Lawrence And Rachel On ‘Anonymous’ Book: ‘This Is A Warning About Danger To The Country’ | MSNBC

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  1. The FACT of the matter is that Humpty Trumpty is VER MUCH CORRUPTED and he needs to be THROWN OUT from the White House ASAP!

  2. The anonymous writer is Trump himself. It is his 4th personality named Ronald Trump who happens to be a sane personality. He keeps talking to himself in an empty room in the WH. "I have to let the world outside know how psychotic I am. They must stop me before everything is too late. I have to do this quick before my insane personality takes control over me".

  3. The only person in the WH who won't be looking at everyone else as the possible leak is the person who wrote this new book. I cannot imagine working in such a sick environment where everyone is under suspicion.

  4. Clear evidence that America has been duped by Russia…Such an effective drubbing that many dont even realize as yet. No one can buy 3yrs or add 3yrs to their life to sit while America waste 3yrs of going no where must be seen for what is is a colosal waste of everyones time…Only one country benefit…Russia…They get someone to do for them what they were unable to do themselves. They obviously have their president in the whitehouse. Americans who voted for Trump are truly silly not to even to react to Russia's intervention…Then again their penchant for racism is stronger than their patriotism!

  5. I am totally sick and tired of the criminality that oozes from this administration. Please hurry with the impeachment and remove them all.

  6. There is another that we deem an enemy. And that is YOU msnbc. You, CNN, and the entire corporate media are the reason why that imbecile is in office. For once i agree with trump in saying you are the enemy of the people. But our reasons are because you dont differ from him. YOU AND ALL CORPORATES HAVE DONE EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO ALLOW CHAOS TO BREW IN THIS NATION!!!! ALL CORPORATES ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  7. This anonymous person is actually a treasonous traitor. S/He knows that the President's conduct is criminal and rather than put America first, instead works to protect their own personal interests!!

  8. Don't kid yourselves, these "adults" in the room are just mad that the president is not competent enough to turn his failed policies up to 11. They would have never accepted the appointment if they didn't want to push his agenda.

  9. Everybody "stepping down" and "quitting" because they're "good Americans", but at the same time they leave us vulnerable.

  10. Look at the arguments in the replies. He can't read ,he is orange, he is stupid .The reason as a registered independent the man is president is because Clinton was the option. She's the most corrupt person of the century. It's honestly not that complicated. This book honestly could have been written by anyone. How can it be taken seriously?

  11. It just clicked when she mentioned the oped. It's Mike Pompeo. He always called himself "the adult" negotiating with foreign leaders…

  12. The comments here…how is he…getting away with this…the Republican Senators…your states …put in the Senate…He demands they "protect him"…Members…from your state in the Senate…protect him…and OMFG !!! FOXNEWS viewers !!! Fox…doesn't necessarily report opposite views…they don't report or "show" interviews against Trump!!! They don't show…Fox viewers…his stupidity !!!

  13. Its amazing how much power Trump wields, his personal opinion is mostly law in the country…this is shown in climate change. Ignorance overrules science… this is wrong!!!

  14. Woulda coulda shoulda! Republicans are spineless white-haired, spineless old people who are terrified of being bullied by trump.

  15. Republican senators do not realize that they have control over Trump. All they have to do is vote for impeachment and removal from office, then they do not have to worry about being primaried.

  16. To the so called adults in the room of this administration… why didn't you do the responsible thing. This man was/is incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the office. Instead of putting politics first… the nation and it's stability/continuity should have been the only objective. Why did y'all nurse/babysit/cajole this inept individual. The 25th amendment should have then and even now be inacted.

  17. You 2 are so preposterously full of it. Go ahead….let an "Anonymous" person take over the role of keeping you both in the full tilt freak out triggered state mode you've been in for the past 3 years. What happened? Did you run out of "whistle-blowers", SJWs, and Russians?

  18. How does a brain-dead, moronic and narcissistic man like Trump not only get to be President but think that he can be re-elected too? What's wrong with the USA? Have they lost their mind too?

  19. Do you remember the film 'Being there' with Peter Sellers in the role of Chauncey Gardener? He was a half-wit who got all his cues from Television and advanced in society because everybody else assumed he was brilliant. That was the satire. Now we have the reality with Trump 'aping it' in the White House. At least Chauncey Gardener had some sense of morality. The orange-haired ape has none.

