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A talented girl from
the Kapoor family. Her name is Karishma Kapoor. She is called LoLo affectionately. She was born on 25th June 1974. 'Hi!' 'Hello!' Father Randhir Kapoor
and mother Babita.. ..had earned a good name in
the Hindi Film Industry. Her grandfather was the
legendary Raj Kapoor. "This night feels so drenched,
the breeze is so intense." "Slowly, the beautiful moon
is rising in silence." Karishma Kapoor showed her magic.. ..when the daughter of the Kapoor
family entered the film industry. "Beloved!" "I remember you, I can't sleep
and I feel restless, o beloved!" "I remember you, I can't sleep
and I feel restless, o beloved!" "Come and hug me, I have been
waiting for your all my life." Before her, no daughter
of the Kapoor family.. ..was seen acting for
films as an actress. They were seen in small
child artist roles. But no one made films
their profession. "Oh dear Lord! What are you doing?" "You are a boy then why are
you scared of a girl?" "Oh dear Lord! What are you doing?" "You are a boy then why are
you scared of a girl?" "He doesn't say anything.
He doesn't share his feelings." "But I know for sure, he loves me." Karishma Kapoor's parents,
Randhir Kapoor and Babita's.. ..relationship faced
a lot of problems. Because of this their childhood
was spent in stress. Hence, this made
Karishma Kapoor stop her studies. 'I used to participate in school
plays, debates and dancing.' At the age of 17 years, Karishma Kapoor
was seen in the film 'Prem Qaidi'. The year was 1991. Initially, Karishma Kapoor did
not received good reviews. That's when she said.. ..that the media isn't so harsh
on any other new-comer.. ..but they are very harsh on her because
she is Raj Kapoor's grand-daughter. A small mistake is
also shown to be big. Moreover, other new-comers received
accolades for a minor achievement. 'You will say something, they
will understand something else.' 'They won't understand anything
and write way too much.' 'They will write something and
something else will be printed.' 'And what will be printed will be
something completely different.' 'And that will lead
to a lot of mess.' 'Correct?
– Yes.' Slowly, Karishma Kapoor's
stars started shining. The film 'Jigar' in 1992.. ..'Anari' in 1993 and 'Raja Babu' and
Suhaag' in 1994 did a great job. In 'Raja Babu', her pairing will
super star Govinda worked wonders. "Don't break my heart." Karishma Kapoor had shown.. ..that she can dance, do comedy
and emotional scenes as well. With Govinda, her comic-romance
was worth a watch. 'What is the matter, Raja?
You seem to be very happy.' 'Dad has given you
time until Friday.' 'Please become decent now.
– Do you mean I am indecent?' 'No, he means try to
improve your nature.' 'If you take care of me lovingly,
he will fix our marriage by Saturday.' 'Really?' After that in Coolie No. 1,
they did the wonder again. But 1996 proved to be a
historic year for Karishma. She did the film 'Raja Hindustani'
with Aamir Khan.. ..for which she was awarded with
the Filmfare Best Actress award. It was the most successful
film of that year. Then came 1997. Here she showed her
best acting skills.. ..with Shah Rukh Khan
and Madhuri Dixit.. ..in the film 'Dil Toh Pagal Hai'. She showed fabulous dancing
and acting skills. She proved it to everyone
that she is a capable artist. "The condition you are in.." "..is the condition I am in." "The condition you are in,
is the condition I am in." "Beloved, that's the
condition I am in." At this time, she got engaged to.. ..the son of Amitabh and
Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan. Her pair with Abhishek Bachchan
didn't work on the silver screen.. ..but everyone were expecting
that Kapoor family.. ..and Bachchan family
would come together. But that did not happen. Due to unknown reasons, Karishma and
Abhishek's engaged was called off. This was the time when Karishma
Kapoor was experimenting a lot. She tried doing television
shows but it didn't work. She was appreciated for
Shyam Benegal's film 'Zubeidaa'. Karishma had proved that she can
act in parallel cinema as well. In the comedy film
'Andaz Apna Apna'.. ..along with Raveena Tandon,
Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.. ..she did a fabulous job. 'It is said that if someone
is hit on the same place..' '..his memory can be revived.' 'Yes, that's possible.
– No.' 'Let's hit him again.' Karishma Kapoor's career was moving
fine, there were some ups and downs. But in her personal life,
there was a lot of friction. Her engagement with Abhishek Bachchan
was called off on February 2003. On 29th September 2003,
she got married.. ..to a known businessman,
Sunjay Kapur. "Looking at your beautiful face…" "Looking at your beautiful face.." "..the moon stopped on the sky." She gave birth to two kids. A daughter, Samiera who was
born on 11th March 2005. Then she got a son
whom she name Kiaan. He was born on 12th March, 2010. There were rumours that
Karishma might get divorced. These rumours ran for
some years and finally.. ..Karishma Kapoor and Sunjay
Kapoor got divorced. Karishma Kapoor stayed away
from acting for some years. But for how long can an actor keep
himself away from the limelight? Karishma Kapoor returned with
the film 'Dangerous Ishq'. But the film didn't earn
much at the box office. But it got proved that once
an actor, always an actor. Karishma Kapoor's
cousin brother, Ranbir Kapoor.. ..did wonders in the film industry. Her younger sister, Bebo
that is Kareena Kapoor Khan.. ..made a career for herself as well. 'Film runs in my blood.' 'So, obviously I am very happy
that I could be a part of it.' The eldest daughter of the Kapoor
family did wonders in her career. To know unique stories
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  1. love u karisma.. best actor + dancer…. better than any other actresses of 70s, 80s , 90s & even 2017…… u wouldn't have spoiled ur life marrying that stupid fellow idiot.. & have married salman.. however plz do more films with salman…. GREAT CHEMISTRY!

  2. Karishma Kapoor is the most beautiful actress ever of Bollywood films. I saw her almost all the films. She possess pleasing personality. After all She is Kapoor family member. Kapoor family is the most respected family in the Bollywood world. For generations, they have entertained the viewers. They are the backbone of Hindi cinema. I am her huge huge huge fan. I wish her all the success and happiness in her life. I also wish her 100 years of life. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to offer my comments. Thanks again.

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