Anna she got a chair and the film star sat down shall I get the doctor said Anna no no said Greta please tell no one about my visit here please tell no one Anna was disappointed she wanted to tell everyone about Greta Gordon she wanted to tell everyone about her famous customer I want to give you something said Greta Gordon here's a photograph of me I'll sign it she signed the photograph and gave it to Anna please keep this said Greta and please keep her secret please don't tell anyone all right said Anna I promise the film star kissed Anna she held Anna's hands what a beautiful woman thought Anna and what beautiful hands then Anna noticed something the diamond rings were gone Chapter five a page in film news Dave never talked about Greta Gordon he never talked about her visit to the corner shop one day Anna asked him about the film star how'd you know Greta Gordon said Anna is she a friend of yours I don't want to talk about her Dave replied she was a special-order customer don't ask any more questions about her Anna so Anna did not ask any more questions she did not ask about Greta Gordon's special order and she did not ask about the Rings Anna kept her promise she never told anyone about the film star soon it was spring Anna and Dave were busy mr. heart brought lots of flowers to the corner shop and Anna sold them to the tourists there were lots of tourists that year in May Peter asked dala to marry him she said yes they became engaged they plan to get married in the following year now they needed money so they worked hard and they saved they were very much in love on Saturdays Peter played football or cricket and Anna often went to the cinema and Ligny he enjoyed sports and she loved watching films one day Anna was reading film news this was a magazine about film stars she turned the pages there was a picture of Greta Gordon Anna was pleased what a surprise beautiful woman was going to be a big film and now Greta Gordon had the star part Anna wanted to tell Peter about Greta but she kept her promise she did not tell anyone but she did show film news to Dave Slayton look Dave she said here's a story about Greta Gordon isn't it great she's got the big part in beautiful woman looked at the magazine Greta Gordon will star in beautiful woman the star of beautiful woman was Joanna Lee but Miss Lee has broken her arm I don't know what happened said Miss Lee I was in my bedroom I slipped and fell Greta Gordon will now be the star of beautiful woman I'm so lucky Greta told us yesterday I've always wanted the part I can't believe it I don't know anything about films he said is Greta Gordon a big star Anna laughed pic star yes she is she's terrific Dave didn't seem interested I hope she's happy with her big part was all he said chapter six a quick kiss summer tourists were arriving in would end the weather was beautiful and the shop was doing well but Anna was not very happy she often thought about Greta Gordon's visit why had she come to see Dave what had happened to the diamond rings on her fingers there was another problem Anna loved Peter and she was going to marry him but she liked Dave – Dave was older but she liked him all the women liked him but Anna was very close to him all day in the daytime Anna was with Dave in the evening she was with Peter Anna was living two lives one life was with Dave the other life with Peter then one Friday Dave surprised Anna what are you doing tomorrow he asked her would you like to spend the day with me we can go anywhere you like we can go in my car I'm sorry Dave said Anna but Peter wouldn't like it don't be silly said Dave we won't go far I'll close the shop at lunchtime and we can go to Ligny Anna wanted to go with Dave but she was worried about Peter don't worry about Peter said Dave he's always busy on Saturday Anna thought for a moment all right she said you take me to the best cinema and to the best restaurant then I'll come with you of course laughs Dave anything you want Anna so the next afternoon Dave and Anna went together to Ligny they had a good time Dave bought Anna a new expensive dress then they went to a cinema and afterwards to a restaurant Peter played cricket that Saturday he never knew about Anna's day with Dave he was playing in another village and returned to would end very late Dave and Anna were also very late Dave stopped his car on the other corner shop the night was warm thanks Dave said Anna it was a lovely day I enjoyed it too said Dave he put his arm round her shoulders and kissed her it was a quick kiss but for Anna it was wonderful Chapter seven another special order the summer past the corner shop was always busy sometimes Dave opened the shop on Sundays too Anna earned a lot of money everyone thought that she was happy but life was difficult for her she liked Dave he was her boss and he was older than her but