  20. If democracy makes possible the election of such ignorant, corrupt president – should we not rethink the principles of democracy as it is now? should we not correct some components of it? See why Socrates did not like the democracy of histime

  21. A crazed Roman emperor with acute psychological shortfalls seems to inhabit the White House – and his followers have done nothing to slow the downward spiral.
    Staff needs tranquilizer guns.

  22. He's a Russian plant who's far exceeding his master's expectations. He's shredding the Constitution and by the time he's gone the American Electoral, Intelligence, and Judicial systems will be toast, probably along with the economy. Lotsa luck, guys, hope you can toss him out while you've still got something left.

  23. Lawrence and Rachel are ready for the real deal . if they aren't ready now they never will be . SNL will be huge when they join Alex Baldwin next season.

  24. The problem is we already knew trump has the mind of a 3 year old but the people who support him either can’t read or won’t read I’m inclined to believe the former. 😉

  25. I consider individuals who have to daily work with Trump to be on the same plane as military heroes. Excepting, of course, Pence, Stephen Miller, and other supporters of this president.

  26. Everyone should just resign in the Administration and not continue with the chaos this way Trump has to step down and resign. No one wants him in the WH occupying and running this country. Only his family and his lap dogs does. Save this country from Trump and his corrupt people.

  27. What happens when you have a cancer! Dysfunctional marriage family machinery equipment. Aircraft or professionals. Even food what happens. When a clock cannot tell time time for a new clock. Daghhhh this is about the constitution and someone trying to brake it for personal gain and profit . There’s only one god and it’s not a man or woman.wake up America time for a new President.. and if he or she is not qualified to fly the plane get out of the seat. Next ! Who’s next to fly the jumbo jet.

  28. I suspect I am not alone in thinking the deranged guy at the wheel can/will cause a true catastrophe quickly if he ever sees clearly the spot he's in. Can he be stopped from destroying the country and world?

  29. What a load of unmitigated fiction. And rachel is unethical in supporting such anonymous defamation of the Presidency of USA. .

  30. Seriously you guys are making america look so funny and dislike your president so much that you foolish expose how stupid you guys his heaters her..

  31. All this was so perfectly predicted in the book: CHAOS O THE AGE OF TRUMP, BARBARIANS AT THE GATES, POETRY PF RESISTANCE. (Amazon)

  32. What is realy disturbing is that a clandestine group is prepared to write anonymously a book of fiction in order to destabilize the power of the Presidency & Government of USA . This is a very serious act of treason..which MSNBC are not reporting .

  33. Lawrence’s face during this whole thing was the best. I love how we’re finally bringing down the Trump Crime Syndicate, and he does too. 🤣

  34. trumpPAB is the most dangerous person on the planet. I think that the phone calls from vladdy need to be made public, at least to Congress. Remember that the Kremlin told pp trumpakov not to release any transcripts of calls from vladdy, and trumpPAB is afraid of vladdy. Imagine a USA president taking orders from Russia, disgusting and treasonous

  35. Trump is a threat to our democracy and must be impeached.
    As a failed businessman, he left a trail of bankruptcies and broken promises behind him. Now, as president, he's spewing hate, trampling on the Constitution, and taking our planet to the brink of ecological catastrophe.

  36. Trump delay the money to Ukraine for anti tank middle so that Putin had time to get his tanks into position and take the city’s to take their land. The Biden blackmail story is a cover story


  38. Anonymous is Kelly Ann Conway. She and her husband are teaming up to keep us safe from Donny. She on the inside George on the outside.

  39. I suspect that the book was written by a computer, AI. Monitoring phone calls, tweets, conversations, emails, leaks, other things like other computers.

  40. There is a difference between the whistleblower and this anonymous character. The whistleblower goes through the channels, puts himself in jeopardy, anonymous just wants to smear and earn money in the process. I really don't like this work, it gives Trump the opportunity to muddy the water.

  41. At the end of the day…if one is to be honest with one's self.. you have to admit when you make a mistake… we make mistakes in our judgment of people… you can never know about a person until you experience them.. in addition trump is a very skilled conman… persuasive and cunning…

  42. What good does it do for sane people to read and hear MSNBC and CNN etc.?
    WE have a brain and knew beforehand who this "man" ? is. (Not that he would be THAT bad and outright dangerous though)
    What´s reported here and thankfully on other outlets   MUST go before the non-educated MASSES. Somehow!
    THEY must read and hear this. I can´t imagine that at least some of them would understand what
    horrible, horrible mistake they made … and still doing. Someone (a REP?) must stand up and move these folks.

