Kenneka Jenkins Author Exposed

this lady she's she just makes video advertising her book I told y'all about this book a long time ago yeah well listen Kanika Jake is a beautiful young soul there's a couple things wrong with it now look at this Amex first of all she don't matter she didn't put the Amazon link she just said search for her book on freakin Amazon a horrible if you're not famous people are not gonna go search for you you need to make it convenient and give them the link but look at this you don't even know how to spell beautiful what blue beautiful right but it goes so she probably knows real beautiful right because she's not beautiful don't talk about people beauty is in the eye of the beholder forget anything oh crap now here's her page now maybe we'll talk about Black Moon two weeks ago let's watch and be petty now I'm a called mustache mama cuz well number two mustache number three why you just gonna put the lipstick on all the girls protecting you now looking out for women anymore you know they become too soft or too feminine you need to be careful because these bikes dykes out here you know far as taking these women man you know the women is out there are the women now and it's becoming more and more norm now so a lot of others need to be gentle because a lot of these women know these were you know some I think what I'm saying it's not true race you know you come on your nose or I don't know so biggest cast and the shadow under your mother freaking nose on top of your lip you know I think it's absolutely ridiculous how the bottom row little teeth look like a more freakin graph yeah I thought so we will need or thirties as though it may be faded this is higher than new from the Lord and you know Turner Orton like they got the real thing between the legs no you got a vagina between your legs not a penis and then they think is this cool you know they want to force that the garbage and their belief on other women who is not down like that so a lot of y'all brothers out here y'all ain't nobody job for you to do nothing but saved in here and start treating y'all women right because the women out here is they trying to take the other women and they trying to promote that garbage and that spirit on other women which i think is absolutely ridiculous and what do you have the spirit of stupidity says you can't spend when you look like me about me and forties speaking up and start addressing y'all women had act like well women and not like these those sluts and these whores out here on the street but act like women and stay true not too many women out here that's really lawyer you weren't honest they'd rather go out in the hole in the street instead of being a lawyer to the one man they got but uh you brothers need to be aware because these women out here trying to take y'all women so y'all better saw you know do what you got to do to keep them where's the truth I'm not gonna even give you a thumbs and his beers we're not gonna do it can I in the video or not you wanna get some more work okay you won't let me in the video see you have any more you like oh yeah you do please don't ever universe mobiles please don't tell me picture why would you angle angles that Missy hustles here oh nice yeah I thought would a PD truth and some more words of knowledge I just want to say thank you for those who support my truth I want to say that you folks who support my books know – well it's you guys these do spell the crown supplies the whole – it was big case I think it's absolutely ridiculous how they did this show lady do you think is absolutely ideal I think it's absolutely ridiculous that you can say basic speaking against her case don't wonder sterling standing up for this young lady where everybody is applauded and you know celebrating the death of that rapper you know Lipsy why nobody is supported and speaking against this case far as I'm speaking up for address in a situation with the kanika tickets we just wanna sell books with bad colors with misspellings don't you you

25 thoughts on “Kenneka Jenkins Author Exposed

  1. She got the spirit of stupidity since she can't spell “beautiful” and she looks like she's in her mid 40s.

  2. She is ugh ummm ridiculous haha she did not talk about dykes takin men’s girls!! Smh honey no we want to be with who we want to if I want to love a man or a women I’m going to! I’m no hoe so ugh umm you better keep yours stupid mouth shut bc you sound stupid and can’t spell!! 🤣😂

  3. For the lady that's talking in the background you need to be quiet and let that lady talk you are so disrespectful cuz your English ain't all that good by the way so who are you and it's ridiculous how you all young ladies and men's disrespect older women's God made us all in his own image and you need to respect this lady and keep your mouth closed

  4. Omg when i be watching your videos my husband in the back laughing his ass off your comments girl have me dying 😭😂😅😆😅😁


  6. @5:36 nooooooo beauitiful spelled wrong again 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️how many ways can we spell beautiful tho lol

  7. Lmao…I swear I thought the same thing when I saw it ,"why cant you put lipstick on alllll of your lips" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. You can take another person unless they want to go. Why you so upset with yo ugly man looking ass. Let's move on. I don't want your knowledge. You don't even know how to put on your own lipstick, but want to tell somebody who to who. Girl bye…

  9. She sounds bitter.
    She couldn’t put the lipstick everywhere because her tube didn’t carry her lip size 😂😂. Now this is embarrassing because we MUST learn to spell & speak with completed sentences. Also she’s dehydrated because the sides of her lips are white. “Girl Bye”

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