KA NAKRUH BO – 8 (Mizo Novel)

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39 thoughts on “KA NAKRUH BO – 8 (Mizo Novel)

  1. K rin dan chuann..kha mi avang khann burma ram jail h atan k ring a…ms chutiangin thiamlohna a neilo..advocate leh vc te chu trang dun selaa

  2. I story ziah chhiar hreawm ka tih na chu,nangman a nih tur ang tak in i chhiar leh bawk sia zam na nen a chhiar tui theih vak tawh lo 😀😀😀😀

  3. Tlai deuhah pawh a ngaihnawm loh phah chuang miah lo mawle….☺☺ weekend bonus awmtir keuh la… kau Dar…

  4. Beng var tawk lek in idah trin a…dah chhug lah hi arei si a…zan khat dana dah thei la avan tha dwn emm…Ha itih thak ngei mai ..hahakkk..atha ltkk e…kan ghakghel teh nia

  5. Ka u darzik laklawh deuh a min tihtawp sak leh vang hian ka like ringawt ang ka share dawnlo reng reng 😠😋

  6. A zanin hi a tawi zual emaw ni… Nge a hnuleh hriat chhunzawm ka chak lutuk vang zawk…. Naktuk zan awl lo mai teh a plz

  7. Zawhna pakhat ( tleirawl leh rawlthar ) tih hian danglam na a nei em??
    Tleirawl chu hmeichhia sawi na te an tia
    Chu tiang in Rawlthar hi mipa sawina te an tia.

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