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I'm Olivia and I'm con and we're from kisser we're here with american authors a huge douche yourself whoo yeah what's up I'm Dave I'm Zach I'm Matt if you could write a book would you write Oh what kind of book when I right you know what I would do I run a graphic novel so that I can illustrate really cool and then some intricate science fiction helium storyline to go whether we love aliens yeah problem with that is that we only know going to draw stick figures at this point she's so different that's yeah the artist and it would not be a very interesting graphic novel it could be a lot of stick figures we actually have a graphic novel we are working on going in the van right now a long tour each person will do like six squares and then don't go pass it off the next person has to add on to the story but it's like the worst illustrations you've ever seen and the story lacks not great either were stolen it's like these two staking people go out on a date like each other very much the monster come to me it's one you know just it really makes no sense all kind of it's kind of like it's like a mix between like Star Trek and like Shawshank Redemption all mixed into one ad lati graphic novel means kind of Dora the Explorer meets yeah if you have to be one age for the rest of your Taylor Swift is making 22 sound pretty good okay so 22 is in you show me too as a cab here happy 12 team 12 teen yeah that's all right I don't know I'm only I'm only 26 right now so there's still a lot of years that I've never seen ID acts 12 teen what if I what if I say to you right now that I want be 22 forever but then down the road what if like 25 s the best age like this will do there's a chill said rocking chair man now hang out look like benefits damn it hahaha 1s is where 25 right now is pretty good yeah how these are you guys doctor 22 when your kid is I'm singing from me or who we pretending to be singing I always thought I was Lily Armstrong yeah that's a good one so you would like get your single and get a chunk it on yet had a few michael jackson he's got the dance move oh yeah not necessarily things i want to share but he can fit actually his moonwalking is really great show you right now I'm just good yeah I would let's see it right now he's got the shoes on for it and every Ganga he brought a special Michael Jackson's facebook he's put me on the spot I have no idea how to move on i get 10 yeah I don't know about who can he would be ready female 80 singer what's the guys need from the darkness that was you oh yeah I like that now it was kind of like I was like a 90s grunge kit so I have a single on and I was saying like stone temple pilots and nirvana oh yeah he was also really indifferent yeah i got my core none right wow wow wow wow she great yeah i'm gonna do some of that on the stage today bring it back you know corn were you whack ass you had to change her band into a TV show or movie what would it be wow that's a good one these are good questions I'd like comes alert Housewives Real Housewives of New Jersey more Laguna Beach or Real Housewives of Atlanta that lady show you know that hug was good no but it was always only on for like half the season because it is so terrible yeah yeah I thought your talk show that's better yeah there's the better libretto let's read I don't know what do you guys think won't you call us yeah The Three Stooges problem yes how do you think bad uh-huh pressures on now yeah doesn't feel too good I thought don't feel like where did you guys start how did you come up with your band name I'm I'm glad it's not what inspired your songs no this is much better on pets you have when your kids then look for their I had a gerbil his name is the doorman I have a really strange story I had dogs I had one and her name was fast basil had another dog named chili for the crazy it was announced in Italian yeah I know he was not chill and then pugsy which was logged and I named her after Jay Z so it was plugged Dashon see I wasn't for official good I had kind of rats and pet mini me up says a lot about so much I had a goldfish named Goldie and I have a cat now that's came froggy oh she's the best no no AKA Gavin Dubois yes Judas eff ECT slippers so the cow the guy had a pet cows name is Norman and that's how I need winter deep down inside you love cats I love cows I like jay-z so I named my dog and minimis self-explanatory real hard and finally anymore oh wow yeah what's changer for tea ginger baby baby baby and jay-z the manager back any civil people don't know that I'd be back with David ghatotkach part of the crew and Victoria Beckham the real name I'll make it even now Spike's world but on movie arch came out in at nine 7 you guys watchin I'd like that man yeah he liked the part where the aliens come out I'm not hi guys for that's what our guys that's obvious that was so bad Spice Girls movie spice world yeah oh yeah this apart where aliens come down and party with the spice spice world people don't remember that was my first day I brought my first day spiceworld think they were an adorable couple with a new pair they lasted like all of like seven hours in him and I Canadian

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