Lali Puna Faking the Books

46 thoughts on “Lali Puna Faking the Books

  1. This sound is soo soothing. I listened to this song back in high school (Nostalgia). But with or without a 420 bowl. This is the go-to music for calming the soul.

  2. listening to this song with headphones on and I just smoked a bowl………. things are…..okay right now….

  3. In high school I used to smoke with friends in my car with this track on, gives me so much nostalgia

  4. @allegrasleep thanks for your reply and your tip..
    I think in a way all schools should teach at least some
    basic sign language..

  5. @Rabird74 No, not at all. These are old ASL videos.. teaching basics.. like shapes.. and directions, etc. Sign up for an ASL class at your local college, or deaf school. Make sure it is total immersion- no speaking. Best way to learn.

  6. @allegrasleep I was wondering if the sign language matches the lyrics here,
    I always wanted to learn sign language, yet still sadly haven't
    come around to it

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