Keeping Memories, Keeping Old Books [A Walk Around the Neighborhood / ENG]

The cuckoos used to sing here. I see. And over there, there was… Although the neighborhood is full of buildings now, he still remembers how this placed used to look. (Secondhand bookshop) In Seoul, new buildings are built all the time. I came across a bookshop that still looked the way it used to be. They must be selling old books that are filled with memories and dust. Hello. I’m Kim Youngchul. You look familiar. Goodness. I was walking by and saw these old books. They reminded me of back when I used to receive money from my mother to buy books but I went to secondhand bookshops instead. Business thrived the most back then. Sit down. – I’m sorry it’s so tight in here. / – That’s fine. You came all the way here. How long have you been doing this for? How long? I’ve aged alongside the books. In this very place? I moved here in 1976. This is his most valuable possession that has accompanied him throughout these years. This is “Bangyakhappyun”. It’s a medical book. This is 400 years old. 400 years ago. If you look here, it says that it was published in the year of the wood rooster. So I calculated it, and it was 1465. If the book pertained to history, it would’ve been expensive. This is a unique book. This is from Seoul Deoksu Elementary School. This was their yearbook during the Korean War when the school was refuging in Busan. Thanks to him, I got to witness some valuable things. This yearbook is incomparably tacky to the yearbooks nowadays, but this yearbook during the refuge days looks fonder. (Grasping for a better future) You have a priceless book as your possession. (A gift from the refuge, a day in Songdo) This is very precious. This isn’t good enough to be an authentic antique. But still, since I’ve been running this shop for a long time, I should have one of these. This is a rare book. I bet I’m the only one who still has it. In case someone comes to look for it, he kept this book for over 60 years. These days, he doesn’t receive many customers, but there were times when business thrived. To improve the quality of the books, he spent many nights erasing all the writings written in pencil. But after experiencing a decline, all the bookshops nearby started to close down. And he was also forced to move to a smaller area. In case he receives one more customer, he’s been running this bookshop for the past 43 years. At his bookshop, there are books full of life and memories. (Episode 32, Let’s Climb Up the Village on the Hills) (Sangdo-dong, Heukseok-dong, Seoul) This place used to be called Sangtugol because bier-carriers used to live here. I’ll climb up Sangdo-dong which means “an upward road”.

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