Kindle Publishing Business Full Training | Self Publishing on Amazon Step-by-step

is Brian here I'm incredibly excited to have you here for this specific training now due to popular request I've created this Kindle publishing business crash course if you may and don't let the name of this quote-unquote crash course fool you I'm going to really dive into a lot of detail and explain the nitty-gritty of how I actually got into you know create the actual book do the research do the marketing do the promotion and also I'm going to include in some different methods for optimizing and monetizing it to earn additional revenue so this course itself I broken it up into six different parts first we have the overview of course you got to have the overview right and then we're going to jump right into research for a topic that is potentially going to sell not just something that you feel like it's something you want to write about now that's a mistake that it made but actually research to find topic that will sell and then we're going to go into book creation and then submission so you don't actually get hung up like me like before and then we're going to get into the promotional part and then we're going to get into the additional monetization strategies so let's jump into you over real a overview real quick so I mean if you read the reddit post then you know that I am specialised in YouTube optimization and I got a couple different YouTube based info businesses going but with that or I should say after the YouTube businesses I transitioned into the Kindle publishing business because it's also within this if you can say the info product realm and I created six original titles to date and of course I'm not stopping here I'm keeping pushing on and I'm actually producing a lot more books as we speak at this point and basically I am specialized in outsourcing model the outsourcing model I should say so instead of going in inviting every single book on my own which you know it's kind of ridiculous I specialize in outsourcing the entire process and hiring the right writers to help me create these different ebooks infoproducts okay and lastly of course I'm still a student I'm definitely always always learning and the Kindle universe is always changing so there's always you know yourself to be learned so getting into it let me just go over the I guess the overview of this video itself so the couple key Kindle concepts here that nobody talks about first of all the power of Kindle direct publishing which stands for KDP is you know the power in the long run now I use this real estate analogy where you know that these ultra successful ultra rich people that you hear about you know or even you don't hear about that are just ridiculously rich what do they do they usually get a lump sum and they buy a property or buy a couple properties and from that point on they start to gain that cash flow by renting the properties outright they get that cash flow coming in and then by using that cash flow they get to buy more real estate properties so if you know the Monopoly game and I talked about this it's the green house red hotel concepts and they just do it over and over and over over over so why don't we all do this was obvious how are you supposed to get the hundred thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars even or you know whatever amount of money up front to invest in these couple houses you know in the very beginning well we kinda can't really do that right in unless you know we put away a lot of money and save for a very long time and that's why you know a lot of people are not able to get into this rich people's game of you know green houses in red hotel but with the Kindle publishing Kindle direct publishing it gives you the opportunity to do that instead of putting down $50,000 $100,000 you can literally get started with 50 bucks and you can invest in this little piece of online real estate and this online real estate can generate you kache month-in month-out now it's not going to be like $900 for one ebook however you get to duplicate the process just like how the rich duplicate the process of buying more and more greenhouses and then using that cash flow to buy red houses or red hotels over time so to summarize or to to underline this entire process is you get to play the rich people's game without the rich people price of entry okay so I kind of dragged down a little bit let's jump right in and kind of go through these things I'm going to show you the couple different things up many actually many many things I learned in the last about six months here through trial and error and I'm going to cut down your learning curve these are the concepts I use to get started creating these hundreds of books and I'm going to help you hopefully you're going to implement it and this will help you succeed in you building your own Kindle business now I'm going to show you the optimization process as well and as for me I've built this huge foundation and I am also right in the middle of the optimization process so in a way you get to learn with me I don't claim to know everything but like I said I was saying before it's almost impossible for you to learn everything about the Kindle publishing business but you know let's uh we're going to learn we're going to learn a lot more and yeah let's continue here so a couple key concepts for succeeding in the Kindle publishing business and a little bit of foreshadowing in your success in any online business period is that you want to follow what's working and make it better and this definitely applies for Kindle publishing a lot of people go out and they think that you know they want to be the most original person but in reality 99.999% of the ideas out there already taken and the reason why you don't hear about them is because they're not implemented properly so in one way you also want to follow what's already working and just go in there and then do the marketing a little bit better or just create the content a little bit so you can actually stand out that is one key key point for Kindle publishing and it applies so so much as I was like just saying a couple of seconds ago you want to create a unique approach so you can profit so I mean I can stick the bunch of different analogies in into this specific context but you know you gotta have a unique approach for the books that you are publishing for example you know a lot of people get take these other courses online on other Kindle publishing courses even and they see the other authors they talk about oh I created this book on how to overcome OCD and they're like oh great I'm gonna do that and they create another book called OCD guide that is not being unique and I think if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you've been reading these books on entrepreneurship then you definitely know what I'm talking about you got to have a unique approach and this definitely applies for Kindle publishing so a unique approach can be OCD recover from OCD recovery guide or I'm just making up the name on the spot here or the title on the spot but the natural way to overcome OCD without without therapy or or drugs something like that but it's got to have some sort of unique approach to it okay so you want to understand the customers and see things from their perspective now understand this the Amazon universe is basically or the Amazon buying buyer universe the market of the Amazon is basically middle aged women well I should say English native english-speaking middle aged women okay so if you think about that they do most of the buying on Amazon it's not to say that you know other markets don't buy stuff on Amazon that's ridiculous but if you are choosing a category that is it's relevant and is that resonates with middle-aged women middle-aged North American or UK women then chances are you are getting into a good category so for example let's say maybe maybe anti-aging is something I use quite often something about health and just topics that will resonate with middle-aged women you can usually do pretty well with those topics and we're going to get into that a little bit more later on in this course okay and then another thing here you don't want to try to do everything yourself and I know you know this small businesses stay small because they think that they want to have all the control and they want to do everything on their own but in this case you know