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I use a person who is always on a lookout for latest novels if yes this video is for you hi there I am well photonic book related videos on this channel and in today's video I am presenting you all the latest books that I have got in last few days some of these have been sent to me by publishers some of these have been sent to me by some friends and I am going to show you all of them and what's in those books so that you can decide whether you want to eat some latest novels or not but before we begin make sure you subscribe to my channel if you're new here because I make regular book related videos if you want a lot of bookish videos then this is the tell me you need to subscribe turn your notifications on and also follow me on my social media so that keep it pure defied every time I post a new video when I talk about books sent to me by publishers I have got books from both HarperCollins India and penguin India and let's get started with all the books that I've got so the number one book is brothers of the gun by Marvin system and Molly crabapple now this is a memo of the Syrian war I recently read a memoir of this war second area and how you know it impacts the people and it really interested me which is why I'm like I am very excited for this book another novel which is based around this political tension in the real world is this car moved by a lake and be more than 100 people representing different political parties have been killed in this area called canoed in the country and there are varied opinions about why is it happening now the RSS leaders claim that cpi-m activists are doing what Congress was doing to the Communists before but CP I am activists say that they have been forced to rebel and resist because of some political agendas now if you are into reading these kind of books which are based around Indian politics then go ahead and check this out another book that I have got from penguin Random House is everything happens for a reason by Kate Boulder now this is more like a memoir of the author where she describes her battle with cancer and also she was raised up as a Christian and all her beliefs are very challenged to burn her she gets this cancer and she talks a lot about death and all that stuff if you're a person who is into all these books which are about people battling with different diseases and trying to find the life's meaning while doing this by doing this very challenging sad and tough thing then this is the book you should know about next book is from HarperCollins and I'm sure this is going to be one of my favorite it's about procrastination I firmly believe that this is not like a self-help book because what I have seen from the back cover and you know after flipping a few pages of this book I feel like this book is more about delving into the psychology of procrastination why you procrastinate it talks about different people different very popular and successful people who were big procrastinators it tries to figure out was the procrastination the reason for the success or how it affected their life so if you are a professional which I totally am I think this is a book you should know about and you know you can read this book instead of those boring ineffective books about procrastination like self and ones next book which I am again really excited about because I have blocked the books written by these people these powerful women who achieved so much in their lives and the book is beyond the label by Maureen CK now the author is a former CEO of Chanel and in this book she talks about her life it's a nonfiction obviously and it's more like a memos last you know her thoughts on running business and all the stuff that surrounds that and I'm really excited to read this book because I am very much into these business books and listening to what highly successful people have to say about what it next I have a trailer I have a thriller because I know that if I am reading too much of nonfiction and we're talking about too much of nonfiction and then in this comment we'll definitely come but I have a fiction here cross her heart by Sarah pinburrough now again it's a thriller and the story revolves around three women who have dark secrets which might just come out and this book next I have a book that is written in the style of one of the favorite authors of a lot of you and that is signature and she writes in the style of the lead author Sidney Sheldon really excited to read this book it's true that I haven't read any Sydney Sheldon novel before I never happened to come across one or buy one so I never read it but now that I have a book in my hand which is written by an author who was a favorite of signa Sheldon and the side of this author is considered very very close to signature and I feel like I really get a peek and know how CP Sheldon would be like and need more Sydney Shelton books because I know you guys want me to write let me know in the comments down below if you want me to do more books like these like submission and Jeffrey Archer and one more on Russia like all of these three authors which of the books you want me to read and talk about on the side let me know in the comments on this next I actually have an art which is called walks this is actually releasing on 22 of this 2018 and I will hopefully read this book until then it's an unedited copy so the cover might be different when the book comes out it's about a world where is women have this restriction of speaking so they can speak only 100 words a day and if they do more than that if they cross the limit they will have thousands volt of electricity running through their body and like thinking it's going to be a thrilling novel with a lot of elements of dystopian in it and might be wrong but that I know if I keep reading this book that gives you to subscribe so that you know when I read this book and you know talk about it I will also talk about it on my Instagram so follow me there lastly I have a book from HarperCollins that I am reading and loving this is the jacket is not on okay this is thinking smart pineal value of c'mon now this is an Indian author like you can call it India now this author was employed by Cyrus Mistry who was a CEO of this very successful company in India Tata and before before he was fired so the book begins with talking about how this happened and what our authors views about it I don't want to give you the review but I do have a lot to talk about this book which I fail what's a finished reading this book but more precisely it's a business book which talks about different aspects of business like team building or highly more firing and all that stuff and I am really like it's a different kind of book that I'm reading really enjoying it next I am very happy to receive the published copy of the pics which by John Thomas now if you don't know this is the book that I have you divided ago it was in an eBook format and now the book has been published as a paper bag if you guys haven't checked out my review of the big switch you can check it out in the link in the description or up here wherever it is here or here lastly I am very excited to hold a copy of the book of friends daughter this is my journey from Mojave to st. Petersburg but Anna Nia compose now an Anna a daughter of Vikram compose who is like one of the most successful sports bloggers in the country and we have been friends since I started vlogging which was like back in 2013 so Anna has been doing great work and you know representing her country in different countries when it comes to sports and sports journalism and it is awesome because she is too young to be bad talented but she is I'm not jealous I am not jealous but yes this is a book she has paid down I haven't read it yet but I will definitely read it very soon and it's about like all the lessons she learned while going through this experience which I feel like the books like these no matter how they are written I don't know how it's written but even then they will give you a lot to take away a lot to learn so I am very excited and happy for this book to be popular and I'll be talking about this book very soon on this channel once I finish reading it yes guys do all the latest releases in different genres thriller dystopia and that is just I guess by the way nonfiction sports and a little bit of you know fiction normal stories and trailers have I said that before anyway these are different books from different genres and I am really excited to read all of them and I'll be talking about them a lot on this channel so make sure you subscribe and follow me on my social media if you do not want to miss out on the update thank you so much for watching this video and thank you to all these people for sending me so many books like I definitely need a new bookshelf now if anybody's listening please send me a new bookshelf it let me know if this video was helpful to you if you found some interesting that you feel like vomit with I could not have known about it if you had told me about it if it happens with even ten or one of you I will feel like this video was a successful one so let me know was it a successful video or not this is meant to signing off I'll be back with another video very soon I paid with the giveaway winner of the previous video is in the description down below so send you at friends fully dressed name address pin code and phone number on my email address and I'll send you your a gothic mystical lecture you don't know what the giveaway watch complete is for call video it's down below in the description and this is Mel B signing off again and we have with another video very soon