  43. The party of "law and order" is officially the party of "we don't care about crime when rich Republicans commit them". The wheels are off the GOP wagon and it's careening off a cliff with Trump screaming "witch hunt!!" all the way to the ground.

  44. I have a theory to explain the zany behaviour of Trump, Giuliani and also the abusive behaviour
    of large american corporations, eg the pushing of dangerous pesticides and herbicides which
    are illegal in the EU, and GMO foods which also are illegal in the EU.

    I hit upon the theory after reading some stuff by Michael Moore,
    where he matter of fact says that if you get sacked you WILL take
    Prozac, Xanax, Pepcid, Lasix, Clonidine, Ambien

    Now this is very american, only in america will someone react to the problems of life
    by taking mind altering drugs, eg from decades ago american films and tv programs
    will talk of sedatives, tranquilisers, sleeping pills, antidepressants in a matter of fact way.

    Whereas in say the UK and EU generally these things are not talked about nor done.

    only mentally ill people are given such meds.

    I looked up the meds Moore gave:

    Prozac antidepressant: major depression, ocd, panic disorder
    Xanax anxiety + panic disorders. calming effect
    Pepcid lower stomach acid
    Lasix reduce extra fluid
    Clonidine high blood pressure + ADHD
    Ambien insomnia: sedative-hypnotics

    basically because it is big money, americans are brainwashed to take these meds, and their doctors are trained to prescribe them. In say the UK and all countries doctors are trained to prescribe a certain way, but it is different in each country, depending which drug companies control the region and legislation. The above obsession with psychiatric meds is purely a US problem.

    Anyway, the way mind altering drugs work eg all the above except Pepcid and Lasix are mind altering, is they jumble the inner workings of your mind. So eg an antidepressant works by changing a feeling of depression into a feeling of joy. But this is a big problem, because the way the mind controls behaviour is that if it discerns something that you shouldnt do eg cross a road when a huge lorry is thundering your way, it stops you by making you feel depressed. But the anti depressant now has corrupted this and the idea of crossing the road fills you with joy and you could get crushed. This is why there are many cases of people seemingly committing suicide who are on antidepressants eg jumping off balconies, or the Thelma and Louise thing of shooting off a mountain road into the air. Pop stars vandalising hotel rooms or jumping off balconies to pools.

    High level americans become dependent on their doctors, who prescribe the more insiduous mind altering drugs, look at Michael Jackson, and this is why they start doing the crazier things. The poorer americans are shielded by their poverty from the reckless advice of experts. The american gets a buzz also from the meds, eg the depressed american celebrity suddenly is filled with joy after taking the antidepressant.

    I think this explains say Trump and Giuliani, both as high level americans will be on all kinds of psychiatric drugs, which have rewired their brains, and they are drawn to all the things you shouldnt do. They experience joy at the mere hint of everything a normal person thinks is a bad idea, and depression at everything a normal person thinks you should do. Also all the agrochem and GMO companies the execs are drawn to all the things you shouldnt do eg ultra poisonous pesticides and dabbling with the DNA sequence. Things which all normal people would balk at. High level EU people dont take this garbage, so they react the right way and outlaw these american agricultural malpractices.

    I recommend 3 vids:

    US GMO + pesticide agricultural MO causes cancer:

    Monsanto synthetic hormones make US milk carcinogenic, Fox journalists lose jobs trying to report on this:

    long vid about the danger of GMO food, virtually all US plant agriculture is GMO:

    GMO + extreme US pesticides are prohibited and illegal in the EU, with Brexit we dont want your toxic US agricultural produce coming to the UK!

    But because high level americans are all on psychiatric drugs, they do everything you shouldnt. eg Monsanto specialise in poisons, eg they were licensed producers of agent orange in the vietnam war and DDT which is now illegal. Their aspartame sweetener is a modified insecticide, and they are pressurising the soft drink industry to use aspartame instead of sugar and then calling the drinks "zero sugar" etc. Most drinks in the EU even are now sweetened with aspartame. I sometimes have been given freebie drinks, then when I see aspartame, sucralose, etc I throw the drinks in the bin. I wont drink such even if you pay me.
    As a kid I had major health problems which in later years I eventually found were caused by saccharine.