I made this mistake myself before I try to do everything I thought that if I put in more hours and just work harder more efficiently and more effectively I'm going to be able to come out on top and why do I need these other people when I can do everything myself and that is just completely foolish because once you scale up to 5 10 20 people on your team then I mean if you think about that you if you work three times as hard you're not even going to be able to match up to two you know a third of the production that's going to be you know coming out the output of an army of outsourcers or a big team that you have so don't try to do everything on your own and it will only burn you out and make you give up in the short term ok so keep publishing is an investment now this ties directly to the outsourcing process and the concept but don't try to do everything yourself you got to think that of this entire system as an investment this is not working for a job I want to emphasize that ok and of course we'll get into this a little bit more in the outsourcing module ok and the last thing here is you want to create legitimate real value to build a long term business what do I mean by this well in the rid of posts that I just wrote here I use the analogy or the example Jordan Belfort in the movie walls wolf of wallstreet where his model to success is basically all about extraction extraction extraction how can I extract an amount of money out of these people out of these I guess you can say aspiring investors of these penny stocks how can I grab some money how can I just extract some money out of them and this is not a sustainable model as you can see from the example of the movie he ended up going to jail and all that stuff and interestingly enough he's actually coming to my hometown I think in about a week time to do a talk on sales I don't think I'm gonna attend personally but that's just interesting fact there so instead of that you want to have a high-value contribution mindset so instead of creating the short I mean short books are okay but cheap and just no value added these type of ebooks that you may have seen online like the ones for like $17 on how to lose 40 pounds in seven days I'm not talking about those ebooks I'm talking about like real legitimate high-value ebooks now this gets a little bit complex because obviously you've got to hire the right writers and make sure that they are legitimately creating ebooks that are high in value but again we'll talk about that later on but bottom line is you want to create ebooks with legitimate value in the context of Kindle publishing this is the only way that you can create a long term successful Kindle business okay so let's scroll down here allowing the process so we talked about this a little bit first we're going to do the research to see what is already selling and then we're going to determine a unique approach after that we're going to get the book itself created and then we're going to move on to the publishing process so I'm going to show you how to actually publish the book so you don't get stuck like how I got stuck when I first got started and then we're going to learn a couple different promotions promotion strategies for the book so you can get the book to rank and start selling and then we're going to look at other monetization strategies so you can create a long-term business and find other ways to provide more value and earn income with your Kindle business okay so let's move on to the next module hey welcome back this is brian here so in this part of the course we're going to dive into research alright so let's get into research and we're totally going to fly without a net here for these research examples I'm going to go through I haven't really gone too deep into detail I just jot down a couple ideas so we're going to really have some fun with this entire um with this module okay so easy method to come up with book topics that so so the time-tested research method you can use to find profitable book topics and like I was saying before we're going to show you how to find book topics that really do so and the common mistake in this case I'm going to talk about is I see a lot of comments of people on forums and just even messaging me asking me about the topic that they are really interested in and sometimes they've even read the book themselves and they've written it already and it's about something like how to train you know my pet gerbil or something like that and they're really into it and they created this whole book around it and they're asking you know how do I create a business around this book well unfortunately at that point it's a little bit late even though the book can sell it's kind of tip difficult to make it a bestseller because in this case the people that have done that kind of have it backwards we actually start with research and we find out what is already selling and we go in there and we try to get a piece of that pie and just become a little bit better than everyone else maybe a lot better than everyone else and just provide a lot more value that's honestly the best way to go about it for creating a successful long term Kindle business instead of just a one book two book or even five book little publishing you know authors publishing portfolio okay so remember that it's about finding the topic that is already selling and it's already popular and basically going in there and getting a piece of your own pie okay so we're we're okay so common mistakes right picking passionate niche you can pick a passionate niche but make sure that is it better that it is already popular and this is specifically for going into the Kindle publishing business in the outsourcing route okay so most people look around to and decide to take great book topic okay so here Eddie talked about this and understand that the Kindle book market is middle aged women and we talked about this briefly already and if you pick a topic that is targeted towards the middle aged women market then it's likely that you have a good chance of succeeding and we're going to talk more about this so let's take a look at a couple different examples first let's look at the anti-aging example and I haven't really dug deep into this so I don't know what's going to happen and what's going to pop up but let's take a look so we're going to just go out to Amazon right now right simple and then you're gonna click on the drop down and go into the Kindle Store okay so how did you research we're just going to try to type in the keyword itself so anti-aging so call it anti-aging anti-aging diet so what you want to do is you want to let the audio auto-populate do its work and then as you can see here anti-aging diet with some cure skin care and so on and so forth so we're going to just click on anti-aging diet and see what pops up so a couple different things to keep in mind when you're doing research and I'm going to talk about it right now is you don't want to get into a niche that is too competitive but at the same time like I was saying before you don't want to get into a niche where there is no competition or no existing book that are that existing books that are selling well okay so you want to find the balancing point and find a medium anti-aging cure so let's take a look Wow let's see 163 books not that many books so the first book here is anti-aging you can tell this book is quite well optimized let's take a look here and one more thing make sure you're at instead of dot CA or UK or whatever make sure it's calm because that is the biggest market so you can tell 16 customer reviews at 5 stars it's going to be a little bit difficult to beat out this book right off the bat even though this is a short book and you can tell this is a pro that created this book or at this book written so let's take a look to 121,000 that is not a very very good rank although it is selling probably one copy every two to maybe three days it's doing okay okay so this book is probably making about 15 bucks mmm maybe a little bit more each month so let's jump out here so anti-aging diet or anti-aging the key word here is anti-aging it might be something that is viable but it's it doesn't seem like it's super super profitable at this point so let's see sound um okay let's see no ranking or no reviews but again this book is priced pretty expensive let's take a look here and this book let's see wow it's actually doing really really