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  1. Ma'am…the problem with me is that….i want to read many of these novels…but i can't figure out the context of the i lose out the enthusiasm to read….how should i get rid of this problem?? I seek solution from you ..and from everyone reading my comment…

  2. थोड़ी एक्सरसाइज़ भी किया करो थोड़ी मोटी हो गए है आप।

  3. Firstly congratulations to the winner.
    Secondly Manpreet you are looking so fresh and pretty and beautiful today. 😍😍😍
    Thirdly all the books are so irresistible kind 😝…I mean I'm going to buy these ASAP.
    Fourthly please review all the books which you mentioned in this particular video.
    Fifthly congratulations to the winner again 😊

  4. You should read The Testament, The Firm- John Grisham, Kane and Abel- Jeffrey Archer, Bloodline- Sidney Sheldon

  5. Very nice video. I strongly recommend you Sidney Sheldon's books. I really love his book but Tilly bagshaw is not as good as him. Just read this book as a Tilly bagshaw's book or not as Sheldon book. Sidney Sheldon is far far better then Tilly. You will know this after you read any book written by Sheldon himself. I recommend 'If tomorrow comes', 'Blood line', 'Nothing last forever', 'tell me your dream', 'Are you afraid from the dark'.

  6. I like your videos and become a subscriber of Indian booktuber..I'm a huge fan of Sophie kinsella works. So would you plz suggest me some romantic comedy works by Indian authors?

  7. hi… are you? i'm from singapore. how can i collect these books? pls help me..+6590388196 it's my what's number.

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