Kirby – Vs Marx With Lyrics – By Man on the Internet

[Music] [Applause] [Music] or everyone dies you guys will be perfect race everything you’ve got what [Music] [Music] reckoning for crimes of time going bowling you can see starlets shine sites everybody knew well in a perfect race we little burger everything you’ve got will [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] thank you for watching like comment and subscribe can you spare a dollar on patreon every little bit helps [Music]

100 thoughts on “Kirby – Vs Marx With Lyrics – By Man on the Internet

  1. Somebody says "CHAOS CHAOS"
    Others say "Up and down on this merry-go-round"
    But deep inside…we know that the best is…

  2. Alright guys so RetroSpecter made a remix of Marx’s theme, the Jevil’s theme, and Dimentio’s theme. Tbh I’ve been waiting for a Marx with Lyrics because now someone can make the remix with lyrics, and it’ll be awesome

  3. I wouldn't put it past Man on the Internet to now make a trio song of Marx, Dimentio and Jevil now that they've done each of their themes.

  4. Jevil and Marx will make the ULTIMATE Duo of Chaos! Pretty Unstoppable if you ask me!~ And they are also Insane Clowns! What's not to Love about these Two? XD

  5. I freaking love this I can even imagine an awesome animation for it when I learn how to do 3D animation I’ll make one for this song

  6. I have a theory regarding Marx. His original game involved causing a fight between the sun and moon to manipulate Kirby to gain ultimate power. What does the main plot of World of Light revolve around?
    A fight between Light/Galeem and Darkness/Darkon.
    We never find out why either entity is fighting one another. Yet, Marx is a prime benefactor of their fight once Darkon gains control. Who is effectively the default protagonist of WoL? Kirby. Makes you think, huh?


    …Huh, maybe Kefka's Theme? (his regular theme, or you will be singin' for half an Hour)

  8. So…
    is nobody going to point out the maybe-reference to Homestuck in the description?
    Well, to all the fellow Homestucks watching this video, I've pointed it out now.

  9. Everyone is dead? Oh yeah, world of light, except for one😉. But seriously awesome song, could you please do something from Ori and the blind forest?

  10. The voice is perfect!!! Cause it's scary but it's also got that cuteness that seems to be in every Dreamlandian.

    Except Meta Knight for some reason.

  11. Why do we need this? Like, it tries to be "The world revolves" But it's too slow for that? It's simply Jevils theme but… Less of it.

  12. Just going with the insane circus performers could you do troupe master grimm or nightmare king grimm's themes from hollow knight or just do a hollow knight musical but this just an idea

  13. The song’s lyrics mean:
    Marx is admitting his crazy, but it won’t matter since he has attained the ultimate power, all because he actually set off to achieve his (twisted) dreams unlike all other Dream Landers.

  14. Dear god marx is like the Kirby universe equivalent of bill cipher, I would love to see a. Death battle between the two

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