Kirby: Right Back at Ya! – Episode 44 – A Novel Approach

my name is TIFF and I am a girl who lives in caddy town when I grow up I want to become a great author like you I read happy potty in the fulstone and it's so exciting I can't put it down how can you write such incredibly amazing characters they all seem like real people but especially the hero of the story Pappy I love the part when he gets the letter from the Magic School and when he found out that his parents four really great Wizards hmm I wish you could tell me your secret because I want to learn to write as well as you your fan tip you're wasting your time that writer must Concilium the fan letters so what you think she reads them huh well she won't write back will she Kirby oh she's the most popular writer on the planet she's too busy writing books dancer all her mail that's okay even if she doesn't answer at least she'll know how much I love her work and that's all that really matters it is a real cool story go ahead and read us some more candy Kirby Kirby that's gay no Kirby Kirby Kirby he's the star of the show you think you got my back the curvature to the one I bet that job that job how can I help you King Dedede I need a monster the club when I dare Clabby that's what when you rested in early you better get it with a money-back guarantee you're saving the day my size won't believe right back that jaw will it show men fun clowning around that's our show no it's hard to go sire there's been a major catastrophe what's wrong we under attack this is coarse than your kingdom being invaded our ratings are down to zero mm-hmm I'll come my subjects ain't tuning into the tool one answers in our boredom quick there's got to be some kind of logical explanation nope there are bookworms yeah and all them cap is his eyeball on the same book this could be an outbreak of best seller I this it's a disease like ammonia it spreads when there's a book everybody wants to read soon everybody goes from being dedicated couch potatoes to avid readers now that's sick it's wonderful to see so many copies suddenly enthusiastic about reading hole this book is a real page-turner I can tell you that we haven't even turned on the TV since we started reading it a good Borg Beach TV any day this is serious if a book can make him lose interest in TV it must be good where can i buy one now you want to read it too make way losers you'll have to wait till you get to the front of the line your majesty wherever I am is the front of the lie just fetch us a copy of that book everybody's reading and make it snappy yeah all my coffees are for folks on the waiting list I better turn on the old EDD charm I'm sure you can spare one copy today ah rules are rules even for Kings true look at blinds around oh now hold on there there's so much but I can't ignore infractions by every self-appointed dictator a wall today hey get back we cake the slab so this is it huh the covers not too bad-looking actually huh happy party in the full stone nice picture wonder what it's oh I'm reading it first now let's see well at least you could have snagged two copies I just can't be right here hmm there's some kind of joke ah somebody stole all the pictures out of this hair book huh it's all gobbledygook hear their words ah you rule a kingdom and you don't even know how to read cause I know how to read you dummy I'll learn how to four I got expelled from kindergarten okay then you tell me what this books about this part well since you don't feel like reading you won't get mad if I take the book long as you're gonna read it any who don't want to read the thing out loud lies a two-time ha ha ha fine and we'll read it together ok chapter one there once was appointing happy potty who lived with his uncle's family one day he received a surprising letter from a magic school a magic school ah happy was sure it was all a misunderstanding until one evening a giant visitor arrived at his uncle's doorstep hmm huh what's happening then he revealed that Pappy's parents had both been world famous wizards what a shock that mom didn't read it to me – what's wrong what did I to read out loud it is what I came from come back here and read me the story there's nothing more relaxing than squatting in a bush with a really good book I gotta find out what happened next just pass me by to go to magic school kids ain't reading out loud don't nobody around here know how to read right the train whistle blew is it tucked into the station happy was thrilled as he prepared to board who knew what adventures lay ahead their noses were all pressed to the window as the train finally came to a stop at the edge of the dreary lake shrouded in fog oh happy poppy looks like curvy this isn't a book about you Kirby you don't know anything about making magic let's get back to the story as Tammy peered through the gathering gloom he saw an enormous old building that was covered in ivy it was I bet that's the old Magic School Shh quiet you're gonna ruin the best part huh I can't have two here over here I gotta get a little closer it was a magic school and happy how to get the gatekeeper the secret password be quiet Kirby the gatekeeper nodded in the thick wooden door to the Magic School creaked open hmm that magic school sounds interesting what he didn't know was that the evil wizard was hiding and biding his time well that's all for today he's just a little while I want to hear about the wizard I'll beat some more tomorrow it's getting late and besides this book's way too long to finish in just a day yeah nobody in Cappy town got to the end of the book yet hey nobody around here knows how the book turns out don't forget tip you're gonna read us more tomorrow don't worry I'll be here did you like the story – Kirby hey that's not funny gimme back