Learn ABC's with Morphle – Alphabet letters education for kids

Oh No the magic letters are gone I had every letter of the alphabet in my truck is that one of them daddy ah yes it's the t4 tree look over there and that yellow car the sea bird huh and the Y for yellow here everything you catch with this magic pet transporter hoop will end up in the magic pet store will the two of you catch all of the letters for me Milla of course daddy let's start with the egg more full okay that's right let's find an airplane Hey X you're right look more full the ocean [Applause] look I Island hmm X mics this is bot rifle morph into an excavator there's the G on the garage let's keep the volcano jungle it's do you know any other special places where the magic letters can be and I'm Irish grown you're right let's go to the moon say are you looking for this little guy they you bring you up oh I was on my way to professor Rasheed but I got lost don't worry we'll get you there no tumbling test tube's look it's the L by laboratory frame maybe that also explains why there is a queue in my quantum physics experiment only appeal more marble and I think I know just where to find an f is for for your check P is for policeman you know where we can find this Ziva so that's great hi meal and Morpho what brings you to the zoo well looking for the magical letter pets and we only need busy purrs ooh well it sounds like your friends are waiting for you Oh Miele and more food there are lots of different basic shapes for instance there are squares circles triangles rectangles ovals stars and heart shapes with my latest invention I can turn those shapes into real objects wow that's so cool if you can buy in different shapes you can create lots of new shapes now let's try making a motorbike Roybal morph into a crane so we can put the shapes together – expired guy book looks great Warfel now let's poops tumbling test tubes I'll go after it what it not oh I hope professor Rashid stops the tire soon mortal what are you doing we're from make no real animal a fantasy animal that's a great idea [Applause] it worked let's name you CP more for let's see what other fantasy animals we can make wait where is she we have to find it let's go mortal like the shapes good idea mud ball morph into a dump truck so we can take the shape let's go I'm mechanic Joe what happened hi Mila and more 'full a strange animal took one of the tires of my truck ah hmm Marple do you remember what shape professor Rashid turned into a tire shirkuh yeah more 'fl put a circle where the tire needs to be Wow Thank You Mila and more fool hello builder Lawrence it's something wrong Oh Jaime land morville I was just waiting here for someone with a big heart shaped box of chocolates and all of a sudden it has disappeared good idea Norville thank you so much oh here she comes [Applause] Oh hey what's wrong some strange creature came by and stole our surfboard and now we can't surf anymore what cheap could turn into a boy found a shapee you can't just take things from other people Wow let's just like you she be that's why you took all the different shape you wanted to build yourself a brand these objects do have the same shapes as a shapee but the zapper can only zap – like professor rashid special shades but we can build a friend for you using professor rashid change I love you haha I'm a scary pirate give me all your treasure I'm a big dinosaur I'm not scared of pirates wow you guys have great costumes ooh what is your costume Mira I have a magic t-shirt it's normal whoa let's climb Norville lift up the dress-up box Wow more full more extra honors oh no two bandits were just here they stole all my clothes don't worry daddy we have more than enough clothes in our dress-up box now let's see how should we dress up daddy you look beautiful daddy now they're stealing the police officers clothes we're no longer the chain of office bandits now we're the fashion bandits we will steal all of the city's clothes beware Custer you're right we should give the police officer a costume too here mr. police officer excellent now after the fashion bandits we must stop them from stealing all the clothes hahahaha you can stop us soon no one will have any clothes left Worple use your strong arm to catch it where are they I'll catch them this time here you go mr. mayor we have a costume for you too Thank You Mila now you have to stop those bandits the city needs you there's one I'll catch him it's up to us mortal either way there are two baths but we can't give up this city is counting on us you are no match for the fashion and now we have your little red friend really banded normal use your smartphone use your wings Wow now let's get back to the others Thank You Welton Mila and more fo you caught the bandits and now everyone can get back their clothes the mayor should give you a medal now where is that mayor Morpho morph into a toy dinosaur [Applause] tumbling test-tubes I accidentally dropped this Liferay that I was going to present at the National Science Conference and it snapped your toy dinosaurs to life but it broke and I can't zap the dinosaurs back again hmm Mila can you look after them while I fix my life Rhea of course professor Rashid I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together great I'll be back as soon as I can okay toy dinosaurs while we wait for the professor to return let's play a game now let's play tag you're it t-rex [Applause] that was fun but now I'm tired yeah we should get something to eat oh I know let's have a picnic yay ah there we go that took longer than expected but it's fixed now let's go back to the toy dinosaurs right away I hope nothing bad has happened while I was gone huh tumbling test tubes hi professor do you want to join the picnic we've been having great fun Thank You Mila but I think it's time to SAP the dinosaurs back into toys Stewie professor Rashid I don't think the toy dinosaurs want to go back to being toys they've been having much more fun as living dinosaurs yes Mila but the city is no place for dinosaurs hmm oh I have an idea maybe zookeeper Kenneth has a place for them Wow what's this are those giant toy dinosaurs yeah professor Rasheed accidentally zapped them with his lavery do you have a place for the toy dinosaurs to live zookeeper Kenneth well the zoo only has one place for big animals and the elephants already lived there but during my travels I think I spotted an uninhabited island where the toy dinosaurs could live let's go there right away Marvel you seem to have fun already this island is a great home for you but we need to go home again as well hi toy dinosaurs

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  2. "But we can't give up. The city is counting on us!"

    Do you hear numbers? Because if you don't I think yo deaf


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