really well and it's most likely that this book itself is being promoted somewhere else instead of just being promoted on the Kindle system you can tell 22,000 so this book is probably selling about four or five copies per day so this book itself for nine dollars at 70% Commission I'm not very good at math which I know I should be because I'm Asian and all but it's about six six fifty that it's earning six dollars fifty cents and five sales per day of safe for sales so 20 25 26 27 dollars a day not bad right okay so this one is doing quite well but you can tell this one it definitely has them it's got outside promotion so this one will not really count for our research okay so let's see there is this best anti-aging diet so best anti-aging diet this is one this one um is right on 40 keywords right so 11 reviews all 5 stars so this one is um pretty competitive it's uh it's it's done professionally so to speak and it's doing 161 so yeah this one's doing okay I mean essentially you want to be looking at books that are ranking under the 120,000 best seller rank ranking that means it's doing good enough for you to pursue it's a topic that is good enough for you to pursue okay so the higher the ranking if it's closer to one obviously then that means it's selling more I didn't go for that before okay so this one it's it's pretty it's doing pretty good you can tell it's done by a pro 1111 this one so it seems like all these books are are pretty damn competitive and it's going to be really tough to break into this specific niche they all look really well done as you can tell the covers are all I'm going to get into covers later on but covers are all done well and the rankings and the sorry the reviews are all pretty pumped up okay so essentially this is a niche where you can make money because there are a lot of people buying books in this niche however it's going to be pretty competitive for you to get in okay so there there's money to be made but it's going to be competitive so if you are looking to get into this then you're going to have to do a lot of extra work okay so let's try the next one so wine tasting I just pulled this one out of the blue and let's just type it in wine well okay so one for W wine and war I don't think those things are really relevant but you see it wine tasting down here so let's try that so looking at the first couple books this one so it's being sold for 181 it's got four stars only two reviews okay it's not doing that well in terms of sales for 413 834 so it's probably only selling one copy per week maybe maybe it something like that okay so let's take a look at the next one let's see one lover so let's take a look at this one wow this one is doing quite well so 15 reviews at four stars so this one is it's doing pretty good and you can tell that if you want to beat this you can but it will take quite a bit of promotion to do that and it's being sold for okay three bucks so it's it's the medium price alright so ninety five ninety five thousand that means it's doing quite well is selling about a copy a day maybe a little bit more okay so this one is doing about they're making about two dollars in profit for each sailing for Commission so if you do the math there that's about about sixty dollars they're making each month with this specific book so and let's scroll down so it seems like well forty five five all right so it seems like this is a niche that actually this is a keyword and it's a niche that can be viable for breaking into because as you can see here the top ranking book is really not it's got two stars and in this one that we checked out you know it's got 15 reviews but at four stars and you can definitely beat that with a little bit of work so for these other books you can tell it's by bigger publishing companies and they're selling for a lot more so you're essentially not going to be competing with those books okay so and there are not a lot looks well okay there's this one but you can tell they're all by bigger publishing companies and those are not the books that you're be essentially competing with okay so let's move on to this one is also super random alzheimer so let's just type that in else assignment so as you can see for the auto-populate out salmon Alzheimer's books this is too broad else on Alzheimer's and dementia I cannot pronounce that word so as you can see Wow so let's look at let's look at this book okay this one wow it's okay it's a 180,000 not quite there in terms of our ideal goal target ranking but this one is selling for sure price pretty low there's no competent or there is no ranking and there sorry there is no review so this one can definitely be been let's see so this one you can tell this one is done by a pro but it's only got two reviews and it's 23 pages two reviews not doing very well five hundred thousand so let's look at this one not doing that well either but this one is also done by a pro with four four-star reviews so well it seems like this one there is money to be made in it because this book the top book is making sales but you know it's not something that it's going to be one of your best earning books within your portfolio if you do decide to go into creating a book on this topic okay so hopefully that gives you a little bit of insight I know we haven't found a super crazy winner doing this specific research session but hopefully that gives you some insight on what books to look for and how to search for the specific keywords and topics to go after okay so as we talked all you don't want to be going for books that are too competitive because it's going to be hard for you to stand out from them and outrank them okay so let's let's uh move on here mistake not novice book publishers make that inhibits them from long term Kindle success so this is something that I talked about just a little bit earlier in the overview is you want to find your unique approach for the book and you don't want to just go in and just say something that's really generic so let's come back here if we go back to for this specific topic early diagnosis treatment cause sighs so on and so forth caring so you can tell this one this one has a unique approach caring for parents or partners with Alzheimer's positive strategy logical with Alzheimer's so this one you can tell it's a little bit different because their approach is a little bit different and you can tell this one probably was researched on before creation and you can tell their approach is instead of just talking about random stuff about you know Alzheimer's disease and dementia like this book or this book which is like prevention and diagnosis treatment and so on and so forth this one is talking specifically about creating for parents or partners with Alzheimer's okay so I'm guessing this is a pretty popular topic in in this sorry a pretty popular need or problem in this topic so people that are involved with or that are looking for information in regards to a dementia and Alzheimer's are looking for something that's along the topic or along the lines of this topic so again knowing your target market can really help you create and crap this unique approach to creating a book topic and by having a unique approach you get to stand out from your competitors and you don't become commodity right and let's go back to wine tasting so wine tasting and the tasting experience is not very well done wine a tasting experience it doesn't demonstrate any value it doesn't talk about benefits it doesn't you know give you any promises okay so a profession or professional handbook Food Science and Technology again not much to it wine lovers the this incredible wine education resource will guide you through all the aspects of wine tasting wine and so on and so forth ok so this one gives a big promise even though I haven't read that the entire headline all the way through education and more home baked breads how to make moonshine Wow so this one promise is big in and this I think is the book that we actually went into and discovered was doing better than all the other books and this is a classic example to why it is beating out all the other books because it does have a unique approach so again whatever topic you want to get into if it's like how do you cure OCD like I was saying before then you want to go in with a unique approach do a little bit of research if you can on the topic is Brian here do a little bit of research on the topic and to find