Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program

most leaders in medical education are put into leadership roles without any formal training I think one of the unique things that we probably didn't even realize as creators is the community of practice this is created between all the participants part of the program is an intention that they are taking what they're learning and applying it in their home setting and so we try to balance in the program in terms of theories and models and how that plays out in actual everyday practice the cohort of fellows that you go through lead with and the relationship that you develop with your coach are some of the most powerful takeaways from this program the members the fellows in the program they become very close to each other and they become close to their coaches and they continue their relationships after the program is over fellows but either by the time they graduate or very soon after have catapulted their careers the leave program it's what it gave them permission to reach out and to do that and gave the permission to take time for their own development being able to talk with colleagues who have gone through that same experience about how they solve problems and how they approach leadership is an important part of the lead program fellows that graduate from our program have amazing success stories that's probably the highlight for the faculty men everyone that are involved in the program to really see how the participants have taken their leaders to the next level

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