hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to [Applause] [Applause] all right it's only all little boys kind eyes I'm tired haitai anti-fans are a thing if a thing exists it probably has fans TV shows movies criminals like serial killers they've got fans fucking why we'll never know but if you're a fan of something you may be inclined to make fan art fan art can often be mistaken for sexual kings or at least when I look at it it seems like it's made by some pretty thirsty motherfuckers and that's what today's video is gonna be we are gonna play kind of pictionary but that's copyrighted so this is uh what's that King no hey you what's that eh you mmm don't like that fan-fucking-tastic Oh confidant the title think like a once copyright I think that King thank you and welcome back to think that King the game where I'm gonna pull a random show out of a hat and a random subsection of fans and fan our droid and they've got to guess it but also I have to guess it because we're gonna Walternate I'm good at explaining things think that cake think that King we don't have any pens right here we go here we go Patrick from SpongeBob so I'm very good at conveying information with minimal amount of effort that's Mike it's kink in it spongebob yaoi yes but let me finish yeah you keep quiet let me finish my work okay no he has his dick in his hand I want to see how I control spongebob you know something you know he's also got a pond you can stop now hi Jesus I feel like it's gonna be a prank I don't trust him to react to any other way that King all right that's wrong but then why it's wrong Scooby Doo yeah okay don't you dare stop me why is their feet now oh okay when's he got sup human feet oh please stop okay my time he sixties ready think that King alright then if you pop a chubby I would be fucking livid alright he's off oh let's lame this Rick correct obviously astray but the old Shrek naked Oh Lidia same isn't it now we watch through blood keep going no he said his enemies getting a spreadable kinky whoa I'm psyching allies okay I'm gonna go with Family Guy you think P's chin looks like you finished the head I don't know what the hair looks like I'm happy then just to keep going oh fuck does a pony laughs yeah yeah he don't do a funny okay is he trying that he's trying to draw ah hey girl boy yeah he just has big big comforts next to it so well yeah because come on babes the faces Elliott do not put that in all right here we go lads I'm looking for a fucking sexy one shop Dexter's Lab bang just you wait for it boys again fire fats in his his work mix-ins oh is it aged up ah nope steampunk bars steampunk Nazim sir that's a point for Bend are we doing banging can that King some people want to fuck a steampunk right right interesting Jesus alright we go like – oh it's Disney Mickey Mouse Mickey okay so we got Mickey and Friends do it you pussy do it it's only one I haven't gotten far enough do carry on that one doing it's going into shorts ever going to work with Disney again oh yeah no yeah no we are done I'm really banking on that I did this oh yeah alright yeah we're definitely go south fuck Oh already got titties she hasn't got lipstick on oh you're right that's how oh and you need toilet yeah there you go the three things that make a character a female all these lipstick and long hair and change the bubble to a bone oh yeah well that's horrible yeah thank you let's get rid of that Kings i/o on that they're like eight years old I want to think that King I've never thought that Cork in my life oh good he's found a fun one oh it's owe me something oh it's it's robot standing by being worried about getting gifts I'm sorry for keep on healing oh he's gonna draw a saw here but that's all I got it's always the kink of mine not because of the cunt not because I want to look at it but because one of these will make me happy and if you know me you'll understand why I must leave feet muscle arms there's no other ones for this video I will tell you that headless Mickey Mouse it's clearly not Mickey Mouse it could well I mean you got me there I'm Greg let's read dead this is a desist Jojo it may be dead dead Nick Rafi necrophilia you I need the word man and either word JoJo's bizarre necrophilia it's not Nick news no one's fucking this dead though he's long beam Jojo uh I guess like if attorney it is like Goro slash snuff he's got his guts coming out and he's fuckin arms falling off he's turning bleeding and he's fuckin shit yeah Sonic don't you dare stop what's he doing sonic tentacles it's more no time oh that's not okay he's not gonna run this off oh I don't get it boss tails say cuz the tails has to be happy about this I love you just yay solid ball Kate okay I'm excited I'm excited Oh Dexter's Lab I'm gonna guess from this oh no way I can't remember I removed it or not it is Dexter's lat oh it's Texas lab self sex oh yeah clone / self incest again I forget how to draw his hair but no I got it yeah oh man he's got little stumpy works this has been no it's what Elliott is thing that cake time time to cut time to come hmm I'm gonna be honest I don't remember what the characters look like oh it's a powerpuff girl it's a hat girl oh it's a furry is that it's a fairy version of someone very tough girl okay oh it's so threatening yeah you're the arms right that's Canadian yeah oh good it's still going that one's a fish scales that is very sexual isn't it I'd like to say thank you for watching but most importantly thank you for watching thank you hey you thank you oh you clever little boy why do good girls like bad guys I'm a cowboy baby I'm the boss [Applause] [Applause]


  1. No one gonna mention how Tom said he liked guro? We just gonna skip past that?

    (I mean it's a good genre ngl but still lmao)

  2. Tom: we cant use pictionary because its copyrighted.

    Also Tom: uses full/fuller house song in intro.

    Me: watches this a week late

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