Peter was her fiance and he was about the same age Dave was quite rich but Peter had no money Dave bought Anna clothes and he took her out Peter did not buy her clothes and never took her anywhere he was more interested in football Anna did not like football now it was September Peter played football every Saturday one Saturday there was a big football match on television mr. Hart had the biggest television in the village and he invited some people to his house he invited Peter and Anna on Friday the day before the match Anna was working in the shop all day at five o'clock she locked the shop door two minutes later the bell rang and Anna went to the door there was a young man outside he was carrying a small case hello she said can I help you I hope so said the young man I want to see mr. Slayton I'm afraid that the shop is closed now said Anna we are open tomorrow morning but I've got an appointment said the young man then Dave spoke behind Anna she hadn't seen him yes I've been waiting for you said Dave you're late I'm very sorry mr. slaton said the young man I was never mind never mind said Dave rudely his rudeness surprised Anna the young man seemed afraid but can you see me now he asked yes said Dave come in Dave turn to Anna Anna it's after five o'clock you can go home now I won't be long said Anna Dave was angry hurry up and go home he said but Anna wanted to stay she wanted to know about the young man the young man followed Dave to the back of the shop and into the special orders room another special order another special customer Anna waited but soon it was half past five Anna put her coat on and left the shop she closed the door very loudly then she went round the corner and waited soon there was a noise the young man was leaving the shop Anna could not see him but she could hear him he was speaking to Dave are you sure said the young man what do you mean asked Dave is this the only way said the young man yes it is said Dave don't worry everything will be all right goodbye Anna heard the shop door closed she came round the corner and saw the young man he was walking quickly to his car anna noticed immediately that he was not carrying his case she followed him excuse me she said you've forgotten something you've left something behind the young man turned round aniss topped suddenly she was frightened the young man's face was white it was white with fear please go away said the young man leave me alone I want to go home leave me alone he got into his car and drove off Anna stood in the street and watched him she was thinking why had the young man come to the corner shop what was his special order and why had he left his small case with Dave Slaton chapter 8 the football match the next day was the day of the big football match mr. Hart had invited about 10 people Anna did not watch the game she was helping mrs. Hart in the kitchen they were making tea it was a good game and everyone was enjoying it at halftime Peter went into the kitchen why don't you come and watch the match Anna he said it's really good come on Anna laughed no thanks she said I'm helping mrs. Hart look here's the tea can he take it into the others ok said Peter it's a terrific match Mike Bailey scored a great goal Peter took the tea into the sitting room and the second half of the match started the second half was very exciting Mike Bailey scored another goal after 20 minutes the score was to nil then the other side scored two quick goals it was to two there were only five minutes of the match left come on shouted Peter come on Mike let's have another goal in the last seconds of the match Mike Bailey scored the winner it was his third goal of the match but something was wrong the other team's goalkeeper was injured Bailey had been very near the goalkeeper and he had kicked the ball very hard the ball had hit the goalkeepers neck mrs. Hart and Anna came in from the kitchen what's happened said Anna what's wrong it's Brian Thomas the goalkeeper said Peter he's injured it was serious the goalkeeper had broken his neck later they all watched the news on TV they saw pictures of Mike Bailey's third goal it was a great goal they saw the ball hit the goalkeeper it was an accident the TV announcer said and now over to our sports studio for an interview with Mike Bailey they all watched the interview the TV showed a picture of Mike Bailey and the interviewer Mike said the interviewer three goals in one match how do you feel about that but Mike Bailey said nothing he could not speak he tried to speak but he could not it was terrible the interviewer tried another question let me ask you about the third goal Mike it was a great goal but how do you feel about the injury to Brian Thomas it was a silly question the injured goalkeeper would never play football again Mike Bailey said nothing he looked very ill when