Lance Edminster – I Corinthians 14: God is Author of Order

good morning everybody it's great to be here this morning love the testimony and love singing the music what a great wonderful day that would be what we all get to happen yesterday I did a wedding Mandy works downstairs I actually married wedding Mandy that works down in the unit downstairs and then Nate a young man from Cohasset shared the gospel we had dinner with some friends that are at the wedding and I did a funeral for the wife's deceased husband you know he's alive and having today and his name was Jim and she again she just brought up how great the funeral was and you know what when we die in Christ you know we can celebrate you know because we're alive we've risen with Christ and ultimately one perhaps from this body were present the Lord and like Jack said always the last time I close my eyes here on earth me the first time I open them in heaven and you know what a great and wonderful day that will be and we will shout the victory and I was thinking what what do we shout because we fight for victory of a body should be shouted Jesus you know be worshiping and blessing his holy name all day there is only one day in heaven there'll be no sunsets there will be no night be forever light forever one day the day of Christ for all eternity I think that's an amazing thing an amazing thing and that's what we get to look forward to or that's the living in Christ get to lead to look forward to now the dead and credit the dead the ones that die without Christ they go to hell for all eternity it's a pretty sad place that people are you know sharing the gospel with people yesterday and talking to people after and after the service you know people not wanting to talk about Jesus they think of Jesus as some an individual that comes to to curse them or try to control them when people don't understand is the gospel was preordained before the foundation of the earth was actually laid the gospel that it is love and ultimately people go to hell with their sins paid for that's the tragic thing all of their sins are already paid for all he wants is to trust in him and him alone it's not a partnership it's not it's not you know Christ did his part I'll do part no Christ didn't at all and all he wants to do is trust him him and him alone for salvation what a wonderful thing today we've been it's probably for the last 3-4 months here we've been studying Corinthians and we're actually going to look read 1st Corinthians 14 today talks about some toughies again and tried the gift of prophecy we'll read it but more importantly there's a bigger message there I was reading in this morning and there's a bigger message and we'll get that into that but last week and review we did chapter 13 1st Corinthians 13:13 you know the most important thing is love you can have all the gifts in the world but if you don't have love you don't have it in it and ultimately love is sharing the gospel of Christ so last week we talked about love 1st Corinthians 13:8 says charity never faileth love lover never fails but whether there be prophecies they shall fail whether there be tongues they shall cease whether there be knowledge it shall vanish away we know that with the gut the written word that God was given ultimately the Bible we know those things would cease no longer as they're needed for the gift of speaking in tongues and tongues is not a Babel that people speak today ultimately Pentecostal churches tongues was always a language and it gives us that proof in Acts chapter 2 Jesus Christ demonstrates love and again we word these are review of verses if you want to follow along but I'm just going to read some verses that review that demonstrate God's love Romans 5:8 but God commendeth God demonstrated his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us we were yet sinners yet Christ still died for us we were dead men walking and he still went to the cross that's love that is love he demonstrated got his mind off himself and his mind onto us because we're all hell do sinners with price look at Romans chapter 8 verse 38 39 we did not review this word first last week but what an awesome verse this is this is for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord love is in Christ to receive that love ultimately you got to be in Christ because if you reject him you reject the love you choosing to go to how it yourself he loved it he paid for it all but it has all received in Christ Jesus but you know when you are in Christ you receive that love and ultimately we are told here there is not anything that will cover the future in the past nor hide our death that can take you or lose your salvation there's no power here that we are in his hands Christ's hands the father's and sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise first John 4:10 says here in his love not that we love God no but that he loved us and he sent his son to be the propitiation persons propitiation I love that it was three times in the Bible that is talked about in the King James and propitiation is a satisfied sacrifice everything in the Old Testament Hebrews chapter 10 10 1 tells us there are all a foreshadowing of something to come and for it to be a shadow it has to be a picture of something and we know that cross reached all the way back to Adam and Eve as a shadow and all those animal sacrifices look toward the cross of Calvary and ultimately Jesus Christ none of those animals could take away sin but it is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ he is the satisfied sacrifice it is not water baptism today or asking Jesus into