Laravel api development Obtaining Laravel Using Composer learn2CodeByTube

during this class we are going to do a bird important step we are going to obtain the lateral structure and we are going to obtain that structure using composer for that we need to open our command prompt remember to use the get child and now we just need to create a project using composer with these we are creating a lateral project inside a folder called restful api and additionally we are obtaining the version five point four point asterisk the asterisk means that we are going to obtain whatever mini version that is the latest one in this case for example we are obtaining the Minard version 9 of course depending of the date when you perform this installation you are going to obtain an upper number when the process is done so we can go to the restful api folder we can see the structure of lateral and we can test these easily using the PHP artisan syrup command this is going to start a little server on this location that as to verify the installation of the framework so let's go to the browser and paste it here so if everything is okay which we'll be able to see the lateral will come page

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