the interview ended mr. Hardt turned off the TV no one noticed that Anna had left the room Mike Bailey had looked frightened Anna was frightened too Mike Bailey and Anna had met before the day before at the corner shop chapter nine a secret weekend Anna did not know what to do she was only 17 but sometimes she felt much older she wanted to ask Dave about Mike Bailey and Greta Gordon she wanted to know about special orders she decided to wait one day Dave and Anna were alone in the shop house Peter asked Dave he's fine thanks said Anna Dave smiled is he still playing football of course he is said Anna Dave laughed you don't see him very much do you Anna I see him three or four times a week said Anna what about weekends Dave asked Anna replied quickly I don't see you much at weekends he plays football then when are you getting married asked Dave I don't know she replied we haven't decided yet perhaps next year that's a long time Dave smiled at Anna Anna felt afraid she also felt excited she didn't know why sometimes you're bored Anna aren't you said Dave he looked into her eyes yes said Anna that's true why don't you come away with me for a weekend said Dave we can go to London a weekend in London Anna had only been to London once for a day Anna was excited but she was also afraid I don't know she said I must think of Peter oh forget him said Dave he'll never know come with me and we'll go to the best shops we'll go to the best cinema will you come with me Anna said nothing suddenly she had an idea she looked at Dave perhaps I'll come with you she said good said Dave that's great but first said I want to ask you something what do you want to know he said quietly I want to know about your special orders very clever said Dave you're a village girl but you're very clever Anna village girls aren't stupid said Anna now tell me about your special orders then I'll come to London with you Dave was angry one question you can ask me one question he said quickly Anna asked why do people come to you white one question only one shouted Dave all right said Anna but don't shout tell me why do people come to see you Dave thought about his answer he spoke quietly they come for help he said they need help and I give no I sell help to them that's all Anna didn't understand what sort of help she asked one question shouted Dave I've answered your question Anna said no more she and Dave had made an agreement Anna had asked her question Dave had answered it Dave had invited Anna to London for the weekend and Anna went with him chapter 10 a quarrel Anna enjoyed the weekend they arrived in London late on Friday evening and stayed at a big hotel on Saturday they went shopping and in the evening they went to a cinema on Sunday they went to a park they came back to would end on Sunday evening it was the last Sunday in September on Monday Anna went to the shop it was not so busy now summer was over most of the customers were villagers it was a cold autumn on Monday evening Peter came to see Anna hello said Anna did you win on Saturday no said Peter we didn't win and I didn't play anna was surprised he didn't play why not what was wrong I didn't feel very well on Saturday morning I stayed in Woodend I was in the village all weekend Anna's face was red her voice was quiet are you feeling better now she asked no said Peter and you know why Anna tried to look surprised me she said Oh Anna said Peter you know what's wrong it's you and Dave Slayton what do you mean me and Dave Slayton said Anna quickly you went away with him on Friday evening someone saw you in Dave's car Anna tried to explain oh it's nothing she said Dave and I went shut up said Peter I don't want to know Anna don't talk about it but Peter said Anna Peter didn't listen I know he's got a lot of money he can take you to places he's from a big city I'm a poor village boy Anna but you must choose you must choose between Dave and me you can't have both of us I know that Peter said Anna and I don't want both of you but listen Peter I want to tell you about Dave there's something very strange about him Dave Dave Dave Peter shouted you talk about him all the time I don't want to hear his name again Peter turned round and walked out of the room he left Anna's house now Anna was alone she was very unhappy she wanted to talk to Peter she wanted to tell him about Dave she wanted to tell him about Greta Gordon and about Mike Bailey but Peter had left her chapter 11 Arthur Reisman it was October it was cold and wet Anna was not very busy at the shop she was very unhappy she was a different girl she seemed older she didn't go out much she looked ill most of the villagers knew that Anna had quarreled with Peter they also knew that she had been to London with Dave but no one was able to help Anna she did not talk to anyone before she had been a happy smiling girl