your heart it's simply believing in what Christ did for us at the cross and then revelation 1:5 one of my favorites we know revelations one two and three is all about the church we know that John revelation is for one John was raptured to heaven a picture of the church our rapture Devin and then the tribulation the 70th week of Daniel actually prophecy plays out and ultimately the nation Israel will finally receive Jesus Christ as their Savior but before that revelations 1:5 says and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the first begotten earth at the first to resurrect the first to conquer death to conquer sin to defeat Satan the Prince of the kings of the earth unto him that loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood the payment for sin has a death payment you know what I did in Galatians their chapter two inches as oh I do not frustrate the grace of God for Frances's come by the law then Christ died in vain we don't receive salvation if we could earn it then Christ died a man but we know that Christ didn't die a man because it's the only way to heaven it's true the blood of Christ that's how much he loved us he gave his life for us what an awesome thing that we have Jesus Christ is love first Timothy 1:14 says and the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus it's who he is Jesus Christ is love last week we talked about how love never fails or you could say how Jesus Christ never fails the reason Jesus Christ never fails you can turn over to Hebrews chapter 13 8 it is a verse we reviewed last week but it is a verse that's worth looking at and reading it for yourself from the scriptures Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever Jesus Christ is truth truth is absolute truth is not relative that the world would think that it is today they think you know with different cultures and different parts of the world you know they define truth differently they're saying well all people go to heaven some churches will say oh all religions or they you know you get reincarnated and if you live the good life and then you ultimately advance to a better life after that and ultimately you become sin and ultimately eventually become nothing is what Buddhism and some Hinduism teaching teaches but we know that's false that is not truth you know what Jesus Christ is from eternity past he's the same today as he was yesterday and he'll get the same tomorrow truth does not change truth is the same today as yesterday and it is forever the world the Satan wants us to believe wants you to believe that truth is relative and therefore from this argument they can justify it they could say well you're a racist or they could say you're a bigot or you're a self that's their argument well ultimately I am a dogmatic versus when to comfort of the scriptures and uncompromising however if others refuse to receive Christ alone for salvation that is their choice ultimately I don't want them to go to hell but ultimately it is their choice I'll respect their decision I might be a zealot but I'm not a bigot that is for sure Jesus just because man thinks there are multiple pathways to have and that does not mean there are multiple pathways that ever it is one way if you turn over the 1st Peter chapter one worth looking at 1st Peter 1 verse 18 and I say this how can a man recreate truth when truth was defined before creation was ever created and think about that before creation was ever created before life was ever given to man before he spoke when life into man created man the gospel was already preordained truth was already defined before creation and then man who come along and say you know what I'm gonna redefine truth you can't redefine truth because it's God ordained he's the one that defines and he tells us here in 1st Peter chapter 1 verse 18 he says for as much as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things as silver and gold from your vain conduct ultimately doing all these things buying yourself trying to do what about this pagan enough ties things like received by the traditions of your father's a water baptism regeneration you know getting Mormons being getting baptized in the name of other people things like that that's the big traditions that's been received by the fathers passed on that's not Redemption you're not redeemed by those things like a 19 but with the precious blood of Christ has the lamb without blemish and without spot who verily was foreordained pureed foreordained before the foundation of the world the gospel hymn going to the cross was already outlined before man was ever created what an awesome thing so the gospel is the same today today it's the same as yesterday today and forever truth is the same as yesterday today and forever and Christ is the same as yesterday today and forever and I tell you what with all the things in the world that you can't find confidence in what an honorable thing that I can find confidence that the Jesus Christ his word that he promised us eternal life when we believe that he died on the cross for our sins of Resurrection that when I wake up tomorrow that doesn't change policy might change for me at work you know policies and procedures there might be new standards obviously politicians are going in there trying to change their constitution probably one day our Constitution will be changed that's what man does man changes things all the time new standards they think they figured out a new way and ultimately they'd start changing things but you know what will you find confidence in the Word of God that does not change Abraham was saved by faith were saved by