out what the target customers are actually looking for and then if you can deliver a promise or talk about the benefits that they are going to get instead of just going in with wine a tasting experience which essentially means absolutely nothing at all ok so unique approach so I gave a couple examples here a unique approach how to stop aging versus anti aging natural remedy remedies for women ok how to lose weight versus 31 weight loss secrets that you wish you knew for women so super targeted and this one is definitely a lot better than the first one right so how do you get abs 3 ab workouts or vs. 3 ab workout myths that are keeping you fat and what to do about it this one sounds a little bit escaped I mean I know however is just here to illustrate a point it has a very very unique approach versus the generic how to get abs books okay so that is pretty much it for talking about this mistake that most novice book publishers make and make sure to find your own approach hey welcome back it's Ryan here so now we're going to get into part three of the course the module number three and this is now getting into the real meat of this entire process okay so I know a lot of people have been asking questions in regards to outsourcing and yeah right now we are going to answer those questions and get right into it so we're going to jump into book book creation and we're going to click on this real quickly and just look at the process so this is the these are basically three steps for getting others to write your book for you and this specific process is actually going to these outsourcing sites and hiring the the qualified writers and getting them to create your book with you okay so the question is how do I outsource book writing and where can I find these ghost writers well the website that actually that I actually use is on Elance and oDesk and those are two of the popular sites and recently they actually just merged and I also use epic write calm but those that specific site I use for not as extensively so to speak and in this section I'm also going to talk about many of the common mistakes so let's dive right in so with uihlein's it's it's basically just like a job posting site where advertisement posting site where you go on and then you post an advertisement for this job and in this case the job is the product and then you get people to come and give you biz to try to buy that buyer from you or in this case is apply for the job to get the job so let's jump onto uihlein's real quick we're going to use Alliance for for this specific scenario or for this specific example because I am more familiar with Alliance than oDesk but essentially they are the same so so we're just going to log in real quick and let's see oh yeah a couple things here I've been hiding for quite a bit now quite a bit of time now and I ten thousand is not actually the right number I spend probably a little bit over 15k in the last couple months just on hiring alone and it is an art and really a science as well many people avoid it I myself included it when I first got started because as I was saying you know it's like I was thinking it's like why would I want to pay other people to do something I can do better but in reality if you want to scale and if you want to see progress fast it's impossible to actually go in there and do everything yourself you just do not have the attention or time so the sites as I was saying oDesk uihlein's okay so how to set them up once you actually get onto the site you just go in and then you felt the account information and then you have to submit your credit card because obviously they have to make sure that you are a paying client so you don't hire people and then run off with their work and don't pay them and you don't want to do that and I will talk about that in a second so picking the right writers you really don't know who if you pick the right writers or not when you're actually doing the hiring until you get that work to you actually start working with the writer but I'm going to show you many things that I found out along the way to help you make better hiring decisions and minimize your chance of hiring someone or their miss doing a Mis hire and hire someone that is not qualified and just cannot do the job so first things first Americans Canadians and UK's only sorry no foreigners you really really don't want to trade try to save money on creating your product in this case because if you do that you are gonna a low quality product I I mean there there's nothing against the foreign writers but really their English level and just their ability to create content is just it's just not not there it just cannot happen unfortunately um so when you are posting a job on uihlein's you just go on and then you click on post a job and I actually have a script here and this one you can probably get a copy of the script um either below this video or somewhere on the post so let's just just copy and paste this alright so writer with ex experience need it for writing ebook and obviously you can change this however you like but the general idea of the job posting is this okay so copy and paste and so pretend these things are filled out if it's anti-ageing then it's anti-ageing subject experience or something and then you just fill these things out and I'll talk about this must have experience in the topic duh you want someone that has that experience in it so you're not getting someone to learn something from scratch and they are just as good as any other beginner that are looking to learn about the subject so blind teaching blind you don't want to do that so must be able to follow direction clearly pretty obvious fluent in English obvious as well being able to write in an engaging way is also important because a lot of these writers will write in an academic tone and you want to mention to them that that's not what you're looking for because people cannot engage in content that is written in an academic tone like if I spoke in a way that is really like a stifle and just like rigid and academic you probably would have shut this off by now already I think you know what I mean so it's got to provide insights to topic and this one is important communication through Skype is is really important because you don't want to use the Elance or oDesk system and you want to say this up front so you can expedite the process on skype you can just chat to them chat with them and them everything will be expedited like I was saying before so you don't have to go through the system which sometimes provide you with them a lot of stress and trouble and it goes down quite frequently so you don't want to rely on the Elance or oDesk messaging system now I spell Skype this way specifically because they actually flag you if flight the posting if you have it as one word they'll let it they'll release it but it's better just to have this to expect expedite the process okay experience formatting books into PDF format this is important because you want to save time in going back and trying to do the formatting yourself and and if you're producing like 10 20 books a week then that time really really adds up okay so must be all original content well research content obviously Dropbox up plus this one can also expedite the process for you to streamline your book creation so they can just drop the book the final book in the Dropbox instead of you having to communicate through the Uihlein system okay long-term contracts may be awarded successful please supply with Skype ID and rate so this one is pretty good because if the book is successful a little bit of foreshadowing here then you want to create more books of its kind and then you can hire this person back on because you know they have the expertise for the subject ok so when you're hiring you are essentially going to attach the book template for them to fill out the reason for this is again you want to make the process fast and smooth you don't want to get the text back in this block format and you having to go back and then try to figure everything out you just want to give them the book template and have them fill out the book template save it as a PDF so it's streamline are streamlines the entire process okay so I'll have this book template somewhere for you to download I'm sure okay so let's let's go back here so where were we okay so when you are hiring let's pretend you are we're not going to do an SEO book