KXNG Crooked Talks Longevity in Hip Hop, Being a Lyricist, and more

bark at you dog I know my boy sometime when I'd be spitting them things y'all know we don't bring too many people up here on Thursday way cuz we don't we don't deal with a whole lot of sensitive motherfucker or if we don't deal with a whole lot of sensitivity up here you gotta baby we deal with raw help I feel me calmly at at 4:20 culture we got a epic guest today yes we're doing when they come and spitting boys I'm gonna let you in a little crooked i'ma let you introduce and code yeah that's that that's that's bro right there you know I mean so I mama let you do the honors on third degree and introduce this special illustrious guest well we have the veteran bar guide as we would say one of the official Gabbar cricket cricket you know I'm saying glad you made it up here safe and thanks and thanks for the invite you know I'm saying what's really good over here on third degree haha let me talk to him I'm liking this what's happening well you know do you know I had to bring it back I mean we're going into that whole new digital era we in the digital era yeah you know we in the streaming era and we generations flip everybody generations flip so you know it's a reintroduction to a series that I started called hip hop weekly I did it ten years ago everybody in the industry follow suit you know I mean I introduced a new way to market yourself and stay in the public eye you know by releasing a song a new song every week for a whole year you Simpson and Kanye picked it up T I picked it up a lot of people picked it up so you know I just figured you know in a stream and there are generations that flip some some of the my fans were too young to remember that right so now we give them a brand new experience we go on another journey fifty two more weeks I'm at week four we got 48 weeks to go and I'm gonna put my foot on the gas the whole time it's west coast ain't nobody gonna stop me and as a premier lyricist I wanna first and foremost salute you for maintaining what's lost today among a lot of artists and that's originality and what a lot of people don't know probably about me and you is that we entered the game at the same time basically basically yep and you know I look at my career and you know how I was able to affect myself upon the industry and you've been right there with me the whole time and you even surpass me and my absence not that we were competing ever but I mean you know you finally got recognized for how dope you are and then all of a sudden the whole world had crooked in a mouth you know I mean and you know I just want to say that to maintain the integrity of the bars that you spit and your approach has an MC to hip-hop which has always been comparable to Rakim no joke you know I mean you don't you don't play with your boards you don't play with your representation of who you are as an artist and what you stand for as an artist which is originality boy you know because we didn't have a lot of conversations about rapping you know and who we are to the game so I just really really want to give you a crisp crisp salute for always getting better bro as dope as you are you continue to get better that shows and that shows one's true dedication as an artist thank you sir laurels bro that's really big coming from you D I accept that salute and and I take pride in that salute you know I'm saying it's only certain people who who we're proud that we make proud you feel me and trade is definitely one so you know I really I really appreciate that we came in the game dawg you know I was opening up for you and had to Ebell theatre [Laughter] you know we came in that we came up in the trenches together you know what I'm saying and we still here relevant and it's it's a blessing this is God's word blessed I know that first Hurley III nicknamed you sayin on the east side when you say nice formats the bars is back thing mm-hmm I feel they never left depending on right who you actually follow exactly what yeah I mean you know that's the whole thing you know it's just you just got to look in a different location you know what I'm saying is they never left they never went anywhere it's just when we were younger we had to go digging into crates and then you know now these these dis generations just got to go you know Google search and it's always gonna be bars and this is what I tell the youngsters out there who think that it ain't nothing you don't have to respect your craft you don't have to have bars that's what I tell them since you all about the bag right you all about the bag you need to get deep into your crime you need to understand how originality like tradie just mentioned and how bars are going to affect your payday for decades won't you get into your craft you will have longevity longevity means you get in a bag for a long time yeah that's good gay man you always hitting them too man you know and you stay active on social media you know I respect that too you know because you have to maintain a grasp of your audience you know I mean because they always gonna watch you and see especially a person like you was being that not there's not many actual naturally talented lyricist it's not you know that's what why would you not know when you win you know not today especially so when you when you know of one then you tend to you know you tend to look at him you tend to look at an artist such as yourself like damn you know is is this the pinnacle you know I'm saying is this the pinnacle but it constantly evolves rap constantly evolves and for you to still be able to get that back at this tactic at the year in the game that you add and at the and at the time of your relevance steel to to hip-hop then people did youngster should really take heed of what you'd be sharing on your social media and things you'd be because you kind of be like running classes you know I'm saying okay and that's me because you know what I could say a lot of artists really don't engage directly with the people on social media you know I'm saying they'll post something or whatever and then it's on the next pulse and it's on to the next post and they never actually stop to go get evaluate write the questions they're asked right and and you know what would be good to share with they just look at the numbers and how many likes or how many views and they sometimes you want to just stay focused if they're engaging which it was something about you just keep doing it if that engagement is growing this I mean they buttered something like me me you yet we rappers rappers and God you saying I'm saying I know you got bars not sleeping I got tequila bars I got vodka bar being rapper rappers like being a rappers rapper you know that's the means that a lot of people who are MCS or upcoming artists they follow us mm-hmm like some rappers only have fans that follow them they don't have other rappers but since we are you know who we are with the pen and how we approach our creativity we attract other artists sorrow and a lot I could go to a show and do a show in half the crowd is upcoming rappers Wow so acknowledging that they are there right and saying yo let me give you a little bit of game that may be able to save you some time because I've been in the game for a couple decades if I can give you any game that will help you skip past two years of making a mistake that I made then you got two years under your belt that you just you know have Vance pass without wasting ain't no me the fun mirror is the comedy game too because you know I like I like talking to young comedians right like DC young fly is a comma class that's coming but he he's one of the guys that they appreciate the OGC social detail in the back yeah and he's growing I did a show in st. Louis last Mother's myself mark Kareem I kept some more DC young fly and in the back man DC was just asking hella