faith my grandchildren my great-great grandchildren will be saved by faith all in the finished redemptive work of Christ that's something we can find confidence in that gives me peace what an awesome thing turnover first Corinthians chapter 14 14:1 says follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts rather than you may prophesy remember the most important things love most important thing is locked within the church love for Christ I say and we're going to talk about love first for Christ he loved us first but then we as his children should love him back to love for the brothers and sisters in Christ just telling Kevin our Thursday night Bible study we we've postponed it barb you know we know Emma's gonna be coming back and bringing in her grandma and you know what what an awesome thing I miss the fellowship on Thursday nights there's a missing that love and that bonding and I just love sitting around and reading the word and but ultimately that's love well we can come and gather together read and people can share and ask questions what an awesome thing in it so one love for Christ – love for the brothers and sisters in Christ – like Jack always brings up third I should say is the love for the lost somebody took the time to share the gospel with you maybe we should take the time to share the gospel with others that's why we record the message this week in Kenya alone nine people got saved not in people I've never met these people in my life but I got an email from pastor Joseph there's a reason why you know the church that God continues to use us we're praying for building but until then you know I know that the Lord is blessing the message we know his word does not return void and all of you are part of that we're all part of working together to get the message out to the lost and I would ask that you pray it continuously for the message that people would continue to watch it review it here is where because Jesus Christ is the one that does the saving so first the love for Christ turn over to first John 5 one fact by revelation first John by one it says whosoever believeth over and over when you read the word of God I don't know how individuals could go to a church and be told that they have to do something for salvation or they can lose it because when you read the Word of God over and over you see the process of salvation continuously you see the Scarlet thread of redemption and right there whoever believeth not who ever was that water baptized who ever dedicated the life who ever walk to the front of the church who ever been promised who ever felt sorry for their sin who ever you know gave enough money doesn't say whoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ Yahshua is salvation Christ the Messiah he's the Anointed One the one that the it is God's Son whoever believed that Jesus is the Christ is born of God it tells us right there the process of salvation to be a child of God to be born again it's the ones that believe that Christ is the Messiah T's when the died persons was Brad resurrected for us we're trusting in him people in the Lord and it says in every one that loveth him that begot love with him also that has begun and begotten of him so here again we would hear the process of salvation believe whoever believeth in Christ is born of God Jesus Christ died on the cross for sins past present future he was very resurrected they do that we go to heaven we believe in the finish whatever work we know we're born again because of Jesus and him alone you're born again into gods family this should motivate God's children to love him love Christ for without Jesus we're all held group sinners second love of the brother and I also I wrote on in my lesson here sometimes this can be the hardest loving the brother and sister in Christ we get close to people and sometimes all the people that we feel sometimes we get betrayed and we get hurt by sometimes loved the closer we are we do get hurt by people it can be the hardest and I say let us love our bow the sister in Christ if we sin against the brother or sister Christ I want you to look at first Corinthians 8:12 that would be your old nature that would want to be vindictive to retaliate should not do that take the high road keep your mouth shut let's just keep on forward first Corinthians 8 12 says but when you send so against the Brethren and wound their weak conscience maybe be a shipwreck may be a stumbling block to somebody maybe it's a new bleep believer you know what I would never want to be a stumbling block you know to a new believer it says here you sin against Christ when you sit against a brother and sister it is this if you're sinning against Jesus and as a child all my sins already been paid for but you know what to consciously neglect that I should not want to do that I should first have a love for Christ and I should have a love for my brothers and sisters in Christ and I always look back to Christ when people do sin against us and they hurt us what did Jesus do look over to Luke chapter 23 when you feel betrayed Luke 23 verse 33 through 38 Jesus is on the cross they nailed them to the cross they've already beaten them they've already spit on they've already mocked him they put a throne of crowns on him the malefactors the thieves of both side the criminals on both sides are both mocking him at the time and him being the father knowing the father because the two are one he says this for a reason because God Ryan the Father was ready to just wipe out all mankind high to see what they did to a sudden even though he knows this was the process but here he sees that if