Killer's Moon (1978) – Trailer HD 1080p

you may think they've made all the Terra films they can make you may think you've seen the most evil side of man but you're wrong for what people do in their dreams is far more horrible than anything they do while awake killers moon is the story of a party of young girls stranded on a school outing and forced Psychopaths undergoing balloon therapy have escaped what follows is a nightmare more terrifying than anything you've ever dreamed of them they will like clothes like surgeons guys were stacked five six seven eight oh bonds missing oh yeah I believe it Oh Sandra's in the kitchen helping the cook Agatha tried to help her friends escape but she didn't realize the kind of men she was up against and the dreamer wasn't as sympathetic as she'd hope you'll keep praying that Terra will stop but these men can't stop they have to go on because they think it's part of their treatment Deirdre thought she could go for help on a Skype dream not now but dreamers have a way of seeing through the night stories have been told about the abnormal about the supernatural but this is the story of what can happen when hallucinatory drugs get hold of the mind anybody's mind when minds are taken over the results aren't always the fun people imagined I'm gonna kill you most of us only glimpse our primitive selves and our dreams if you don't want to be reminded of what you could be we suggest you stay home in bed you

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