because SEO is not rest it doesn't resonate with the target audience on Amazon most likely not however if you are going to hire an SEO writer then you are going to be looking for their keywords that they use and this is important to really quickly understand if the writer has any experience in these subjects so if we are hiring an SEO expert for to write SEO stuff then they better be using words like LSI longtail keyword white hat rank um white hat SEO methods so on and so forth so for the subject that you are hiring for you want to look at the proposals that come in that uses these keywords these specific keywords for that industry so this way you know that they know what they are talking about okay so obviously you want to find out you want to only hire writers that have read the description if they can even take the time to read the description what makes you think that they're going to do the proper research on the subject you provide proper content or legitimate content okay now sometimes you get empty profiles of people submitting or applying for your job with empty profiles now what I mean by empty profile is that the profiles don't really have any ratings they don't have any stars or anything like that don't ignore those the reason for that is because most writers most American writers actually don't really have a established profile and those people are sometimes quite easy to work with because they are fresh and they are more willing to negotiate with you you can say you can offer to help build their profile on with them in return for good work and of course sometimes a more competitive rate for writing your book okay don't hesitate to repost the job itself sometimes you don't get a lot of submissions depending on the day that you post of the day of the week that you post or the time that you post so don't be afraid to just to refresh your advertised your job posting just post it a couple times if you're not getting many people applying for it okay oh yeah ask for sample content and once you get the sample content put yourself into the shoes of your prospective customer for that subject so if we're getting a book written about anti-aging then you want to put yourself into issues of a middle-aged women and look at their sample content and say hey you know am I going to resonate and am I going to identify myself with this content and would I be interested in reading more of this type of content is so that they are promptly a good match so let's jump back here on to this alliance here so category of work you will be obviously doing writing translation and then this one you can do Coast writing or article writing or ebook writing and for the specific skills this one it really doesn't matter that much so for the rate usually I do a fixed price and then I do decide later but usually I can always also do less than $500 because you're not going to be spending five hundred dollars for the book it's anywhere from $50 to $160 for set for a book before so but that really depends on what the subject is about and how long you want the book to be alright so and after that you just press continue and then you post a job and then shortly after you will start receiving people here you'll start receiving proposals of people looking to write the book for you and the exact same process applies with oDesk so you can do the exact same thing use the exact same script over on oDesk and that is no problem okay so once you start getting these proposals you want message the top candidates back with this specific script that I've also provided here so I wrote here okay so task overview so this is just to give them a little bit more information on the job that you want them to do so they have a good clear understanding before actually starting the job right so I'm looking to looking for help to creating an e-book on Amazon on on anti-aging and the title of the book is insert unique approach remember unique approach let's mention the book should be four thousand words or whatever you want I'm looking to have the book formatted into PDF document document you want both documents so you can make proper changes in the future if you like okay so also the document I have the template that you're going to attach okay sorry let's go back so for the specific job posting you can attach the template right to it right away right here for them to download or you can message them back with a book template it's up to you okay so you're going to ask them for the rate and see what is fair for them for something like this okay the wording is very important that is only if they don't have a bit coming in and if their bid is to wait you know way way way too high then you can still message excuse me message them back but you know it's going to be a little tough to get them down to get their write down like a lot and sometimes they submit like bids of like you know like a thousand dollars I've gotten those before and it's just like wow you know we are not on the same page but anyway let them say their bid first and then see whether it heads at and then go from that point okay so after that basically yeah it's the message back the top candidate with the script that's what you want to do with the script and then make the higher that's pretty much it the more questions they ask the better this is a great indication of how well they are going to potentially do in terms of writing the book because if you if they come in and they say yeah I can do the job then it's not likely they're going to be very committed and they're going to do a very good job it's kind of like going to a job interview and saying yeah you can definitely do the job without knowing anything about the actual job it's not it's not very good okay so if they ask questions that's a good indication that it is a good writer or good outsourcer to you to hire and have work for you for an extensive amount of time okay so let's move on facts minute ins FAQ for paying a writer so you won't you pay them they're horse stories around that and I'll get to that in a second here but for oDesk upfront payment is around 50% and that's usually pretty good and there's no problem with that I've never run into problems with them paying out sources up front for uihlein's there's this escrow funding if you've been online for a long time and been doing business online then you know escrow basically it's a company that holds your fund and then it asks as the middleman and it releases it when the job is complete so you will fund the project beforehand and then release it once the project is complete so people have been asking you know what do we do if we want to do payment split how this royalty work you don't want to deal with that okay because you're going to be scaling your business up and up and up and up over time you don't want to deal with all that complex payment split or anything like that because that's just going to cause you way too much headache in the future it's just completely not worth it so I mean if you're looking to just throw out two books fine you know you can do a 50/50 percent or whatever it is but if you want to build a phone business or something that is more profitable just pay them upfront remember it's an investment and if you don't pay your outsourcer it can really come back to bite you and the horror story here is that one of my friends he had I think a little bit over a hundred books on Kindle and one of his books actually had a copyright problem it wasn't because he did not paid the outsourcer it was because something to do with the name that was used within the book and then the the the owner of that name which sounds kind of funny but the person that was mentioned basically didn't like that and they complained to Amazon and complained to Kindle about the the copyright problem and basically his entire business got shut down and he was making I think around six thousand dollars a month with Kindle and then BOOM overnight it disappeared so yeah you don't want to get into that kind of trouble and yeah just pay your outsourcers to make sure you treat them well as well okay so book covers this part is at the part that can either make you or break you I know you've seen some horrible horrible covers out there and I'm going to show you a couple examples of good covers vs. bad covers it's one of the most important piece because images are important I mean when you're scanning down a web page you notice