fully being carried out upon his eyes at him having the same heart as the father and he says he known when they were come to the place so Luke 23 verse 33 and when they were come to the place which is called Calvary they crucified Him and the malefactors were on the right hand and the other on the left then said Jesus Father forgive them for they know not they parted his garment partners raiment the cast lot actually gambled for it prophesied Psalm 22 actually prophesied that they would gamble for his garment they would throw dice for his garment and the people stood beholding and the rulers also with them derided him they railed him saying he saved others let him save himself if he be the Christ the chosen of God and the soldiers also mocked him coming to him and I freakin vinegar and saying if thou be the King of the Jews save thyself and the superscription also was written over him in the letters of the Greek the Latin and the Hebrew this is the king of the bakit hem disgracefully here is the gods returning pass revealed himself the flesh in their ignorance they nailed to the cross they actually turned the cross in the living sacrifice they turn the cross and through an altar it is in their ignorance that Acts chapter 3 tells us that but it is God from knew what happened but even at that time Jesus says Father forgive them and you know what if a brother or sister christ hurt you i say forgive them pray for them and move on when others offend you you have the power to give your peace and power away or you can choose to keep your peace of power when i work with kids and through the school year there i say you know what you give your power away you can retaliate and act you give your power peace or you can choose to keep you're not a victim we are victors and i can choose to be a victim or victor every day i wake up in the morning and i how i choose to react either I give all my power and peace away and give them all the power peace or I choose to keep my peace and be like you know what alright I'll pray for you I'm gonna keep my peace if we keep my power and I'm gonna keep full moving forward here I'm gonna keep my eyes focused on the prize here because you know I can tell Kevin we don't have much time left your honor you know our lifes are but a mere vapor and you don't have no idea what I'm gonna get called so you know what let's pray for them third the love for the non-believer it's important also that we should be sharing the gospel with non-believers to add to the body of Christ first John 3:23 we read this last week and it says and this is his commandment that we should believe on the name of his son Jesus Christ that's the first commandment that Christ gives us belief and his belief people want to follow the commandments that is a command ii do you know what it says and love one another and as we read on in 1st john 1st John 4:14 says and we have seen and do testify that the father sent the son to be the savior of the world 1st John 4:14 John on the island of Patmos tells us right here testify that the father sent his son to be the savior oh that's love when we share that message people don't want to hear that that is love now before we read on back to 1st Corinthians 14 before we read on I want you to remember when Paul wrote the letter to the Corinth church the Bible was not completely written in so you know what they say there obviously had a heart condition at the court church there was a heart condition and all of them wanted to speak in tongues and ultimately probably some of the same of those issues in the Pentecostal churches today we know talks was always the language though but you know I want you reading this I want you to get the bigger message because three times he tells us why these gifts were given even though these apostolate gifts have ceased they're done there's grace gifts today as we know even Paul could even heal a prefer Dias at the end of his time so you know what we know these pious have ceased they were he obviously had these gifts at the corne search at this time but again I want you to see if you can point out in the bigger picture and I'm gonna read 1st Corinthians 14 because I don't want to miss anything as we continue to go first by verse through the bottle so I'll read verse 2 to 33 maybe say something here and but I want you to get the bigger picture here so Paul writing a letter to the court Church 1st Corinthians 14 verse 2 for he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speak of not unto men but unto God for no man understandeth him howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries but he that a prophesy athon a man to edification and exhortation and comfort he that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifies himself he that prophesy edified the church I would that you all speak with Tom but rather than you prophesied for graters he that prophesy then he that speaketh with tongues except he interpret that the church may receive edifying now brethren if I come under you speaking with tongues what shall i profit you except I shall speak to you either by revelation or by knowledge or by prophesying or by doctrine and even things without life giving sound whether pipe or harp except they give a distinction in the sounds how I shall be known what is piped or harped for if the trumpet give an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle so likewise you except you utter by the tongue words easy to be understood easy to be understood that's what 1st Corinthians 1:17 tells us you know what share the gospel so it's easily understood how shall be known what is spoken for