Katrina Kaif – Biography

'The film industry went 'boom'
on seeing her.' Some called her Kat while
some called her Kartina Kaif.' Hello.
– Hello. My name Jasmeet Malhotra. 'Kartina Kaif was
born on 16th July, 1983.' 'The place was Hong Kong.' 'Kartina Kaif's name
is Katrina Turquotte.' 'Kartina Kaif's family
used to live in Hong Kong..' '..and later they shifted to London.' 'Her father Mohammad Kaif
was a British trader and a Kashmiri.' 'Her mother's was Suzanne,
who was an English lawyer..' '..and used to do social service.' Since the age of 3, I have
been placing my hand on my heart.. ..and singing the national
anthem God Save the Queen. I have grown up here,
so my attitude, my thinking.. ..even my likings are British. 'She has 7 siblings.
Three elder sisters..' '..Stephanie, Christine and Natasha.' And three younger sisters
Melissa, Sonia and Isabel.' 'And she has an elder brother also.
His name is Michael.' 'Her sister Isabel
Kaif is also a model.' 'Kartina Kaif's parents divorced
when she was very young..' '..and her father had
migrated to United States.' 'Her other brought up these
children single-handedly.' You are feeling very happy
about this wedding.. – Yes. I am equally shocked.
– Okay. You must have begun to
dream about wedding night. Yes, I had started to
dream long time back. It is.. 'She keeps no contact with her father.' 'When she was just 14 years old..' '..her beauty won
her a Hawaii contest..' '..and from there she got
her first modelling assignment. 'During her days of modelling..' '..film maker Kaizad Gustad
saw her and ,made her..' '..the heroine of his film. Boom..' ..in which, there were big
stars like Amitabh Bachchan..' '..Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff,
Madhu Sapre and Padma Lakshmi.' 'In this film,
Katrina Kaif gave very hot scenes.' 'The very first film had made it obvious
that she was going to create a boom.' Calm down lady Bheem, calm down. Calm down.
Who will run 10 kilometres after him? Thank you.
Thanks for your help. You're really nice. You had to take so much trouble for me. What trouble? It is the job of Sikhs to help people. I must say, you run very well. And you hit very well. Yeah?
– Good. Good. Good. 'Gradually she began to get more ads.' 'She worked in Telugu
films as well as Hindi films.' 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya,
Namaste London..' '..Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.' 'Some of these films worked
at box office and some couldn't.' 'But ever since Salman
Khan became her mentor..' '..Katrina Kaif became successful.' 'She began to give
one hit after another.' 'Although her pairing with
Akshay Kumar also became popular.' You are different. She is different. She is not your type. I am a manager.
A typist would be my type, right? Fine. I wanted to warn you, so I did it. Now it is between you and your typist. 'Since her family lived
in many countries..' '..Katrina Kaif and her
siblings were tutored at home.' 'Katrina Kaif's dialogue
delivery had British accent.' 'Because of this she
was replaced in many films..' '..but she worked hard
on improving her Hindi.' I didn't do it intentionally.
– Every time you try to do something.. ..but something else happens. But now it did happen, right? God knows how many
times you have goofed up. Sonia, please don't get angry. All this..
– But today, even though unknowingly.. ..you have done the
best deed in your life. Sonia, please don't say that.
I am not at fault. 'It is surprising to know that
she was also seen with Mammootty..' '..in Malayalam crime thriller
film Balram vs. Tharadas.' You have helped my mummy a lot. Thank you, Happy. Sonia.
– I am telling the truth. It felt bitter naturally. Right, King? 'Katrina Kaif's name was
connected with two super stars.' 'First with Salman Khan, and
later the scion of the Kapoor clan..' '..Ranbir Kapoor.' 'She always kept her relation
with Ranbir Kapoor under wraps..' '..but once some photographs
were published..' '..in which she was in bikini and
Ranbir Kapoor in swimming costume.' 'It looked like Ranbir
Kapoor had really stolen..' '..Salman Khan's girlfriend,
but nothing like that happened.' 'News about a breakup between..' '..Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor
began to circulating..' '..and it became known
that Katrina Kaif..' '..had again moved back to Salman Khan.' Let us go, mister. The show is over. 'If all these gossip and news
about relationships are ignored..' '..then Katrina Kaif entered
the film industry as a heroine..' '..who set the box office ringing.' 'It means she created a boom.' 'To know about the lives
of great talented people..' '..subscribe to People & History.'

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  1. He is a amalgam of vinod khana, sunil dutt, firoz khan and mithun chaketvarthy in term of expression dialouge delivery and fight seen etc

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