the images first before the text usually okay and if you look at the Amazon Web site go back to so what do you notice I mean you can go into Kindle books and oh let's rio CD okay you can note you notice that the background is all white so with a cover like this there is no contrast you basically just blend into the background sure you can still sell the book but would you rather blend into the background or pop out kind of like this one and also you know sell books obviously you want to pop out right so the point here is the color the background color for the cover is quite quite important and another subtle thing I'll be talking about I mean it's not that subtle it's a little bit obvious actually is you want to use your keyword in this case it's OCD you want to use your keyword in the cover and make it blow up this book you know it's kind of small but you can tell it's like right here this one not so much it kind of blends in this is terrible I'm not even going to talk about that this one you can see boom OCD right there this one you can't see it but I don't think this one is about OCD so this is essentially not a very book good book cover again it also blends into the background just not good don't copy that okay so I have a couple more examples and this one is also on OCD so this one you can tell it blends it's it's just I mean it pops out but it's cheap looking not very good you don't want this this basically the Percy value is very very low and the next one this one is actually done okay even though it is a simple cover and the graphics is very simple but you can tell that it is tastefully done and it has the keyword popping out just like that this one is done by a pro you can tell it's got the OCD even though it's really simple and you can tell it was done in a short amount of time it still really got the point across the OCD can probably this one will probably I would recommend swapping the color from you know blue for overcoming in and white for OCD but then again I have graphics background and I'm just being picky here but this one is pretty good and this one looks pretty cheap even though the color stands out it contrasts with the white background but this looks cheap low perceived value this one I'm not even going to talk about this one alright so where were we okay yeah that's pretty much it so I've also I'm going to include somewhere either under this video or somewhere on the post somewhere the covered template that you can use now three different ways you can get coverage created the first way is on so hopefully you know fiber by now fiber is the $5 micro worker service and so Kindle cover so when you're searching for Kindle cover you want to do the one with not not necessarily the highest rating but the most ratings okay and and that is important because highest rating is that doesn't it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best service because three people can buy and rated you know five stars and then 500 people can buy another service and all rated 4.5 stars now the 4.5 star is most like more much more likely to be a better service so you just want to watch out for that one and yeah of course you want to shop around look at their samples and yeah pick the right one it's five dollars also you can purchase multiple book covers to pick from well obviously the best one and use the best one because again covers are important ok so you want to get it as a JPEG file and yeah the next way you can do it is I don't really suggest this is to get a graphic designer friend and like I was saying before I've included a template here that your friend can actually just fill out so let's look at the template real quickly I'll include it again somewhere in the post or under the video but if you have graphic design skill then of course you can just do it this yourself fill the title subtitle and then just put in an image again this is just the sample I know it looks ridiculous but this is just a sample when you actually use this template though it will work and Kindle will accept it the first time okay so I don't suggest that you use a graphic designer friend because by a through experience I know that if you want to get your friend to do free work free graphic design work that is basically a one-way ticket to never getting the book cover done so take my word for it unless you want to pay them you know 10 bucks 15 bucks to do an awesome cover actually pay them don't go with a friend route just go fiver okay so that is um that is pretty much it I think at this point yeah that's pretty much it for book creation do the outsourcing find the right writer you want to try a couple of them out but I gave you the guideline for finding a writer that is most likely to perform hire them give them to create the book get them to submit the book in the template submit it back to you in dot docx in PDF format and have the book cover created and pretty much you have the product and you are ready to go on from there hey welcome back so in this part of the course we are going to go into the submission part of this process I got caught up and hung up on this specific process when I was first getting started because of all the different formatting and the dimensions that you have to initially deal with so in this section I'm going to give you a couple templates for you to use actually I think I provided you with the templates previously already so you should have no problem I'm submitting the right format files onto Kindle but I'm going to get into the process and just show you how it works on the back end okay so submissions alright okay dimensions are wrong formatting our room it's uh originally very confusing but it's not so bad now I'm just going to walk you through it so going on to Amazon so the the URL is KDP and that is essentially the back-office that you are going to log into and once you're there you're just going to sign up for a for an account and once you're in you actually have to fill out the tax information and you confirm your the payment and financial information just on the backend because of course you are going to be earning money and the tax information it needs to be done because it's the whole business and such so this is just a test account I created so we can have everything on going from the clean slate and once you are here in the backend it's going to look something like this and all you're going to do for adding a new title is you are going to click on new title add new title so first thing you want to do is you want to enroll the book in KTV select so you have the you will basically rank higher first of all and second of all you get all the different promotional advantages that other cell publishers don't have when they are not enrolled with KDP select okay so you might want to read all the conditions and such but simply speaking is you are giving um k DPD I guess you can say the right the the sole proprietor promotional I don't know how you call it but basically you're giving them the right to promote your book okay and solely on the KDP platform so you're not allowed to promote your book anywhere else once you're signed up with KDP select so enroll and what you want to do is of course you want to fill out the information here so so let's say I don't know the anti-aging guide the definitive guide to home remedies okay so for these things you can actually skip you can put down your publisher name if you want but you don't necessarily have to do that right up in the beginning so as for the description in the reddit post I go right into detail for what to put in here but essentially you want to write this specific session kind of section like a sales letter because you want to entice your reader to read it and realize that you really understand what the customer the problems that the customer is experiencing and to show that the customer that the book is going to sell the solve their problems write it like a sales letter and use this six different techniques of influence you can call it so those are things like likeness Authority reciprocity social proof consistency and urgency okay so touch up on those things and just include it in there if you have any questions just refer back to the actual post okay so add contributors there's one you can put your own name in or or you can get the name of the writer for the book so they no longer become just a ghostwriter but they can take the credit you don't care