you shall speak into the air we can all get up here and ultimately make a lot of noise but if people are not understanding what you're talking about it's just a lot of hot air wasted there are it may be so many kinds of voices in the world and none of them is without significance all the languages have a purpose therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian and he that speaketh shall be at Burberry if you don't understand what's being said you're thinking the guys are barbarian Alton Utley maybe a stranger he's saying horrible things about him maybe or even himself who knows what your imagination is thinking even so ye for as much as you are zealous of spiritual gifts seek that you may Excel to the edifying of the church wherfore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret for if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirits praying but my understanding is unfruitful you know what it doesn't do you any good if you if you were speaking of not knowing tongue and yearning to know what you're it's being unfruitful to you it's gonna be unfruitful to everybody else's what Paul saying what is it then I will pray it with the spirit and I will pray with the understanding also this is logic right here I will sing with the spirit I will sing with the understanding also to speak and pray and sing and also an understanding you know because God is not the god of confusion God is a God of or just like the gospel before you could become a child of God you have to believe in Jesus Christ the gospel is forwarded he's not he doesn't change every year every year or every six months or every 50 years a man named Joseph Smith or roses in Rutherford in 1879 don't come along and figure a new wait for salvation that is a God of confusion and that is Satan that's what he comes to do he wants all these worldwide religions to think that there's multiple ways and in the end we all get there God is not a God of confusion God is a God of order there's a process to become his child and when you become a child all spiritual gifts are received in Christ we need to remember that for thou girli give us thanks well but the other is not edified I thank my god and I speak with tongues more than y'all Paul must have been a southern right y'all may be buddies yet in the church I'd rather speak five words with my understanding and by my voice I might teach others also than ten thousand were unknown tongue rather be not children in understanding we know that the corinthians were babes in Christ they were not grown up they chose like Jack pointed out they chose to remain babes in Christ we have believers today that choose to remain babes what a sad state that is be not children and understanding how bearded mouths be you children but in understanding the men and the law is written with men of other tongues and other lips will I speak under this people and get for all that they will not hear me save the Lord wherefore tongues are for a sign not to them that believe yet will see Pentecostal churches do it all the time it's not a sign for the belief but to them that believe not but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not but for them which believe and again these are past all the gifts have ceased you know and it was not a babble it was in the language Acts chapter 2 clarifies that and if therefore the whole church become together into one place and all speak with tongues and they're coming those that are unlearned or unbelievers will they not say they are mad if we somebody walks in and everybody's speaking in Russian and Mexican and and check this mocking and this that the people will be like confused and really these people are crazy but if all prophets and they're coming one that believeth not or one unlearned he is convinced all and he is judged of all and thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest his heart has made that manifested so falling down on his face your worship God and report that God is in you of truth so you know you preach the Word of God people hear that and that's when they believe how was it then brother when you come together every one of you have the song have the doctrine of the tongue have the revelation have an interpretation that all things be done unto edifying so the crazy church was coming together they're all wanting to speak in tongues all watered River they want a lot of prophesy and ultimately it's causing a lot you know I've got doing god any justice God's doubt the God of confusion we need to remember that it's a process he's the God of order and it's an awesome thing and that's what Paul says let all things be done to edify the third time that he said that if any man speak in any unknown tongue let it be by – not everybody but most by 3 and that me and that by course let one interpret but if there be no interpreter let him keep silence in the church let us speak to self into God but the prophets speak two or three let the other talk about the other judge say ultimately two or three get up and speak people can judge be like you know what yes that's out on the Scriptures no it's not they make the decision yes that's the way to have it no it's not I'll do it my way and your choice but at least we can get two or three to clarify this is the process if anything be revealed to another that sitteth by let the first hold this piece see churches today her people pastor you know some people just getting up and interrupting the pastor you know that says hold thy peace save it for after if you got a question let's talk about it after for y'all will prophesy one by one that all may learn all may be