    A lot of the major problems in the world come from american corporations, eg a lot of the american wars are entirely there as a way to sell armaments to the US military, and they deliberately engineer chaos to prolong the conflicts as long as possible. eg regarding ISIS, Trump asked a general if they could be defeated, and the guy said yes. Trump asked how long, and the guy said 2 weeks. But the war had been going on for years. Trump then forced them to end ISIS, and they quickly finished the conflict! This delinquent corporate behaviour is because all the high level decision makers are pumped with psychiatric drugs, and their now malwired brains do the most reckless things imaginable because of the joy. This explains all the crazy people in Washington eg Lewandowski and the other trump maniacs, running around wreaking havoc everywhere. All are med induced psychotics.

    With Kennedy, he was on betablockers to counter immense spinal pain, betablockers cause extreme calm, this is why the guy would take the US to the brink of nuclear war eg versus Kruschev, the brinkmanship of Cuba and Berlin. med induced geopolitical peril.

    So to fix Trump, you need steal his meds and replace them with placebos, and to fix the world you need to do the same for all the high level americans.

    I think the above med list also explains the strangeness of Michael Moore's productions, the man is pumped with mind altering meds. So his brain is malwired chaos. eg above you see Xanax calms panic, but if in a crisis you need to react fast, ie mild panic, but if you take the med, what happens is you react calmly. $22 trillion debt, so what? which film should I watch now.
    If you watch Moore's vids, he calmly talks of scary things. All his meds act in unison, the scary situation inducing joy and calm!
    Where he very calmly and mildly discusses extreme peril, as if he were basking in a deckchair in the sun on a hot day by the sea.

    not a care in the world!

    Pink Floyd were heavily on drugs, if you listen to their music it simulates being on drugs.

    Once I agreed to test out an appetite suppressant, and after taking it, when I went in town, I saw some sandwich snacks I usually went for, and immediately I perceived this smell like a clinic, the smell of the liquid they put before an injection, and I got a cold feeling in my stomach and didnt want the snack. Afterwards I realised that the appetite suppressant had jumbled my brain, where it had warped the sight of food I like into some cold clinical smell, basically that smell was hallucinated because it wasnt a smell that could occur in a supermarket. I have never otherwise smelt such in a supermarket. After that I refuse to take appetite suppressants. In later years I lost a lot of weight, but entirely via thought process to regulate my eating behaviour.

    If you feel depressed, you need to fight that using your thought process. eg typically depression is caused because some specific thing you saw or heard earlier depressed you. So if you audit your mind you can locate the offending idea and react to it logically.

    People take meds to cure acid reflux, but in fact acid reflux is caused by acidic flavour enhancers, which your stomach refuses to process because toxic, so they get sent upwards. So you cure acid reflux not by taking meds, but by avoiding foods with flavour enhancers. If you only eat home made food you wont get acid reflux. Moore's Pepcid lowers stomach acid, but it can only do that 2 ways, either by bringing in alkalis, but now your gut is over alkali, which causes caustic behaviour, or it stops production of acid, but you need that acid to digest the food, lack of stomach acid can cause rosy cheeks where the capillaries burst in the facial cheeks. You need to tackle the causes of problems, and this only ever requires a thought process. Taking meds is to run from reality, eg Moore's films are fraught with peril, the guy is drawn to peril which he then calmly sails upon. The real cure to the problems he describes is to ban psychiatric drugs, and that begins with him and the top echelons of the US. So basically he is part of the problem. When I read his writings, I was quite shocked by the profound ignorance of his opinions and behaviour. Stupid behaviour leads to dangerous consequences. eg he couldnt understand why getting an NRA marksman certificate and studying at a seminary that he should be blighted with problems. Well, both are highly aggressive accomplishments, to shoot humans from a distance and to coerce congregations into things you know are false. You deserve to be cursed by misery if you do such predatory things. A lot of soldiers who leave the army are blighted by problems. Just desserts for professional killers, if you want a nice life do nice things. Do predatory things, and your life will be blighted with misery.

