Kim Jong-un | Biography

24 thoughts on “Kim Jong-un | Biography

  1. North Korea should also be ready against aggregation from America after what they did to Libya syria Iraq Afghanistan Yemen Palestine. .Americans are bigger dictators then Kim they killed millions of innocent people in Libya syria Iraq Afghanistan Yemen Palestine Pakistan Somalia Congo Nigeria Serbia Lebanon Vietnam Korea Nigeria Somali land Ukraine etc etc..America created Isis alqaeda Boko Haram alnusra etc for its benefits.. they have no respect for sovereignty of other countries. They have 800 military bases round the globe, 19 aircraft carriers, 13000 plus fighter jets ,6000 + nuclear weapons. .America represents 5% of human beings on earth but it's dictating it's terms on rest of 95%..

  2. At least he has daring to mess with USA unlike other countries like UK, ISRAEL, INDIA, PAKISTAN AND MANY MORE licking Americans feet….

  3. Vhutiya bharat chutia ameri a yeh dodesh ka gad kiu jalta hai kiu Kira bajbaj karta hai bharatle janta ko mar ya BJP k admilo mara ? Jo jaisa jita hai jindo aisa nahi karta .tarakki Kaise karta yeh dodesh ka niche kiy jalan hota hai dusradesh tatakki karta hai ..ham salam kartehai jo sansar me hai ( great ) Leaddr toh oh hai kimjong ji bharst xot honepar bhi America ko tarkari detahai duniya k sa hi desh ameri a ka nam suite hi kapjate hai darke mare but Kim Jong ..

  4. America is good at making hitech bomb n weapons with the khowledge of INDIAN n other countrie's scientist, which they alys do, especially Germans who were the first to develop nuclear bomb but unfortunately never got a chance to deploy.
    Now back to the point, Kim has learnt a lot abt westerners so he dosnt give a shit abt america.
    N america couldn't dominate NK like SK so using politics n spreading nonsense everywhere.
    Hail Kim n NORTH KOREA.

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