Kaash Paige “Love Songs” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I had made a song called DnD at first and
Doja Cat, she made No Police, and I remember I was vacuuming and I was like, “Shit. This is a fire beat, it’s a fire melody.” I was like, “Bro, I got to make a part 2.” I had to make a part 2. And I remember I was vacuuming and I was like,
“And if we paint a perfect picture we can make it last forever.” I was like, “Damn, that’s kind of hard.” But at the same, time I really don’t even
like love songs like that because I don’t really be talking to nobody. I was just like, “Shit, what if I make a love
song and just make people fall in love with it?” Because people be on games a lot, which is
like, what if we just vibe out like that? I realized it was a hit when I dropped it
on Twitter and I didn’t say anything. I dropped it on SoundCloud and people were
like, “Bro, what is this?” Everybody started just singing the song and
retweeting it. So I was like, okay, this is something. People were just sending it to me on Snapchat
and they were like, bro, you know your songs blowing up on TikTok? And I’m like, nah. Because I don’t use TikTok. I seen somebody make a dance to it, and they’re
like hitting the Whoa, and I’m like, wait, y’all can dance to this song? Because it was kind of fire, I’ve never seen
nobody dancing to no music like that. I didn’t really listen to that Chance the
Rapper song. It doesn’t really mean brown skin or anything
like that. I miss my cocoa butter kisses, somebody that
makes you feel a certain type of way. So it’s like you have a sweet spot for them. That’s the player I’m telling you, when I’m
talking to you, I hope you smiling. I’m trying to get a smile up out of you. You know how when you first started talking
to somebody, y’all always on the phone 24/7 cupcaking. When it start getting dead and you’re not,
it’s like the vibes not there no more. You already know they either interested in
somebody else, or they not interested in you no more. Who you talking to? Why you not tripping on me no more? Why you not giving me the attention that I
need right now? It’s just more like once you stop feeling
like somebody don’t really care about you or not really feeling you no more, it’s just
like you’d be peeping like … What you on? Why can’t I get your time? Slime is your ride or die. That’s somebody that you’re going to die for,
that’s somebody that you going to ride for forever. So it’s like, you used to be texting me, checking
me, calling me your slime. Like, what’s up slime? What you doing? Let’s hang out. Now you treat me like my worth less than a
dime. You don’t give a fuck about me. You shouldn’t be talking to anybody that does
not reciprocate the same energy as you. My orange sweater was a hockey jersey my cousin
Kaylee gave me. And I always used to smoke in it, and it always
brought me Luck. I’d always be a hotboxes like … It had a
seven right here and say Gators right here. I’d always be in a hotbox like, in there happy. Every single time I wore that sweater, even
my junior year, it was always happiness. So I was just like, if I want you to wear
something that always brings me happiness, that means that I want you have my happiness
and a part of me. Love is a drug. Once you love somebody, when she really likes
somebody, that’s all you want to talk to. They on your mind 24/7… It’s a drug. Why would I want that? Like, I want it, but it’s like, why would
I want that? Why would I want to get so attached to you
I lose myself. And the four stupid letters, L-O-V-E. Bro, I was Isaiah Rashad and Mac Miller like,
it’s not really no love songs on my playlist. I just feel like, there’s music that I love,
and it’s a feeling. I feel like, when a song can make you feel
good it’s like, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain me because I’m so different. I’m so weird. So, it just like, I don’t know what to explain
a love song as, and also, on top of that, when I made that, I was listening to, “Power Trip”
by Miguel and J Cole. I like to reference a lot back to, you know,
like dope artists cause I’m… I have a music free like I have ear for music. So, it just like, that’s all I like to listen
to. And just have melodies like, referring to
other artists. Cause I feel like that shit is dope. It’s creative. I’m from Dallas, Texas, but tipping on fofos
from real like originated from Houston and it just means like… Just, being with your joint in the car and
it just like that your vibe. Like, that’s something like y’all going to
lean back and just Cadillac and chill. The song makes you want to, you know, mess
with somebody, talk to somebody, at least get some attention. So, it’s just like Hey big head. Like Hey, like what you want, like what you’re
trying to do today. Like chill. Like, it just makes you want to do something
and it makes you want to be affectionate to somebody. Still back to tipping on fofos. Like, double cup… Like we sit in but I’m leaning on you like
I fuck with you heavy. Like you are somebody I want to be around
me when I’m throwd or when like when Love is a drug, I’m throwd. So it is more like that. I was lowkey thinking about the Matrix when
I made that part. More like the matrix and ecstasy. I don’t know if you know what ecstasy is but
it’s a love drug. So, you take the red I pop the blue. Bryson tiller also hadn’t “Set It Off”
you take half and you know, you take the other half, like just basically like that. I was referring to like just if I got it,
you got to take it too. Like we both drugging. I ain’t never been in love. I just like the feeling of it, because I’m
a player. I don’t … That love like, a love word is
kind of strong, but I know how it feels to really like somebody when they be on games
and you’re trying to talk to them and they just like.

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  1. i hate how everyone just turned this into a “tiktok song” literally all the comments are abt tiktok 😒 THIS IS A GOOD SONG ON ITS OWN 😩

  2. not trying to be rude but i’m pretty sure ur beat of the song is the same beat as the song ‘Drifting Away’ by khai dreams????

  3. Wonder if shes bisexual? She never specifics gender, in the song or here but in the video it was a dude? Not gonna mention the tomboy look cause she could just be a tomboy but its just a theory

  4. when she said “you shouldn’t be talking to anybody who doesn’t reciprocate the same energy as you “ sum of us felt that🥴

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