Kinks Biography Part2

27 thoughts on “Kinks Biography Part2

  1. Amazing talented people. Brought so much enrichment to my my life. The music made me happy & thoughtful

  2. Part One,very informative! Part 2-forget it,boring details of the minuscule facts of their poor beginnings! Part 3 ??? Hopefully will explain their hit songs! I’m still trying to remember that catchy song I’ve loved since 64, “he gets up in the morning,he goes to work each day! He comes home after working hard,and hopes to get LAID!!! Oh he’s a gentleman of wealth and means,he’s a gentleman of style! He’s a gentleman that gets WHO he wants,and he wants that BIRD 🦢 a WHILE!

  3. So, Ray and Dave got intoxicated by the smell of snatch. Jews Bar Mitzvah at 13. That is because at 13, erections come, might as well get married. You would herd sheep for your father on his land. By the 30’s you would die. The Davies, I believe were raised Catholic.

  4. If this is Part 2, what is Part 1 — the life story of his parents? This video basically starts at the beginning of the group's history.

  5. Every rock n roll band is a recreation of the dysfunctional family. Everly Brothers, check. Ramones, check. Creedennce Clearwater Revival, check.

  6. I never realized "Come Dancing" was about Ray's sister. It has always been one of my favorites and will never be dated.

  7. The narrator pronounces their name as Davis, and I've always pronounced it as "DAY'-VEES." Which is it? I may be wrong, since you'd think that BIO would check first!

  8. The problem with this videography of the Kinks is that there is not enough music. In fact, very little. So, it doesn't work for me.

  9. You go to a publisher and play him your song
    He says I hate your music and you hair is too long
    But I'll sign you up because I'd hate to be wrong

  10. You could not get 2 more different songs at the top of the charts in 64' than"she loves you" and "you really got me".One is a frothy pop song the other is an anthem to sex!

  11. Wow, cool interpretation! "Every rock band is a recreation of a disfunctional family." Worth a sociologic research!

  12. those 2 bands are my favourites… but the fact is, there would be no the the who if there's no the kinks… as we know… the kinks is the first who invented hard rock music in the 60's…

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