if they take the credit the reason for this is because you take the you you basically take the earning and yeah you just really don't it doesn't matter it doesn't matter that it's it's not it's the written credit is not given to you because you're building a business in this unless it's a topic that you're really interested in and something that you want to get into and become authority over but that's not really the model we're going for so just putting your name and select author and then just go safe okay and then once you go down you want to click on this is not a public domain work and I hold all the necessary rights publishing date you can put in but usually I don't really mess with that if you want to expedite the process so remember back to the keywords that we actually searched up the initial keywords for our book so if we go back onto we can redo the keyword search again but the point is you want to take the top search keywords so if we go back down to Kindle and then we go anti-ageing then essentially you want to take anti-aging diet anti-aging cure anti-aging skin care of this applies anti-aging book and anti-aging secret and then you want to use those as keywords you can put up to seven of them so for the book image itself I'm going to provide you with a template or I think I already provided you with a template in the previous module for you to actually fill out or you can just use the fine if you use five words and you just plug in the fiber cover so if you use the template that I provided you with then you should be all good to go in the JPEG format okay and basically you brought browse for the image upload it and then just I guess confirm it and then it's going to load for a couple of seconds it's going to show up here and then I usually do enable digital write management and then right now I can't really do that but after that I just click on browse and then I browse for the book itself so this part is actually a little bit tricky what I do in this case is I don't just upload it as a Word document it also works but what I do in this case is I actually open it and then I say I go here I go save as alright and I go I actually copy this and create a new folder like so and name it the same thing click through and then in the drop down menu I select webpage filtered I go save and then this thing pops up I close this and then I right-click this I go add to archive and I create a zip file so this is confusing you can rewind it and watch it again but I create this file and I upload this file instead the reason for this is so all the links and all the formatting stays legit and it stays the way it's supposed to I've been doing this for all my books you can upload it as a Word document but sometimes it gets screwed up so that's why I do this method ok so again you open it up you create a folder under the same name you save it as webpage filtered and then you exit out of that and you create this zip file from the folder and then you upload this file when you press here ok so once you do that it should go through and then just click Save and continue and on the next page I'm not going to do that because I haven't uploaded an actual book just yet after you click on save and continue you're just going to choose the all territories for the sales channel for your book so you can sell it to the rest of the world instead of just you know in the States or in Canada or something and then you're going to choose the pricing now there are two different options for percentage there's the 35% option and the 70% option I suggest that you choose 35% option first the reason for this is so you can price the book at $0.99 to start once you do that you can sell more copies in the beginning and then gradually increase your price up to $1.99 even $2.99 even more if your book is obviously high quality and you can justify it so at that point once you hit 299 then you can change the percentage off up to 70 percent okay and at that point you'll be making about 2 bucks a pop ok and then yeah and then you all you're going to do after that is um just a click on the come firming a little checkbox to say that you read all the conditions and you're just going to submit the book and that should be pretty much it and again this entire process will be difficult if you don't use the proper format but the templates for the book or you don't use the proper templates for the book covers so if you have those done then this part should be a breeze and it should be all easy and all good to go and that's uh I think that is pretty much it okay hey welcome back it's Brian here so in this video I'm going to be talking about the 80/20 for getting more sales and it's the optimization process the promotion's process okay so the first one here is the overlooked 15-minute procedure that can cost you ninety percent of your sales and I talked about this in the previous module just a little bit so for the description you want to make sure that you write it like a sales letter and you want to make sure that you include the keywords that you found previously into that sales letter because if you have the best product in the world but a bad representative selling the product then well it's not likely you're going to be very successful with the product right so make sure that you include in many benefits within the description to justify and to show why the prospective customer or the target audience should pay attention and buy this book that you're selling so if we're talking about the anti-aging subject the anti-aging book then you can write things like less wrinkles without expensive products more energy in the mid afternoon without stimulants and these are the benefits that you're gonna or these are the techniques you're going to learn in this book these are just examples okay so to summarize make sure you write it like I say also later so let's move on real quick but promotion strategies for making your book a top selling so you want to get more sales because this is obvious you want to get more sales but the thing is it compounds the more sales you get the higher your book will actually rank for this specific keyword and the category and the higher you rank in the category or for this specific keyword the more sales you'll get okay so um what you can do is a couple things here the I talked about this I hire you rank the the more you will sell and it basically compounds right and also the reviews will make a big difference the more reviews you have the more social proof you'll have so you know it that's why you get testimonials and stuff it's like many people are saying things about this specific product so it should be a good product it's the same for reviews so people look at those two things right the ranking of the product and the reviews for the product so for getting more sales and ranking the book higher what you want to do is once your book is available for purchase on Kindle and the Kindle Kindle marketplace into Amazon Marketplace then you want to put it on the promotions so basically run the free promotions and run it for five days and during those five days what you can do is you can share it on your Facebook page now this is the most obvious one so you can get your friends to actually download it for you to get a couple of downloads now this I understand it's not something that is sustainable because if you put out like 50 books you're not going to get all your friends to download football 50 of them they're going to hate you I understand that so this is probably just for getting you started now once you start putting more books you can actually go on to Facebook and find out groups that are popular for that specific niche so for example if we're talking about the anti-aging book then once it goes on free promo you can go onto Facebook and just type in women's health and then a bunch of groups will pop up sorry not groups pages will pop up and what you can do is you can click through to those pages you can like it and you can map message the admin for those pages and and let them know that your book is basically beneficial to their target audience and to basically ask them to promote it and feature it in their status so they can add value to their target audience okay so if you do it in way that's tactful and and just not spammy then it's likely that they're going to say hey you know this book is really going to benefit my target audience so they will feature