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There was a while after we broke up where
I told him, “I don’t wanna stop talking. Even though I’m really upset at you right now,
I don’t wanna have to lose a friend and a boyfriend all at once,” I didn’t see him for like a month, so we also
didn’t have sex for a while, and I was like, “When he comes back, what am I gonna do? Am
I gonna sleep with him? Am I gonna wanna be friends with him or talk to him again or get
back with him?” I didn’t know what the fuck I was gonna do when I saw him. I didn’t want
it to be goodbye. I wanted to keep talking to him because I missed him as a person and
I missed all the dirty, dirty things we did. I think there’s a certain sad sultriness that
the song has that is really nice for girls or guys who are coming out of a relationship
and they weren’t necessarily finished with the person they were seeing and they still
kinda miss them, but they’re also on the like, “Ooh, I kinda have this little bit of freedom
now and I’m riding with it and I feel good, but I’m also kinda sad.” I think that’s like
the best emotion to feel when you’re going through a breakup. It’s like the weirdest
time, but it’s also kinda fun, and I think the song really brings that out, so I want
people to feel that and be able to sing along to it and kind of sexy dance to it a little
bit. I will rush into something with somebody and
just go hard, go HAM. Like, we’ll be hanging out every single day and never leave each
other’s side for like two weeks or longer. That can get in the way of a long-term relationship
because you can get tired of people a lot easier when you make yourself so available. I was addicted to the person. I wanted to
keep talking to them the same way I wanted to talk to them and see them casually. I am very loyal and very trusting and very
giving. Once somebody fucks that up enough for me to be upset about it, then I will cut
them off. If they do little things here and there or we just don’t meet halfway on something,
I can forgive that. Trying to find the balance, but it is getting better. When I met my ex, it was the first time where
I kinda gave myself a little leeway to be a kid and have fun and not take things too
seriously, and I fell in love with that part of myself. When you experience such huge milestones,
you kind of picture that person in every single event, big even in your life, and I didn’t
wanna give that up. My ex was the first person I had sex with
and it was a very special moment for me, and I didn’t wanna have sex with anybody else,
and I was kind of scared to have sex with anybody else because I’d only experienced
that person, so when we broke up, I was like, “Well, I like sex. Can we still have sex?
Is that normal? Is that cool? Am I gonna feel weird?” I didn’t end up doing that, but I
was thinking about it, for sure. When I was single, I was totally cool with
being a booty call. Sexual freedom and equality. Like, I was like, “Yeah. I need some too.” We had just grown apart and that happens,
but I was used to him, so I wanted to maybe try and give it another shot physically. Almost having FOMO, in a weird way. Like,
you’re like, “I don’t want you to go on doing these big great things and have all these
cool experiences and be happy without me. That’s such a stab to the heart Oh my God, I just had an awkward run-in, but
it happened for a reason. It’s so funny. I was at a party, a pool party and he just
walked in and I saw his face, and I went, “Oh, nope. Nope,” I think I just got freaked
out because it literally never happens, and you’re like, “Do I say something?” Like, “Do
I go say hi? Do I go say, ‘How’s your family?’ What do I do? Do I check on them or do I just
stay away?” I probably would have spoken up more. There
were a lot of things that I didn’t say that bothered me I’m always gonna be there for the people that
I’ve loved. If they ever … I might not talk to them everyday and I might have issues with
them or whatever, but if they are going through something and struggling through something,
I’m gonna be there for them because that’s just the person that I am.

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    Situation. Broke up with my ex like three months ago and it does feel liberating but also sad. Learning to create boundaries for

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