Kindle Publishing To Real Estate Transition: My Future Business Plans

a human here so this is gonna be my first real estate type of video that I'm doing actually in a city outside of Toronto and if you're wondering why doing real estate now you guys have to realize that you know multiple streams of income is the key to financial freedom and I know you guys know me as the kina publishing guy and you know I believe that Kindle publishing is a great stepping stone right but never depend on Amazon for you know to support your lifestyle because anything can happen to have the snap of a finger you know things change I mean recently I just had worldly issues there they're still resolving paying me my royalties for the European market and just yeah things are unpredictable things happen that's why you need multiple pillars of income so that if things hit the fan you know yours you're stable you're steady right and that's why I'm getting into real estate right now so as you can see I'm here in this rental property to townhouse this is a realtor key show there's a friend of mine as well I've known him in high school quickly plugging their instagrams so working people will find it yes um Instagram Facebook that's very re ality o r ki sh o you guys gotta follow him he's crushing it he's crushing the real estate game in Toronto Oshawa and other places around the city now here's the thing right my strategy or my philosophy right now is to transition into real estate right I've talked about this in my earlier videos that I've filmed before if you've been following me for some time and basically I'm transitioning from the intangible assets to tangible assets right so basically what I'm saying is I'm trying to invest the money my video courses my Kindle publishing business affiliate marketing etc all my online business generate and I'm gonna follow all that money into real estate because in regards longevity in regards to wealth preservation real estate is the way to go and that's where you see most people who get wealthy you know they have you know real estate right and that's my end goal to write so that I can have security for the next 10 20 30 foreseeable years in my future right I would say beyond my lifetime right because real estate has existed since ancient times right so I'm here in a townhouse and you're gonna have to tell me how many wounds fifteen hundred fifteen and has about three bedrooms and three warships it's about three nine three storey house and it's right near UOIT ripe instead of University and that's also around college so remember when you're selecting real estate location is key location is critical so choosing you know townhouse complex by universities really strategic and by the way this is a property I'm looking to invest into so I'm gonna rent it out to tenants so Keisha can you quickly tell them how much that's pretty sweet man that's some pretty good cash flow right and I'm going to be putting the house costs four hundred ninety thousand right so for ninety K so it's a pretty sweet deal compared to what the prices are in Toronto right if you guys know anything about real estate in Toronto and are aware of anything you know it's ridiculous you know million dollars can only get you a single detached house and nobody's gonna get a mortgage for $1,000,000 in this day and age you know for the most part I should say the average person is not going to get that so that's why I'm looking personally outside of Toronto so in a smaller city called a shell which is like 20 minutes away from Toronto and there's no masonry there's no business loose a astir that's because I was thinking to wreck the basement as well but yeah okay cool cool so we're gonna check out some other properties as well so you don't wanna stay tuned comment below let me know your thoughts if you'd like me to do more candid videos on you know real estate and my my behind the scenes business kind of endeavors so thanks for watching please mom – like subscribe and share and I'll see you next video

2 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing To Real Estate Transition: My Future Business Plans

  1. Well done could not agree more…its how the rich play the game!
    your business income pays for your cash flowing investments ie real estate/ stock dividends!

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