Latex Tutorial 3 of 11: Table of Contents and Front Matter

21 thoughts on “Latex Tutorial 3 of 11: Table of Contents and Front Matter

  1. it shows error for "toc" when i write "addcontentsline{toc}{section}{numberline{}Acknowledgement}" in my latex templet . Need guidance

  2. Hello there!

    I'm having trouble with the page numbering for my table of contents… I have two pages of table of contents and if I use the command "thispagestyle{empty}", only the first page is unnumbered but the second is numbered. How can I fix this?

    Thank a lot for your response!

  3. I'm having trouble with this line: section*{Summary}

  4. I like you tutorials and appreciate them a lot. That's a really good-looking table of contents. I wish, you'd do more of these videos.

  5. You changed the pagenumbering style of the sections before the toc, however how do you remove the pagenumbers next to the section's name?

  6. it is just perfect, the way you explained. Ur video helped me a lot as a beginner. Now I'm so confident in using latex. Thank you.

  7. but sir how many ever time i tried it is just showing contents heading but it is not taking contents can u please help me to solve this

  8. instead of section 1 section 2 etc i get section 0.1 and 0.2 please help i need immediate attention thank you

  9. I have a question related to the structure of the text. I know I can page jump but I would like to know if for example I can do the same for the multicolum. If I have one column and I want to jump to the other column in the same page, is that possible? Even if I still have space to write..?

  10. Great Tutorial .. but i have a question .. .How to add the dots for Summary & Acknowledgement? … to make it look like others sections that already have the dots … i already tried the dotfill but it looks different

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