[K Money Mastery] $4,500 Per Month Passive Income From Kindle Publishing

37 thoughts on “[K Money Mastery] $4,500 Per Month Passive Income From Kindle Publishing

  1. I am a debut writer. I self published my first book. Tried all social media marketing,but it seems all in vain. I recently republished my book on kindle

  2. Hi Stephen, firstly I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the value you bring with your videos. They're highly motivational and educational. So thank you for that….So I'm currently a med student. I started an ecomm business before I had gotten accepted to medschool. When school started I dropped putting work into my business and it continued bringing in a small income for me without me even marketing. Of course, it eventually died out. As I continued with school I couldn't help but feeling that I had a greater passion for online business than for medicine. I am currently in heavy debt because of medicine. I have become extremely fascinated with the business model you've been discussing. I'm considering moving on to greener pastures and I think that I'd like to go on to pursue my passion. I have 4 months left before the semester is over and I have a limited amount of funds that I can invest with. I would like to know if it's possible for me to work on my kindle/affiliate marketing business for the remainder of my time in school and be able to generate enough income to cover living expenses for when the semester is over. Is there some way you could possibly provide me with some guidance to help me get a better vision of what I'm going to have to do for the next few months? Am I taking an extremely risky leap?

  3. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of K Money Mastery on my blog at peacereviews. com/k-money-mastery-review/ Thanks. Ddt Sibyl.

  4. Stefan,

    I'm on the 3rd lesson of the K Money Mastery. I'm excited! I have a different question, Can I start a blog with one of the free websites and not use Blue host? the reason is I'm going to be a part of Full Disclosure and money is very tight. Can I still use Affiliate ads on a free website?


  5. I bought KMM! I did get my first book on the first page…ranked it very good but it's not selling well 🙁
    I'm not making any money :'(

    What did I do wrong?! Any tips?! Pls help!!

  6. I bought her book off kindle because of this video!!! She's cute, hard working, driven and mother and wife. A special woman.

  7. hey i really don't have anyone to ask so was hoping you could help.. just really need to know if its legal to use images on random blogs online for your books. Thats what my writer i hired said he would do to get images. Really would appreciate the help thank you

  8. I bought the KmoneyMastery. Love it. But in this video she says she just launched her first Audiobook but when researching this I was in the understanding that Createspace and ACX are just available for US taxpayers? But she is in India. Can anybody shed some light on this? Is there a way of bypassing these restrictions? I'm not in US.

  9. Hey Stefan! I love your videos and I just startet writing my own book. Now you said that outsourcing the writing would be much more efficient and that makes absolutly sence. I also want to get your k money mastery program, but i live in Germany. Is this system working for the german market aswell or should I try to publish the books on Amazon US? Is that possible?

    Thank you very much!

  10. kk ordrd fr it. tell me what do i get with it- do i get the kindle publishing software free? are thr more fees involvd aftr a sign up

  11. help me to get started with it. i hv to gt my gf started publishing. i am a writr and i think i cn use the same software to publish my books too! plz guide….would try to sign up straight asay

  12. Hey Stefan, can I buy the full-disclosure a little bit later, after I for example finished the main course ?

  13. Hey Stefan, A quick question: I live in the Netherlands but when I want to purchase your kindle book on k money mastery I cant do it because I live here.. how to solve?

  14. Hello Stefan, I finally uploaded my firt two books this week, bot on createspace and Kdp. I cant wait to share my progress and income over the next couple of months! #MassiveAction

  15. I purchased the 24 hour course 3 weeks ago and have been working on the steps on weekends with a goal to finish next weekend. I had a hard time focusing on breaking down my subject into subcategories, but this was very motivational. Great for her and for Stephan.

  16. Thank you for this inspiring interview. 
    I wonder how many books did you publish per week when you just started your business, and how many do you publish today?

  17. This sounds like a really great business to get into, however I have the fear that I do not have fantastic writing skills. I truly have always thought about writing books since my early teenage years and I've made small attempts to put together my ideas but I cant seem to get the complete circle. I'm also tone deaf and would love to learn how to sing but we both know that's just not going happen lol but I feel like my desire to be an author has the same fate. Any Advice or opinions welcome!

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