Kindle vs paper books

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  1. We should use kindles because they are lighter, easy to use but has a battery life which is the downside. However we should keep the paper books because of the amount of trees we cut down for the paper in the books, we can’t just burn it and let that paper go to waste. If all electricity goes out, we are able to use the paper books!

    I like the smell of the paper though. Smells nice.

  2. I've owned an e-reader for about 10 years now. I got one of the first Kindles which lasted me a good 5 years, then switched to Kobo Glo (another 4 years) and now I've had my Kobo Clara for a year. It's been a lifesaver for me because of a multitude of reasons. I do prefer physical books when it comes to poetry though, but that's mostly because it's harder to transfer poetry into an ebook stylistically.

  3. Books are better because you can buy more books with those $200 you have spent on the kindle itself.

  4. Guys, I bought a kindle last year(and sold it recently) and I mainly used it to read books in foreign languages (French and spanish)

    The only good reasons to get a kindle would be
    1)learn languages (integrated dictionary and translator)

    2) To safe money and space

    3) Buy and read just a click away.
    >as u might struggle to find new and rare books

    Apart from that a normal book is just perfect 👍

  5. Digital items are never sold, just rented. "Kindle Content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider." So while you can read the stuff, it's never yours. It may also disappear from the online provider upon device damage… Like, hundreds of books if you have it. I hate this as much as I do games DRM. A single pissed off administrator can make your content life a misery. Physical ownership and collectibility FTW for me. I like owning my own stuff, not rent it. Especially the things I like the best.

  6. Because of the rapid develpment of communication network,the number of smartphone users in china has grown with surprising rapidity.whch has significantly changed the way many people read.Nowadys they often read news and articales on smartphone instead of buying tradition newspaper and periodicals .The development of numerous mobile apps has enables people to read noves and other forms of literary works on their mobile phones .therefore ,the sales of paper books has been affected .But surveys show that smartphone reading market has grown steadily ,over half of aduit still enjoy reading paper books.

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