Kader Khan – Biography

You have just come,
you have just settled down. You will remember
how uncle troubled you. 'Jack of all trades artist, Kader Khan.' What is it? 'Whether it is writing,
or direction, or acting..' '..Kader Khan is number
one in everything.' Yes? Tell me. 'Kader Khan has made everybody laugh..' '..but his life has
faced major tragedies.' 'His parents separated
from each other due to poverty.' My mother and father
could not get along..' '..and after a while they divorced,' My maternal grandfather
came and told my mother.. ..that she will have to marry again. 'And after that his
mother married again.' 'Kader Khan could not get
along with his stepfather..' '..and he used to be very sad
on seeing his mother working hard.' 'There came a time when he
met other boys from the street..' '..and thought of going
and working in a factory.' I threw away books.
I said this is right. 'He will earn money which
will remove poverty in the house.' 'He was talking about
this with his friends..' '..when his mother got a hint of this.' 'Then his mother told him
that 3 rupees cannot remove poverty.' 'That he won't be able to change their
fate by resorting to child labour.' 'If he wanted to do something
then he should study.' Mother, I will definitely
fulfil your wish. I will study. From then, till I completed
my education, I never looked back. 'The manner in which his
mother asked him to study..' '..affected him, and Kader
Khan concentrated on his studies.' 'And that is the reason he started to
take part in plays while in college.. '..and then started to direct plays.' Misery? When misery hears
my miserable tale it feels miserable. But we are people with self-respect. We remain hungry and hide our tears.. ..but we do not beg. If I could get some help.. 'Kader Khan completed his studies.' 'He obtained diploma
in civil engineering.' 'Between 1970 and
1975 he used to teach..' '..at M.H.
Saboo Siddik College of Engineering..' '..at Byculla in Mumbai.' 'And along with that he continued
his work with plays also.' 'Poverty has not been
removed completely..' '..and luck was going to change.' 'Once he acted in a play
on the annual day of the college..' '..and Dilip Kumar asked to see it. There was a competition
to which my drama was sent. Local Train. It won all the awards. Best director. Best actor.
Best supporting actor. All of them. And I also got 1500 rupees cash. 'Dilip Kumar saw his acting
and signed him on for two films.' 'The films were Sagina
Mahato and Bairaag.' 'This was the time when Narendra
Bedi came to Kader Khan..' '..and told him that
he had seen his play..' '..and he wanted him
to write dialogues..' '..for his film Jawani Diwani.' 'And from that point Kader
Khan started off as a writer.' Both you and I are feeding
off the world of crime. The only difference is
that I eat chapattis of flour.. ..while you eat chapattis of cow dung. 'This century's great
actor Amitabh Bachchan's..' '..two favourite directors
Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra..' '..used to get him to write dialogues.' 'God knows how many times Mr. Bachchan
has mouthed his dialogues..' '..whether it is in the film
Amar Akbar Anthony..' '..or in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.' I considered to be like God but you
turned out to be worse than devil. You do favours to
people and in exchange.. ..you expect them to
be treacherous and dishonest? 'Not only dialogues,
but Kader Khan also wrote..' '..screenplays of many films.' Father, what is happening to you? What is happening? 'He did well as a comedian..' '..and became very
famous as a villain aslo.' All these people work
for me and my party.. ..just like you are working for me. What nonsense are you talking? Mr. Amarnath, this is not nonsense. These are the moves
in the game of politics. All of you are my pawns
and work on my cues. 'Kader Khan's chemistry
with Govinda was worth watching.' Father used to say that.
How would I have known? Did you hear? Do you believe
now that the girl's father.. ..and the boy's mother are wiling. Are you going to take a decision or
shall I complain to the Village Council? 'Whenever these two
confronted each other..' '..the audience was
laughing uncontrollably.' Okay, I am going.
– So go away. Why aren't you going? 'Kader Khan's son Sarfaraz
Khan also acted in films.' 'There is a story behind
why Kader Khan left villainy..' '..and became a comedian.' Am I not that person?
What are you saying? 'It so happened that one
day his son got head injury..' '..and his head was bleeding.' 'Kader Khan asked what had happened.' 'He said that the neighbourhood
boys were taunting..' ..that his father is a villain
and this led to a scuffle..' '..and his head was wounded.' 'After that Kader Khan
decided that henceforth..' '..he won't act as a villain.
He will do comedy only.' 'And he did that only.' I you want to fight with boys,
you have to become a boy. From an adult,
I will have to become a child. 'Kader Khan was given many
awards for his dialogues and acting.' 'He won the award for best dialogues
for the film Meri Aawaz Suno..' '..and the award for best comedian for
Baap Numbari Beta Dus Munbari.' If you wish I will fix
an electric pole in my heart. There will be light. But please say once that you…that you.. What?
– I am feeling shy. 'Despite deteriorating health..' '..Kader Khan remained
connected with theatre.' Did you see, dear?
This is called the masterstroke. Even if an elephant sits down,
it remains taller than a donkey. Isn't it? 'He produced many plays
with many young men.' These are whose hands?
– Yours? There is so much strength in my hands. Stand properly. 'There is no other artist
who is such an all-rounder.' 'Kader Khan's name will
always be taken with pride.' 'To know about the lives
of great talented people..' '..subscribe to People & History.'

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