comfort and the spirit of the prophecy are subject to the prophets and verse 333 for God is not the author of confusion but of peace as in all churches of the saints he's the god of or the God of peace what an awesome thing and you know what after we read it what was the biggest lesson director of the church the biggest lesson director of the church verse five the church may receive edifying verse twelve seek that you may Excel to the edifying of the church verse 26 that all things be done and edifying when the body of Christ comes to worship when the body of Christ comes to rejoice ultimately and offer sacrifices of Thanksgiving under the Lord the goal of the body is to edify the body which is to lift up with instruction and teach Christ that's what the body is there it's all words to do edify to instruct to teach to educate that's what we all come here together we come here to learn about him that's what it's all about so let's not you know whether there are some so you know maybe even we in my younger days I would debate you know I'd get maybe over the red 14 and we would have been out the whole buses would have been about see there's no tongues it's a language and I would have went about it okay that's fine we we made that argument a couple of weeks ago and you know what that's not the most important part of the message the most important messages and if I the body and they missed that the Corinthian church was all about themselves they were all there coming there about self-regulation self representation look at me look at me look at me verses look at him we can still learn from what Paul teaching here in 1st Corinthians 14 so when the body of Christ comes to worship rejoice offer sacrifices on Thanksgiving on the Lord the goal is to edify the body lift it up with the structure we grow in grace we add to the body of Christ by new members believing in what Christ so again the goal is to get our minds off ourselves and on others and again Christ is the example and we're going to close these verses here's some of my favorite turn over Philippians chapter 2 because we talk a lot about buying I believe the Lord gives us these physical things in the world to show us spiritual representation you know John the Baptist did baptize water submersion it didn't save anybody but ultimately we know that clay started his ministry and three years went prophet eats them for told he was going to be crucified and ultimately a picture of when we believe that we're ultimately we die in Christ and we resurrect we're dead in our sin and we died with Christ he paid for all over sin and we become a new creation in Christ and that's that spiritual baptism were identified in this death burial resurrection so God gives us these physical things to show us spiritually what happens all the time a circumcised our circumcision all that shows us you know what we've cut away that dead skin that old skin that circumcision we know what I was talked about in Genesis chapter 17 Isaac he's the promised son we become and ultimately we get a circumcised heart it's not that we're trusting in our works now we get a certain size that new heart we're trusting in the finished redemptive work of Christ Colossians chapter 2 tells us that what an awesome thing so all these animals like a man everything points to Christ but here Philippines to talk a lot about the mind and having the mind one of my favorites we'll start verse 1 chapter 2 if there be therefore any comfort so we have console and if there be any comfort and Christ if any comfort of love any fellowship of the spirit any bowels and mercies tender mercies there fulfill you by joy and that you be like-minded like-minded here having the same love being of one Accord one mind huh I wonder what that is when we read this we should be like what is that what is one so we read on let nothing be done through the strife or vainglory you know it's not about us not about patting ourselves on the back but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves let's take care of our loved ones our wives and our children so that let's exhort the body of Christ us take care of each other look not every man on his own thing but every man also on the things of others and now we get the example 5 let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God through it not though it not robbery to be equal with God because he is God he but made himself of no reputation he was revealed in the flesh born in a feed trough everybody talks while Jesus was born in a manger but he was born in a feed trough he was a born of a peasant carpentry a bucolic he made himself of no reputation did look like Brad Pitt ultimately we know in Isaiah so it wasn't it wasn't good-looking man at all he took upon the form of a servant and was made in likeness of men sinner man but he wasn't he was perfect but he was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he himself he humbled himself and became obedient unto death the death of the cross wherefore God also hath highly exalted him giving him a name which is above every other name that on the name of Jesus every knee should bow and things in heaven things in earth and things under the earth interesting verse there have been in on earth and in earth everybody at health today those who Jesus Christ is everybody today there are hell hell is filled with believers and in the word that diet not consciously knowing that they rejected their Savior just like the rich man and Lazarus every knee will know every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is the Christ I hope that all of us this body represent here if all