  45. Rachel you are a phenom.Keep up the
    incredible work..I can’t wait to watch your show every evening..I think your reading of the anonymous book will have a greater impact on viewers and ultimately their opinions than any impeachment hearing.

  46. I wonder if this isn’t someone who has been gone a long time, like say, Reince Preibus…? I notice that Anonymous mentions Trump sending the first Press Secretary, Sean whateverthefuckhisnameis.

  47. What I can't figure out is why the GOP is attempting to run a felon for President in 2020. You'd think they'd rather cut-bait and find someone worthy of the Office while they still had time.

    The kindest thing to do would be to invoke the 25th Amendment. Those GOP who wish to continue supporting tRump could provide him with this avenue to leave office in such a way that tRump will not have to undergo court trial and perhaps incarceration. It would also solve the problem of how to keep tRump's mouth shut for the rest of his time on Earth. If he's non compos mentis then I guess it doesn't matter what he says as long as it isn't true any more. Reject the 2010 Citizens United Decision and accomplish campaign finance reform.

  48. The birther conspiracy theory alone should have disqualified the moronic orange turd from the highest office in our country. It is no coincidence that he "won" the Electoral College votes.

  49. Trump's behavior and comments don't really surprise me — he sounds and acts much like my father, during the last few years of his life when he had senile dementia. What's horrifying is the supposedly "sane" actions of Trump's enablers! They're just as — if not more — responsible for the chaos and damage the First Mental Patient has inflicted on America and the world.
    WTF do they think they'll get out of pushing this disoriented old man into increasingly wild statements and policies? Is a job reading press releases on camera at Fox News to be coveted? Doing public relations for Big Oil?

    Is it really worth trashing our democracy for "job opportunities" like those?

  50. A Trump hater talking to a Trump hater about a book written by a Trump hater on a Trump hating tv station.
    A tv station that hates Trump all the hosts hate Trump all their guests hate Trump.
    This is the definition of people living in a bubble.
    That’s why when Trump won their was total panic for these insane idiots.
    They don’t want to hear anything outside their own propaganda.
    How about this morons
    Trump wins in a landslide next year and picks another Supreme Court judge.
    You people are the problem. Your nuts

  51. I Wonder How IT feels for these people working hard in mnsbc to cower The news being honest and seek The thruth and watching The alternative facts channels/shows. Must be tough! Love this channel!

  52. Name one defence lawyer that would let Donny boy take the stand? If he is unfit to face trial he is unfit to hold high office!

  53. I’m wondering whether the author isn’t maybe two or three people….and maybe one of them is the whistleblower (and the others are aware because they’re working in concert)…because adults in the room may not be enough anymore.

  54. almost 45 yrs ago I worked in a State Mental Hospital. It was the thinking if us who really cared about the patients that we stayed there for several yrs working for those people. Watching out for them because we KNEW that there were mist people working there who didn't care and we're only there for the paycheck as meager as it was. So , yes I can see why Anonymous would Keep working to keep the crazy man steering the ship from running it into the ice burg and sinking our country ,and risking all our lives. But we may still not get out alive with him with his finger on the Nukes.

  55. Druggie very slow mentally or just a very evil human. Whichever it may be he Has to Go!! Unreal has been our president this long!! He can do much more damage. He Needs to be taken out WH.

  56. I don’t think ppl really understand how wrenching and scary this is .. Reading this even seemed to shake Rachel up at some points .. The callus disregard, and foolishness of this person chosen to th highest office will ripple forever .. and those reverbs will not ring waves of peace and balance in th world .. This dude is an antagonist and a imbecile combined in a loosely tailored suit .. He was chosen for on th job training by whomever th powers may be .. And they are sorely regretting that decision now, more than ever .. We are witnessing dark days of modern history with more to come .. and sadly Th masses will not be ready en garde to heal our land from these events, but to fight one another civilly until it’s demise is climaxed

  57. The Republican senators are not listening, they are supporting him to the hilt. They are complicit in the destruction of American democracy and of the country.

  58. 5:48 Rachel says " … if we think the best of our fellow Amercians who have gone into public service, and we imagine the best possible intentions …" Huh? Why would anyone assume that?! Most who get into politics (90% of Repubs and well over half of Dems) do so for the pay, power and pension, and certainly not because they want to serve Americans. Thats EXACTLY why we must have campaign finance reform! #Bernie2020

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