Kelly Family- Fell in Love with an Alien (Official Video with Lyrics)

49 thoughts on “Kelly Family- Fell in Love with an Alien (Official Video with Lyrics)

  1. I'm sure they're not so cheesy to make a song about extra-terrestrials, sure they're singing about foreigners, given the mid 90s migrational….oh…wait.

  2. Til mit RUMVÆSEN det er UFO der kalder. Jeg elsker dig søde og håber du ved jeg vil gøre hvad jeg kan for dig og hvad der står i min magt. LOVE B.

  3. as a child I thought the song meant alien as in a extra-terrestrial, but as I got older I thought they meant foreigner and now…….*facepalm*

  4. i am listening this in 23.12.2012…and i am 15 years old…i dont look for thunmb sup…just saying…

    Τωρα πρεπει να θυμηθω απο που το ξερω -.-'

  6. this is an old song but it is still beautifull people should make more music like this cuz lots of people miss this sort of music

  7. Paddy Kelly forever!!..!!!<3Fell in love with you..!!…!!!<3so gorgeous!!…!!!NO WORDS!!!!!!!!He's the only one!!!!…!!!<3The crazy boyyyyyy<333…!!!I love PAddyyyyyyyyyyy!

  8. omg!!! this song is amazing!!
    after all these years I've been listening to it, I love it more and more!!!

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