KOTD – Rap Battle – Head I.C.E. vs KG The Poet

23 thoughts on “KOTD – Rap Battle – Head I.C.E. vs KG The Poet

  1. the glazed doughnut line. They used to call gd's glazed doughnuts for real back in the day. I dont think he know how fire that line was

  2. ICE DAMMIT! But these two need to a joint together though, if it's not already happened…I can see it

  3. tbh kg lost based on the sole fact that he let ice get in his face and tell him to suck his dick lmfao

  4. Why dude keep lookin at the camera ? And he sound timid as fuck , like shaggy from scooby doo when he seen a ghost

  5. I like when cats call Ice fake then immediately spit video game bars like yeah that's real gangsta dudes is funny not recognizin' real street talk

  6. I actually think KG nice. He ain't no lazy writer tell you that. Maybe don't got the appeal but he got angles and substance. Idk why people hate he's an up and comer.

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