of you trusted Christ that you will be the ones doing it in heaven wherefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence work out your salvation you know what it doesn't say it doesn't say work for your salvation it says work out your salvation with fear and trembling first 34 does God which worketh in you you know what if you were not saved God did not beat you yet people will say you got to work for your salvation they'll you they'll take this out of context and they'll say you got it where it doesn't say where it says work out your salvation in 13 says it is ultimately God working through you and if you were not saved you would not have God in you so this has nothing to do with justification but clearly sanctification here for this God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure so you know what she's like Jack said that boy then he talked about having good conduct maybe he's not as Christian kind of doesn't say you're saved or not but ultimately it gives us good it shows a little white what is you know is that is there a light within that person and that's why our conduct should be different than the world and then it says 14 do all things without murmuring and disputing so let us not complain about things 15 that you may be blameless and harmless the sons of God were were worse the most high we're representing ministers of him were stewards of him without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation we are in a we are in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation today how do we look a little bit different than all of them people there Imam who me or shine as lights in this world and that is what we should do we should let our beacons shine on the most high get on the top of our rooftops and I let our light shine and it's not us it's Christ it's him within us verse 13 says it's God within us then his light shine sixteen holding forth the word of life that's what we do I'm not preaching you know I you got to go be a better person or this that I'm saying you know a whole truth to the Word of God because without the Word of God it's nothing holding forth the word of life that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain neither labored in vain man to see some people like the young man that jock witness to you people put the yesterday at the wedding at the witness to people that one day though the labor will not be in vain that you know what friends from California are up and you know what Ted we sacrifice the day to be able to do the wedding but ultimately it one day we'll know that labor was not abated because the people would happen would be hey thanks for sharing the gospel at that wedding where I received Christ Jesus thanks for planting the seed were somebody later on with water and again God gets the increase we can all glory in the finish redemptive work because we know our labor is not in vain because we you you hardly ever here by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone document in the scriptures long so God gets the glory oh you hardly ever hear that message and you know we as a body we need to continue to labor to share the gospel and what an honor it is to be able to come here dorita's were to sing and rejoice and worship and magnify the Most High that's an awesome thing let's close in prayer terribly father finally again we just want to thank you for Christ we're so thankful that you love the centers the way we are it's just an amazing God and you you are loved you demonstrate both we were sinners and yet you still revealed yourself from the flesh and even on the cross of Calvary as they mocked you and said you know what he can't even save him you know if he he could save others again save himself you know but we know if Christ but they got dumped at the cross right then in there we all go to hell Christ knew he had to die for sin he's buried he resurrected he says you know what right now offer you this free gift that gives you eternal life maybe hear somebody today's like you know that make sense I always thought I had a knew some type of tradition confirmation whatever go to communion know maybe right here right now just like the thief on the cross later after he rebuked Christ mock Christ you know that the one thief changed his mind he repented he changed his mind stop trusting and his works for salvation and he trusted in Jesus Christ he believed that Christ died on the cross for our sins maybe today somebody could be like you know what I believe that I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins was buried and resurrected for me I'm trusting in him and the law that person is a child of God from now for a born into god's family adopted into gods family all because of what christ did for them what an awesome and father would just pray that you've used the people here for just continue to keep a hedge of protection on them we pray that you'd be with your body or your your family of today and shine a light unto them father guide their feet and that they would continue to be a beacon in the start world father we just pray that you continue to provide the building for us with thankful for hear what we pray that we'd have a building sometime we just pray again so thing that we can share your word around the world and we know that nine people nine people got saved this week opinion and we were a part of it and father thank you for letting us to be part of the process of salvation that we could share that with people what an awesome thing what an honorable to pray all this of Christ's name Amen you

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