it for you and if the group has like a couple hundred thousand subscribers then if let's say 0.5% of the of the people on that page they actually download the book then you get a bunch of quote unquote free sales doesn't really make sense but promotional sales okay and that's promotional downloads I should say and that's really going to help you boost your ranking and the last one here is to submit it to free our free Kindle book promo size now there are a lot of different book promo sites on there if you go onto Google and you type in keywords like free Kindle book promo sites or anything remotely similar to that you'll probably get a list of many of them so three of them I'll show you right now it's ofb com and then this is the URL for if you want to find a specific page you can go here ebook habits for our authors or you can go to pixel of ink and basically what you will want to do is one week before putting your book on free promotion you want to come here and just register your book onto the now you want to register your book for this promotion and if you get accepted then your book will go on promotion for that scheduled date and then people that come to this specific site will see that your book is on for free and they're going to download it if it's something to their interest and of course you're going to get that download and you're going to get that bump same thing for this same thing for this now there are dozens and dozens and dozens of sites out there that you can submit to and it does take a little bit of time it's best to again systematize it over time so yeah yeah you don't have to do it yourself so you can just give it out to an outsourcer and they can do the entire process for you but that is definitely beyond the scope of this specific talk okay so yeah and how to get reviews this one again is also very tricky but easy at the beginning but a little bit harder to scale once you more books going the obvious way to do is to get your friends to buy the book and leave a legitimate review fake reviews are really easy to spot in it and it actually hurts your not it doesn't hurt your banking but it hurts your credibility because people will see that your book is basically reviewed by fake reviews and it just does not look good it's like having bad fake testimonials and just poorly written testimonials it actually hurts you so you don't want to do that you want to get legitimate reviews from friends that can actually write in English okay so another thing you can do is find other kindle authors for this one and do book exchange and reading and obviously legitimate review swap okay so you would essentially go on to Facebook and find other kindle book author groups basically where other kindle authors concrete and you will want to join those groups and make friends with other authors and see who wants to do a quick book review reading in exchange for while a book review essentially and yeah and then you want to build your own little circle a little connection of these people little community I should say so this way you can have book review sessions so this can is a really good way to get legitimate and high quality reviews because these people are well book authors or book either writers authors or people that understand the Kindle book system and they are of course going to be able to provide you with more insightful reviews instead of just Thea low quality reviews so that's a good way and third of all is to outsource the entire process and yeah that is a game beyond the scope of this talk itself but yeah that is pretty much it if you follow these couple steps it is really the 80/20 for getting your book ranked higher on the Kindle search engine and for you to start making more sales over time okay hey it's Brian here welcome back to the sixth and the last module here in this module we're going to be talking about additional monetization strategies so basically creating additional revenue streams with your Kindle book business now this one is going to be a little bit more conceptual because I can literally create a 10 hour course on this specific subject and I don't think we have time for that right now but I'm just going to talk about the conceptual stuff and just to open your eyes to see for you to see what is actually possible from this point on so we've gone through the process from very beginning the keyword research part all the way to book creation outsourcing and then we went ahead to the book packaging and the submission part of it and then the promotion part of it and after that after your book actually goes on for sale you can find additional ways to monetize your book business as I was saying before so if we're talking about the anti-aging book topic or the women's health niche then we can actually go in and learn a little bit more about this niche for example if they are having trouble if you discover that they're having trouble finding a healthy solution to keep their skin hydrated and basically they don't know which product to choose to basically treat their skin without any nasty chemicals then you can actually do the work for them you can go ahead do the research find a manufacturer with this type of product the natural skincare product and you can go ahead and offer that product to these customers that have gone through and read your books so if we're talking about physical products then you know for me personally I use the if the fulfillment by Amazon process in this process is basically finding the product out there and finding the manufacturer that produces the product that manufactures the product going to them branding the product itself with your specific brand and then selling that product on Amazon so that is one way for you to easily transition from selling Kindle books to offering other products on Amazon it's on the same platform okay so that is one way for you to create additional revenue stream or an additional revenue stream the second way is pretty basic is to create a series of books on the same topic so if we're talking about anti-aging then you can create books on the top the top ten home remedies for a natural younger looking skin which is I think the topic that we talked about before and then you can create another book on juicing recipes to help you have more energy without stimulants and then you can create another book on the it can be low impact home exercise that help you stay fit or anything like that basically you can create a series of books targeting the same overall problems that this target market is running into and you can solve that problem from many different angles so of course you can promote those additional books to the existing list that you have so I'm talking about lists you will essentially want to have some sort of call to action for them to get in contact with you and give you their contact information so they can get onto your email list or their or your newsletter or anything like that so you can update them with future information on future products future books or anything along that line and the last one here is selling coaching now this one is a little bit different and it works well in the weight loss and usually works well in the coaching niche and really for this one is what you want to do is create a high-value product now this one is a little bit gray for the outsourcing model it probably wouldn't work too well because then you wouldn't be the actual content grader however if you create your own book if you write your own book then you can easily transition the book sales into coaching clients okay or transition or turn the book purchases purchasers I should say into your clients for coaching and that is done the same way you want to basically capture their information in exchange for some sort of additional benefit it can be a free one-hour coaching call or anything you like and from there of course give them more value provide them more value up front to build that trust and then from there you can ease them into creating more of a relationship and into a coaching relationship so those are three really basic methods for you to create additional revenue streams with your Kindle business and they are definitely all achievable so I guess that pretty much sums the entire process up and I really hope you got a lot out of this entire course and thank you again for checking out these videos

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