Last Week In Zeke: Doki Doki Literature Club Part 2 (warning spoilers)

[Laughter] guys wake up dummy there's no response I really didn't want to have to enter a room like this it isn't isn't it kind of a breach of privacy but she really leaves me no choice I gently open the door the hell what the hell the nightmare has to be isn't real there's no way this can be real this isn't some game where I can reset and try something different I had only one chance and I wasn't careful enough and now I'll carry this guilt with me until I die nothing in my life is worth more than hers but I still couldn't do what she needed from me and now I can never take it back never never never never never and alright alright okay so there was game /script what oh geez I didn't bring anything – hold on a second prefixes I think actually you know what this would probably be a lot easier if I just deleted her she's the one who's making this so difficult ahaha well here goes nothing all right game all right game let's some into it I'm into it I love it all I did was untie the knot we need this manufactured from there they're artificial reality it's a writhing twisted mess of dread loathing judgment it elitism self dad all thrash to escape the people holding their holes seeping through every little crevice they can find into their will power start with him all motivations are into their stomach forcing them to drown their guilt and comfort food or into a newly open gash in their skin hidden only by the sleeves of a cute new shirt such a deplorable tangled mass is already present in every single one of them that's why I choose not to blame myself for their actions all right let's see the happy thoughts that's not happy that's not happy thoughts in that case what club did you decide a joint actually I'm starting a new one a literature club literature there was something right there now it's gone there was something right there and it's gone now I didn't like a full of energy swings open the classroom door I'm back and I brought a guest with me where's all my other save where's all my other saves what happened well I'm back at the literature Club I was the last to come in so everyone else is already hanging out you all saw that I know you all saw that making you dive headfirst in a literature when you're not accustomed to it Jesus Christ so even if I don't read often I'd be happy to pick up a book if you wanted me to are you sure I just Jesus Christ what the fuck is up I feel dizzy it's it's it's the room like it's the room like slanted or something like more than usual fuck I look forward to hearing what you think it didn't fucking tilted back it's straight again oh man it was making me so fucking like it was throwing me off so like discombobulating you looking for something in there suddenly Natsuki collapses straight into me what the fuck this is New Age – hey yeah maybe you're right I guess I'll have to keep trying I'm counting on you telling on me to get you out of the simulation of the program or something what do you carry on me for uni I want to help you um not ski that's little let's doesn't fall too out yeah such a ballsy take out your own insecurities on others taking out your own script I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with you this time not skeet she stepped over the line in my opinion she crossed the line this time [Applause] like not uh not out now nope hi I guess I don't really have a choice do I I'm sorry for causing trouble but I really appreciate yep anyway here's Monica's riding tip of the day sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision when that happens don't forget to save your game I never know when I'm who am I talking to and you hear me tell me you can hold on what the fuck is this can you hear me context I hate this I can't do anything nothing no matter how many times you play it's all the same I mean it would be really really easy to kill myself right now but that would mean I don't get to talk to you anymore all I'm gonna do for you to hate them why is that so hard and I'm just happy with you here but still I'm the vice president it's not right for me to ignore my responsibilities like that nobody would cry if you gave yourself with each change in members the identity of the club as a whole will change too I don't think it's necessary necessarily a bad thing or Iowa's crying blood all rights crying blood I said I saw it again I got it gosh stop crying blood ladies stop crying blood there's just some things talk about with you as I know you only you could understand that's why wait not yet no no not yet man we haven't seen the hallway in forever let's see the most logical place for you to be would be the nearest water fountain I started heading down the hallway what's that noise Jesus Christ it's the corner it sounds like breathing hey a sharp inhale like someone is sucking air through their teeth Oh sir I like okay are they in pain I reached the corner and peer around it beauty all right then you can have my poem too besides after you read it I know you're really gonna want to keep it here take it I can't wait any longer hurry read it is there peepee and blood on this [Applause] as for Monica I don't know why but she's been really dismissive about this like she just wants us to ignore it I'm so mad at her right now and that's why I'm coming to you about this don't let her know I wrote this pretending like a gave you a really good poem okay I'm counting any thanks for reading eery and I heard you messed up someone as wonderful as you just think of Monica Wow I worked really really hard on this poem so I hope that it's a effective here goes the mouse the mouse Casa Monica will get me fight it you I probably should have saved it want you all to myself and I will be only yours doesn't that sound perfect tell me tell me you want to be my lover wanna be my lover be my lover wanna beat lover do you accept my confession guys I'm gonna tell you this I've made the mistake of sticking my dick in crazy and it's a mistake I'll make every fucking time [Applause] [Applause] oh my god Jesus Christ for the fuck all right it's festival time Wow you got her before me she does the old puke and run um can you hear me is it working yay there you are hi again welcome to the literature Club I'm talking to you Hans in the club or do you actually go by doom cube or something oh my god what oh my god it knows my the name of my computer wait you do know I'm aware that this is all a game right could it be possible that you didn't know that I even told you right on the game's download page didn't I every day is full of chitchat and fun activities with all my endure abelian eek Club members oh my god that's me I'm super excited for you to make friends with everyone and help a little Club become a more intimate place for all my members but I can't retell your sweetheart will you promise been the most time with me will you go out with me no no let me out the window no I'll do it no god the window fucking bitch you fucking bitch you suck on my safe spots you fucking bitch alright are you ready let's do it what's happening what's happening to me it hurts it hurts so much help me please hurry help me help me love me and you closed down into just move your hand right away just but will it take just to find that special day dude what in the fuck [Laughter]

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