questions for me and marker right and I was genuinely interested in learning and growing as a comedian where you got some cats so like all y'all old school Def Jam unless they air was gone but but DC young fly respect he's back to old school and and still trying and still trying to learn and asking that's the same thing and I think we as artists you know we have an obligation to reach back right and and and and and give our knowledge to the ones who are column every let me if we love the game like we say we love the game but all of them are not deserving the ones who is just fly-by-night they're not some of the Bible says don't get pearls to swine so I don't waste my time on comic to who comics mm-hmm I talk to comedians but I don't really talk to come comic comics it's funny things a comedian make things funny mmm two different things we've opened up and function with that was comedian make things funny so you open up in varna one you just you just let yourself immerse yourself into the bit and your life and like you didn't got no no no secret so I just like what you all do with the pen exactly those are cats are young cats like that for it can I talk to the black community for two seconds real quick cuz I got my dashiki on right now I'm saying that brother you know I got through that brother Craig I got the claw phone this is the shield when you come out with the shield on it can't touch you but listen we ask the black community's real quick you know saying we'd love everybody but black community we got to stop doing this ageism we got to stop ten that this person is too young this person is too old right we have to quit that because other communities are embracing their older legends they're doing tours getting 60 million a pop doing living their best life and we over here talking about this comedian is too old this rapper is to all this producers to a let's stop rap computer because I don't know how you saw that question that I was gonna I was going to ask you at what age should a rapper retire not the fake retirement where you know do you read nice your career right you know I'm saying often to retire y'all get my last shit cuz I ain't gonna had no more for y'all not that I mean actually when should a rapper actually say you know what this is it for me and done with the microphone well I think when you don't get that feeling no more okay when you you know that feeling you get when you wrote something that you really like and you you hype about it you listening to it in the car on your drive home or and you like yeah yeah that was that was kind of cool right there you know it's about that feeling it's not really about you know it's not about the age when you lose the passion for it the drive for if you don't exactly that's when you put it down and that and you know a rap career has no expiration date only to me the question in defensive the question no that's what that's what a good journalist does some time which I was gonna take up at El Camino College but that's a whole no but you ask questions sometime that you already know the answer to but you want the public to know right tonight and here's the thing – I was gonna say that because why why is it that and maybe I'm wrong but this is my feeling why is it that you know you feel like not you but people are like oh you can only be a certain age and listen to hip-hop but you don't have to be a certain age listen to rock or jazz that way oh you should listen to rap can you get that sometime like rappers another genre music bad luck rappers in this rapid steal rappers just now grown rap has been in its infancy for the last 20 years before these last 20 because rap hit the scene 76 77 really made a commercial impact in 1980 so people wasn't even sure rap was gonna be around this long right so and it was mostly a young person's game so being that now that we should have records I'm mature now and become fathers and grandfathers and things like that you know it's like oh make way for new people to come in behind them but they don't realize though that these same acts that been around the rock and roll since the 50s and 60s Rolling Stones the WHO ac/dc be honest they're still going to have concerts where they throw and sell out every couple of years they gonna go out and tour and they're gonna do that thing because people still love that music right the music that they made and that hopefully they continue to make but you don't even have to continue it if once you make classic music that music is its classic it's always going to be classic so I agree with crooked I but I just want to ask the question so everyone listening can understand that the ageism that he's talking about you know all you two owe each other and no other genre right is no other job even addressed someone say earlier when you said you know get that bag when you write and get that bag from years down I was at the Laker game last night and they played a James Brown like song right I was talking to one of the security girl a DS and I was like that's crazy how this music is still timeless right right so when you say get that back for years to come when you're sitting down making music just don't think of it right now right you know you got it right and and that's why I always try to do my jokes is evergreen like no matter what year you play this bit it's gonna be relevant I was talking about a bit I wrote back in the mid 90s about new world order and no more money you know and how I did a joke about how the credit card you know I said I said how are we gonna deal with no dollars you know I said we're gonna go to strip club and tip strip there's no money she's gonna be slide jacquard and slide down ass and then years later tip drill video coming recently because you know we had to compare which video was was hollow that the the carnie beats work video I mean you know time i watch i watch rock him do a show at the House of Blues sold out and he was performing songs that are 30 years old yeah and they was rockin to them songs she said so it's like it's like be safe you know hip hop is 40 some years old right now and people didn't expect it to last this long dates the foundation and hip hop is strong it's very strong construction and its really we have people who are stretching out the age hold you know program because you got like jay-z you know he's getting up there in age you got dr. Dre if Dre drop right now Dre like 50 some if Drake drop right now everybody's gonna go get it you know yeah it's getting up in his years Eminem is getting up in his years and he's still doing 80,000 people he's going in Australia in February and he's gonna go meet about 50,000 people per show you know what I'm saying you guys you got Chuck D and Public Enemy they're still doing stadiums you guys what we're witnessing we're witnessing the evolution of the ages of you know era we're seeing the older guys still keep going and still prove that they're viable cuz that's the number one thing that the labels and the distribution companies want to know are you still a viable artist at whatever age

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  1. King Crooked is hard AF. But Big Tray Deee is being humble because he spits lyrical fire! my favorite hands down!

  2. Why are we the only community to put an expiration date on our artists we judge them by age have we not learned from these caucasianss yet look at them Rock dudes they be up there looking like they about to die tomorrow 99 and 80 years old and still touring still selling out stadiums why because they never age their stars out they treat them like stars in life and in death we need to learn and stop throwing our Stars away

  3. Crooked always keeps a motherfucker motivated one of the best prolific spitter I think he's better than Eminem my opinion to all the stans

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