now she was sad and lonely she went to the shop every day she was waiting for another special customer Anna did not wait long it was the middle of the month Anna was alone in the shop it was almost lunchtime a middle-aged gentleman came in he was a big man with a very large mustache he was well-dressed and he was carrying a large briefcase good morning miss he said politely good morning sir said Anna can I help you Anna was very polite too she was interested in this man I'm looking for mr. David Slayton said the man Anna smiled are you a Salesman she asked she knew that he was not a Salesman he didn't look like a Salesman but she wanted to talk to the man the man smiled yes I am a Salesman he said that was not true Anna knew that the man was lying then she said perhaps I can help you sir I usually speak to the salesman she looked at the man's case it had the letters AR ICS printed on it thank you said the man very politely but I have a private appointment I have come from London and I must see mr. slaton I'm sorry said he's very busy at the moment but I'll tell him you're here what's your name please the man smiled Roberts he said Arthur Roberts Ana went to the back of the shop Dave was coming down the stairs there's a man in the shop sadhana he wants to speak to you thanks said Dave and he went to the front of the shop good morning mr. Reisman said Dave and I'm pleased to meet you Anna listened Reisman the man's name was Reisman not Roberts what a liar the man did not look at Anna I'm pleased to meet you mr. slaton the man said please come with me said Dave mr. Reisman followed Dave they went into the special orders room a minute later Dave came out he came to the front of the shop it's lunchtime Anna he said you can go home now thanks Dave said Anna I'm going in a few moments Dave went back to the special orders room Anna did not leave the shop she waited Anna wrote down the letters they are I see s she understood AR Arthur Reisman but she did not understand ICS at half past 1:00 Anna heard noises mr. Reisman was leaving Dave was talking Thank You mr. Reisman said Dave and thank you said mr. Reisman you have helped me a lot good said Dave goodbye mr. Reisman my assistant isn't in the shop but you can open the door good bye Dave went upstairs and mr. Reisman came into the front of the shop Anna was sitting quietly in a corner Oh said mr. Reisman I thought you'd gone home no she said I decided to have lunch in the shop today anna and mr. Reisman looked at each other they didn't like each other there was silence Anna spoke first would you like to buy some bread mr. Roberts she said Reisman my name is Reisman said the man Anna smiled I'm so sorry she said would you like to buy some homemade bread mr. Reisman it looks delicious said mr. Reisman he was very polite again yes I'll take some please my wife will love it he you are said Anna she put the bread in the bag then she said you can put it in your briefcase my briefcase said mr. Reisman I haven't got a briefcase I think you've forgotten it she said I'll go and get it for you Anna moved towards the back of the shop mr. Reisman stepped in front of her he held her wrists he was very strong listen to me he said I don't want that briefcase leave it there alright said Anna please let me go you're hurting me mr. Reisman let go of Anna and turn towards the door he left the shop hurriedly he hadn't taken his bread with him Anna watched mr. Reisman leave her hands were still hurting five minutes later chapter 12 anna waits for news anna waited for some news about mr. Reisman she remembered greta gordon the film star had visited the corner shop later there was news about her in a magazine Mike Bailey had visited the corner shop too later there was a lot of news about him on TV and now mr. Reisman had visited the corner shop anna was waiting for some news about him all three visitors had been special customers they had all seen dave they had all been in the special orders room and they had all left something with dave beretta gordon had left her diamond rings Mike Bailey had left his case mr. Reisman had left his briefcase Anna wanted to find out more about the three special customers she thought about mr. Reisman his case had the letters AR ICS on it she understood AR but what was ICS perhaps mr. Reisman was a businessman and ICS was his company Anna looked in the newspapers but she didn't find anything about ICS she read the magazines she listened to the radio she watched TV but there was nothing about ICS Anna heard nothing she saw nothing then she had an idea she decided to go to London and find Arthur Iseman it was a Friday early in the morning she left a note for Dave she took the note to the shop dear Dave it said sorry I can't come in today I'm going to lid knee and buying some things for my wedding Anna the note did not tell the