32 thoughts on “LA CLAIRIERE – PIANO NOVEL

  1. I use to play this for my puppy when he was a little baby and he would always fall sleep, so soothing we love it

  2. Cher Monsieur.

    J'adore toutes les chansons dans ton album la clairiere. Merci de les composer.

    Mon favourite est Le Lac et La Clairiere. Ca reussir me faire bouleverser.

    Desole de mal francaise. Ma meilleure salutation de Jakarta.

  3. who are you? I have been going crazy trying to see who you are. Nothing pops up, do you want to keep your identity a secret? but why? You are such an amazing composer. I hope to see more work from you in the future. Love, all the way from the USA.

  4. This is so beautiful and calming…I have a really hard real estate finance exam tmr. it stressed me out so much that i cried like 2 hours straight before i can start studying. This totally calms me down.

  5. Hermoso, qué paz, qué belleza. Beautiful, touches the depths of my heart, makes me remember someone special like this wonderful masterpiece. Love it

  6. I am so so in love with your work. If you ever felt like making video tutorials I would be ecstatic as my sheet reading is pretty poor but my goal in life is to play these songs <3

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