Kevin Kantor – "People You May Know" (CUPSI 2015 Finals)

43 thoughts on “Kevin Kantor – "People You May Know" (CUPSI 2015 Finals)

  1. oh sugar. im sorry for what happened to you. but here you are, strong and graceful and glorious in spite of it. you are a wonder and you are so loved <3

  2. This shows everyone that some people try to fight back but no matter how hard they try, no matter how loud they are, no matter how many times they say 'NO!' it's harder than you think to fight back, no matter the gender. Rape is a serious matter and if you use rape and stereotypes/ gender roles, in the same sentence; take yourself back and start educating yourself and ASK OTHERS WHO PASSED THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE AND TO WHOM MANY FELT AT FUALT AND WANTED TO RUN AWAY FROM THEIR SKIN BUT COULDN'T! to those whom suffered for days. "How do you feel? Is there any way where you could feel comfortable in your own skin? How can I comfort you? Is there anything you would like to tell everyone?"

    Every question can be interpreted any way. So can anything else. But sometimes they aren't looked in the purpose they're supposed to be looked and taken.

  3. This poem means allot to me because I was raped when I was 13. Ever since I was raped the photo of him that shows up every time I open my friends request or every time facebook decides to suggest him as a friend plague me. I wonder about his life and his family I have even looked through his photos hoping to see pictures of his mother who was a parent to me. I wonder who he is now after 6 years and if he remembers me. I wonder what he would say to me if I accepted his request

  4. You sweet, beautiful man. This poem broke my heart a thousand times, and it is so so horrifying what happened to you. You're so incredibly brave and the way you weave your words is crazy powerful.

  5. I really love this poem,

    Sucks his brothers name is the same as my rapists and now I can't watch it without feeling as if I am back in the room with him, just as powerless as before

  6. "I call him the Wolf. To make him seem as story book as possible." That hit me deep. Because I call my rapist monster, to prove that they exist, but no one believes in them or the people that claim to see them

  7. every time i watch this i get chills and i think about a person in my life who was assaulted and my heart aches for them . also i’m coming to terms with my own assault and this is just so powerful i cry every time .

  8. please someone let this guy read this comment… im sorry.. you are brave… sorry…i know it doesnt help but.. but sorry

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