KA NAKRUH BO – 9 (Mizo Novel)

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24 thoughts on “KA NAKRUH BO – 9 (Mizo Novel)

    Tun ṭum chapter chu he story ka ziah chhan mob rule vel chung chang awarness ka bilh tel ta a, chapter 18 vela chapter khata tlema zawng awarness, a thawnthuin a ken pah theih tho si chu in phunpui loh hram ka beisei.
    Tin, Comment lama zawhna inneih hi ka hmuh ho chu ka chhang hram ṭhin. Mahse, ka chhanna inhmu nge hmu lo pawh hriattur awm lo hian a tam zawk hi chu reaction nei lo hian in awm zel mai bawk si a, reply hi a tuiawm loh ve ṭhin. Kan chhanna inhmuh chuan Like tal lo pe ve ṭhin ula a lawmawm hle ang.

  2. A tawi mah mah ṭhin ani.. kham awm loh ṭhin khawp mai, engpawhnise, next lo nghak leh phawt mai ang, kan thu ve silo a..

  3. I channel hrim2 hi keimah ah ka inruat zel mai a , a lungngaih thlak viau ..mahse a ngaihnawm emw bawk si

  4. Tun ṭum chu,a ngaihnawm rualin a bengvar thlak zawk mah e,dan kan hriat belh ṭeuh phah a,a lawmawm hle mai.

  5. i channel ka hmuh tirh kha ka la hrereng tunkum y.m.a day ni kha utube ah ka lut a hey taxi chaptar7 na kha ka zu hmua tih tur ka hre lo em em bawk nen 7na chu ka ngaithla ta a,chuan hey taxi tih chaptar dang pawh chu ka zawnga ka ngaihthlak chhunzawm ta zel a khata tang khan i channel hi ka ngaihlu ta em em a i post hi hmaih nei miah lovin ka ngaithla kim ka vek a😁ka lo sawi ve mai mai nih chu☺️

  6. Tha rep rep e..Chhuana hi ka tan tawp. OC nena an inhmachhawn dan vel hi..pa roh ee..i aw ki han tih vel dan lah hi thiam bawk si.

  7. Like hi a har viau a mi? In ngaithla tui thei doh2 hle si..Video luh rual a hmeh nghal mai hi thil har zuk ni hauh lova…TAIMA DEUH TEH U LIKE HI…

  8. Awiiiii,,,,tawp dan hi nge awmzia,,, ti mak thei e nag chu,,,,, rules khi a tha tawp,,, mizo ho chu thinbutut nei kn niaaa,,,,tiang lamin zirtirna khi kan mamawh,,, 🙊🙈

  9. Helai mob rule laitak mai hi henga thil thleng tawhte nen hian a dang in abuai chuar rudeuh tlat mai kati..polis te chhuichhuah theih loh chhuichhuak tu kha lawmthu hrilh ahneka man deih thunga, pawikhawihtu misual te an thih hma an hum hi chu aṭha mahse mipui kut tuara thi tawh mawhphur tutur zawn chiama aṭullo thleng thlenga tuar tir chiam mai hi chuh..oc azir tepawh ani ange..

  10. Pu Dar, KHEUHBEUH lai tak hi min lo hrilhfiah thei em? Hnam hming nge thil dang? Kheuhbeuh kan hman thin na 'mikhirh fal deuh' ani thin si a. Mob rule awareness hi tha ka ti khawp mai.

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