my book I'm confused and all the pepper pot it looks intact what are you doing my not God give it back or I'll throw the book at you but I was just getting to the good part no I can't foresee the ending but I gave up a golf game to read that book done right now I hereby ban off happy potted books from this dear king by customers hey give me that look I'm only up to chapter 2 I'm banning this book from Kappa town escargoon cuz I got a novel idea my own listen this is an outrage you can't ban happy potty willy nilly there's just one copy left and it's mine any nobody else could've read it ha ha ha that's a laugh you're gonna need somebody to read it to ya per your request it's my great pleasure to introduce the author of happy potty ah you downloaded the writer she done come all the way here just to read me her book of course you must realize that best-selling authors such as myself only do readings for large audiences oh you mean everybody and to attract a large audience we could transform your castle into a Magic School Magic School all the way yeah we want our bucks back free Pepe Freaky Friday anybody who wants to hear how to book ends or who wants free magic lessons is welcome to come in by order of the king this castle is now a magic school magic school we manage another trick we can really learn magic magic there's Dee Dee Dee welcome to the dee dee dee magic school I'm headmaster Dee Dee Dee and I professor escargoon your magic to day you're not editions you're phonies you'll trick those plenty of times before why should we trust you now don't you worry I got nothing up my sleeve Pass will begin as soon as you slim eels put on your uniforms where do we get the wands how do you learn magic I don't see why we all gotta learn magic tricks just to find out our Pappy's story ends the trick I wanna learn how to make those two disappear good afternoon class you all want to know how pappy story ended up well who better to tell you than the author of the book and here she is oh hello Claus nice to be here it's her all right she must know how the story turns out how somebody like him meet somebody like her let's start off with questions does anyone in the class have anything to ask me about I do know let's see your TIF I'm just curious to know if he got a chance to read the note that I wrote you note what note oh never mind I can't bear fan mail I have a warehouse full of unopened letters from my readers I have another question please was there anything special that inspired you to come up with such a wonderful story it was money of course I knew that story would make me scads of money why else would I write it yeah why else witcha who cares about that junk just tell us how the story ends great the end oh please please what happens when puppy potty gets this gold that's when the story really takes off once he's in school he learns how to play a brand-new kind of ball game lying on a broom on a broom how does that work you'll see you fools can learn to fly too just go pick yourselves a broom here but watch out for splinters huh yeah oh wow we do you'll have to sit this one out Oh amazing I'm soaring like a wall ha ha ha their eyes are glowing what kind of rooms are they what are we supposed to do with these fancy sticks you use them to hit the ball you score by hitting the ball through the opposing team's hoop but we don't have a ball we'll have to use curvy now my turn ah must be under spell knock it off Kennedy's you think it's Gator her kirby it's too late if you can't break my spell how dare you pretend to be me so then you're the real other you've been hoodwinked by her she didn't create puppy potty ah there is a game with flying brooms in my book but Kermie is not meant to be the ball what's this here you got snookered again sire well if you're really need water then tell us why you wrote about Pappy potty in the first place you wanted to be famous no that isn't why then for the money it's true some people write books hoping to make a lot of money but that wasn't why I wrote mine I wrote my book hoping to inspire my readers to live their dreams to live our dreams yes when I imagined Pappy's world it felt like I was really there that's the power of imagination oh no matter how sad we feel or how bad our circumstances we can use our imaginations to dream something better we should never give up on our dreams because they're what build our tomorrow's so all along she was a monster in disguise that's broom King I'll show you who's anyone who dares to oppose me will be swept away haha he is now cleaning can be they've got now it is not over now broom King will try to give Kirby the brush-off let's see how this what I think Kirby's asking to hear the rest of the story I promise I'll have replacement hooks into everyone in Kaveri town oh thank you so much you must be TIFF ah yeah but how'd you know who I am you sent a letter didn't you I liked it so much that I came here to meet you you came here to meet me yeah here come your biggest fans for your autograph you cooks are the ones you started this trouble we was fooled by the broom King like the rest he is right escargoon huh that's a likely story huh here King for you you know man I hope I can use my imagination like you someday and write a great book keep writing great make sure to put lots of pictures in your next book you see his Majesty never learned how to no ha ha ha keep reading your highness I never owned a book with the author's own hand write and scribble down inside it hey how's anybody supposed to read that

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  1. "I gotta find out what happens next! Does Pappy Pottey go to magic school?"
    No. He learns it was a mistake and the book ends there.

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