truth but Anna didn't care Anna took a bus to Livni and then caught a train to London she got to Paddington Station at midday she got off the train and looked for a telephone box the telephones were near to the entrance to the station but the box were all full she stood and waited then Anna saw the letters ICS there they were they were on a huge advertisement Anna had found the answer to her problem International Computer Services ICS perhaps that was mr. Reisman z' company soon one of the phone boxes was empty Anna rang the number two to two eight nine five nine ICS can I help you said a woman's voice yes please said Anna I want to speak to mr. Reisman mr. Arthur Reisman I think he works at ICS the woman laughed works here yes he does she said he's the vice chairman of the company wait one moment please I'll get his secretary then there was another woman's voice on the phone mr. Reisman secretary can I help you yes please said Anna I'd like to speak to mr. Reisman who's calling please said the secretary mr. Reisman doesn't know my name Anna replied is mr. Reisman expecting your call the secretary asked no he isn't said Anna I'm afraid he can't speak to you now said the secretary he's at a meeting now and he's flying to Switzerland in an hour's time but I must speak to him for a few minutes said Anna the secretary became annoyed that's impossible she said but I can take a message no thanks said Anna I'll call again next week will mr. Reisman be back then yes he will replied the secretary goodbye and she put the phone down Anna had found mr. Reisman s company but she hadn't spoken to him anna spent the afternoon in london she went to see a film then she had tea in a small cafe near Paddington Station her train left London at half-past six she bought an evening newspaper and got on the train anna was tired but she felt happy after a few minutes she looked at her newspaper Anna was waiting for some news there it was on the front page private plane crashed near London six dead all from ICS six people were killed this afternoon in a plane crash at M field near London the plane was flying to Switzerland the passengers were all from international computer services ICS among them was mr. Alfred Glueck the chairman of ICS mr. Arthur Reisman vice chairman of ICS told us I am lucky to be alive I was at a meeting today the meeting went on for a long time and I didn't catch the plane mr. Reisman will probably be the new chairman of ICS chapter 13 the special orders room Anna got home about 10 o'clock she turned on the radio and listened to the news the chairman of ICS was dead and mr. Reisman was the new chairman anna didn't sleep that night she was thinking about Dave Slaton and the special orders what were they what was Dave Slaton doing in that room on Saturday morning she went to the shop Dave said nothing to her he was angry because anna had not worked on friday he didn't ask about her day off and anna didn't tell him about it at 11 o'clock Dave left the shop he got in his car and drove off Anna was alone this was her chance she went to the back of the shop and turned the handle of the locked door but the special orders room was not locked Dave had forgotten to lock it Anna opened the door and went into the room it was a small room dark and hot Anna turned on the light but it was not a very strong light she looked round the room there was a small table two old chairs and a lot of boxes that was all special orders there were no order books no papers no pencils Anna walked round the table it was difficult because there were a lot of boxes on the floor Anna opened one of the boxes and looked inside she found some old magazines and newspapers underneath there were some dirty old clothes but underneath the clothes she discovered some money lots of money British money French money American German there was money from all over the world anna was amazed she had never seen so much money before she looked round again and found Mike Bailey's case it was empty then she found Arthur Reisman's briefcase that was empty – then Ana looked into a bigger box inside it were some dolls with broken arms and legs one of the dolls was very beautiful but it had a broken arm ana put it on the table then Ana found a book about football inside there were some pictures of footballers but the pictures were all torn Anna put the book on the table ana looked into the box again and found some little cars most of them were broken she found a small model aeroplane it was broken – ana put all these things on the table what a strange collection there was the money the broken doll the toy cars the model aeroplane and there was the football book with the torn pictures Ana looked at the things on the table but were they for why did Dave Slayton keep them in this locked room suddenly Ana jumped there was a noise behind her