Kanye West Def Poetry Jam Complete In Order

from Chicago Illinois please give it up for the future of hip-hop Kanye West there's more I spent a lot of time like trying to like pick out my outfit cuz I'm like really into clothes I'm gonna be the best-dressed rapper out in the game so oh no I got my I don't what I'm I'm so self-conscious that's why you always see me with at least one of my watches uh rollies imposters and drove me crazy I I can't even pronounce nothing past that verse AC thick then I spent 400 bucks on this just to be like nigga you ain't up on this and I can't even go to the grocery store without some shoes that's clean and a shirt with a team it seemed we live in the American dream but the people have got the lowest self-esteem the prettiest people do the ugliest things for the road to riches and diamond rings we shine because they hate us flops cuz they the greatest we tryin to buy back our 40 acres and for that paper look how low we a stoop even when I'm in my Benz I'm still a nigger and a coupe I promise she's so self-conscious she has no idea what she doing in college that made it as she made it and don't make no money told me she means in TV but she won't drop out a parents to look at her funny now tell me that ain't in sakr the concept of school seemed so sakr sophomore three yards and pick the color she said fucking I just stay down our hair and do hair cuz that's enough money to buy her a few pairs and new ads cuz a baby daddy don't really care she's so precious with the peer pressure couldn't afford a console she named her daughter Alexis she had hair so long that it looked like weave and she cut it all off now she looked like Eve and she'd be dealing with some issues that you can't believe single black female addicted to retail I said fuck the polies that's how I treat them we bought our way out of jail but we can't buy freedom see we buy a lot of clothes but we don't really need them things we buy to cover up what's inside cuz they made us hate ourselves and loved a wealth that's why Shorty's howling where the ball is at drug dealer by Jordan crackhead bike rack and the white man get paid off for all it an please give it up for my brother Kanye well let me start by thinking you know stand for allowing me to come back because this is one of the most important days in a year to me next to you know Christmas my mother's birthday and my birthday you know now here goes the story my momma called me up she said baby I'm down to Miami they playing a song all day long you make it a lot of money right now so when you want to I know it's gonna be a lot of girls out there trying to throw you the pussy that's how I want to talk to me yells and she said baby I want you to put on three rubbers cuz I don't want no girl out there fucking up i money 18 years 18 years she got one of your kids got you for 18 years I know where nigga paying child support for one of his kids his baby mama Kong crib is bigger than his you will see him on TV and he given Sunday win a Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai she was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money she went to the doctor got lipo with your money she walking around looking like Mike go with your money so they got that insurer Geico for your money if you ain't no Punk holla we want prenup we want prenup yeah and something that you need to have because when she leave your way she gonna leave with half 18 years 18 years she got one of your kids got you for 18 years on an 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his man he killed that bitch they gave him 25 years 25 years you know how people come out to poetry slams and they light incense and everything I had to make my own ambiance you know for me to feel comfortable everything I had nothing to do with the poem whatsoever I just thought it'd look good on TV so people always talk about you know kinase II is he is he really like that is he really that that Derek I just don't like his attitude I don't like you know you know they they they say your attitude determines your latitude well I'm high as a motherfucker flies of motherfucker I still a motherfucker you love to hate but can't because you love what I make now ain't that about a bitch and i'ma talk shit until I'm out of hits they don't want to turn the speaker's up they claim I ain't deep enough all that talk and I feed off of keep it up I'm relaxing my feet is up I'm leaving you haters like when Shaq left the Lakers just to heat it up I state the stats two stunts I don't need the front make black history a day I'll need them off the survey says by the streets according Kanye just important as Michael Jordan was to the NBA when he was scoring Ralph Lauren was boring before I Wharram okay so we get to the real poems I just want to stop oh this is about you know something I've been through in the past year that I'm sure a lot of y'all have been through and y'all I get the gist of it at the poem at the poem goes on it's called bittersweet bittersweet you're gonna be the death of me I don't want you but I need you I love you and hate you at the very same time see what I want so much she never hurt this bad never did this before that's what the Virgin says we've been generally warned that's what the surgeon says God talk to me now this is an emergency and she claims she only whipped me for the courage say you cut me deep bitch cut me like surgery and I was too proud to admit that it was hurting me I never do that to you at least purposely we breaking up again we making up again but we don't love no more I guess we fucking then have you ever felt you ever won tequila and you mix them emotions with tequila and you mix that with a little bad advice of one of them bad nice you have a bad fight and you're talking about a family huh aunts and shit and she say motherfucker your mama's a bitch you know domestic drama shit or the attitude I never hit a girl but I shake the shit out of you but I'ma be the bigger man Big Pimpin like Jigga man oh I guess I figure it's bittersweet you're gonna be the death for me I don't want you but I need you I love you and hate you at the very same time see what I want so much she never hurt this bad never did this before that's what the Virgin says we've been generally warned that's what the surgeon says God talk to me now this is an emergency and my nigga said I shouldn't let her worry man I need to focus on the girls we get in currently but I've been thinking and it got me back to sinking in this relationship it even get me back to drinking at ease Hennessey is gonna be the death of me and I always thought that you have in my child was I destiny but I can't even vibe with you sexually because every time that I tried you will question me saying you fucking them girls disrespecting me you'll see how your lies is affecting me you'll see how life was supposed to be and I never let a nigga get that close to me and you ain't cracked up to what you were supposed to be you always going you always be with them hos abhi and it's the first time she ever spilled a soda me I fucked up and I know it G I guess it's bittersweet poetry the Philadelphia

46 thoughts on “Kanye West Def Poetry Jam Complete In Order

  1. Blend this with Cookin' Soul "Strategic" instrumental, straight FIRE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owaE5BJw73o

  2. INFMAN would love to be on Defjam records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z88FRqYKCb4&list=FL2WdpcU_1M77F7_RrQnzUjQ&index=1

  3. Kanye – Bush don’t like black people.
    But there’s no proof in that
    Trump don’t like blacks, Latinos or illegals and he’s on record saying that.
    Yet Kanye prefers Trump. Kanye also says Slavery was a choice. Can’t be a choice when you’re overpowered in those days.
    That’s why Kanye is wack and a white girl got him for 18 years.

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