Kids Write 4 Kids Meet the Authors with Christopher Smolej

Hi, my name is Chris Smolej. I’m 13 years old and I’m an author. (Music) Some of my favourite authors include Gordon Korman, Michael Scott, J.K. Rowling, and Michael Grant. They’re my favourite authors because
they write very well and they have a lot of imagination and story time in their books. I read way too many good books to count but a couple of my favourite books include:
Pirates, Powerless, Enchantress, and Red Dragon. My favourite character, that I ever created
was the Taco because he is very interesting. He’s brave, loyal, and he’s not afraid to do what’s
right. I got the idea for the taco story because
it was near lunchtime, we were doing this for a school assignment and I was getting
hungry. So I started thinking of food and then that led
to a story about tacos. I love writing because you can create anything
and everything. If you don’t like how your story goes, you
can change it and alter it anyway you like. I like writing adventure the most, and sometimes
with a fantasy because it could be spur of the moment writing which is very fun. Which can result in some funny moments. My family really inspires me to do my best
by pushing me harder, and keeping me going when I feel like stopping or slowing whatever I’m working Some advice that I would give to people who
want to be authors is to never stop writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a story
or an entry to a journal, writing just about anything will give you experience and a unique
writing style.

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