someone was standing at the door chapter 14 the special customers what about the diamond rings said a voice it was Dave Slaton he was laughing I left the door open for you he said I wanted you to go into this room this morning Anna was frightened but she tried not to show her fear you haven't found the Diamonds Dave said again Anna remembered Greta Gordon's diamond rings were they in this room too here said Dave he came into the room and picked up an old box he took out the Rings and threw them on the table they aren't yours said Anna they belonged to Greta Gordon they belong to me laughs Dave she gave them to me but why ask Donna why why did Greta Gordon give you those diamonds and all this money who gave you the money my special customers said Dave my special customers gave me the money it's mine now Mike Bailey and mr. Reisman gave you all this money ask Donna yes said Dave you have seen some of my special customers not all of them but why do they come and are asked again these people come to me for help replied Dave Slayton I help them and they pay me but how do you help them ask Donna Dave Slayton picked up the beautiful doll with the broken arm do you remember Joanna Lee he asked Donna Anna thought for a moment Joanna Lee she said yes of course I remember her she's the actress who broke her arm Greta Gordon got her part that's right said Dave Slaton this doll is Joanna Lee an effect more afraid what kind of man was Dave Slayton Dave Slayton pointed to a torn photograph in the football book who's that Anna he asked Anna remembered the face she had seen it on TV Brian Thomas she replied he's a goalkeeper he was a goalkeeper said Dave Slayton Anna was terribly frightened now Dave Slayton was an evil man Dave Slayton moved close to Anna he picked up the broken aeroplanes and what do you think this is he asked Anna Anna knew the answer but she was too afraid to speak Dave Slayton took Anna's arm and held it tightly Anna tried to move away Dave Slayton laughed and held an immortai tea listen Anna he said quietly I want you I need you marry me Anna don't marry Peter marry me No no she cried let me go let me go but Anna you still don't understand said Dave Slaton I have strange powers I can give you everything you want he looked into Anna's eyes and my children will have these powers too he continued I will give you money and diamonds and you Anna you will give me children Anna was terrified now she kicked Dave Slayton very hard and he let go of her hand Anna moved quickly she ran out of the special orders room through the front of the shop and out onto the street she ran all the way home chapter 15 the 31st of October when Anna got home she felt terrible and went to bed in the evening Peter came to see her but Anna was ill in bed I'll come and see Anna tomorrow Peter told Anna's mother again Anna did not sleep all night the next day Sunday the 31st of October was a terrible day for Woodend Anna stayed in bed she had a fever and her mother phoned the doctor the doctor came immediately Anna's very ill said the doctor to Anna's mother I'm worried I don't know what's wrong with her I'll come back again tonight that afternoon Peter came to Anna's house he tried to speak to Anna but she was too ill he sat quietly beside her bed at about 7 o'clock Peter heard shouting in the street he went to the window and looked outside people were running and shouting fire fire fire there's a fire at the corner shop Peter ran out of Anna's house and into the street there was a big fire on the corner the shop was in flames nobody could see Dave's slate in his cars here said mr. Hart Dave must be inside then the villagers saw him he was standing at an upstairs window jump Dave they shouted jump save yourself but Dave did not move he was standing at the window and he was laughing some of the women in the street started screaming mr. Hart tried to run into the shop but the others pulled him back flames were leaping up from the shop the flames reached Dave Slayton the villagers saw that he was still laughing that was the last time they saw him the flames hit him completely no one was able to save him and no one ever saw him again Peter went back to Anna's house the doctor was in the kitchen talking to Anna's mother suddenly there was a scream they ran upstairs to Anna's room it was dead

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  1. Im so sorry for Anna,but i dont really like the end, the end of this story is very sad and scary at the same time. 😢😲

  2. I don't know why but Anna has annoyed me during all story. Maybe I feel it because the story is highly adapted

  3. The narrator's voice is quite neutral referring to the accent, but it would have been a male voice a lot better to sound more natural or even more than just one narrator.

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