Kite Runner! Motivate yourself to read books!

hello hello everybody it’s again me
Abdulazeem from Korea and I decided to make an additional video for all of
you in order to motivate you to read more and more and more and more books
because as I mentioned in my previous video books gives us a lot of things even more
than we can imagine because of the books the world is
changing it has been changed and in the future I think it’ll change
because of books because the books gives us knowledge books give us a lot of things
which are useful which are special for us for the future of us well in my
previous video I have told you a little bit about the novel called little prince
but this time I’m much more serious you know I mean the little prince is short
novel which can which can be easily read by reader but this time our novel is Kite
Runner which was written by Khaled Hossaini which is from Afghanstan well he
is so awesome he is amazing writer I have always seen you know the style of
his writing is incredible I don’t know the Kite Runner is consist of the
genres drama classic and historical fiction you can read and you
can enjoy reading this book I advise you to read this book if you cannot purchase
if you cannot afford to buy new book I will just attach the link to the site
where you can download the PDF version of The Kite Runner for free do not
worry about it okay you know even if I tell you the whole story it cannot be
equal to reading the whole novel itself well if you read this book you’ll
understand why I’m telling so incredible why it’s still bestseller
even if it is published in 2003 you’ll understand okey well you can find
the PDF version for free in the site which has been attached below and this
is the end of my video you know books gives us a lot of things as
I mentioned in this video in my previous video and this time I’m gonna mention
again books gives us a lot of thing even more than we can imagine
please read this book The Kite Runner which is by Khaled Hossaini it’s incredible book
advise to read ok guys see you soon. Bye!

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