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[Applause] you Paul McCartney of the Beatles told GQ magazine a weird sex story a little book or you mean a Paul McCartney Q writer go like yeah yeah okay I wonder he thank you Paul thank you Paul Johnson Paul McCartney why cuz it's the fake politician Bo Paul McCartney we believe solemnly that Paul McCartney died in the nineteen sixties yyy-you for some documentary I don't what's the name of the documentary Paul McCartney really is dead I don't like reading and I don't like documentaries or oh my god oh you like documentaries I want to stay ignant alright keep saying it they're so interesting not kidding I like kissing everyone wants to watch like dr. Monroe's I don't know he's like let me like some movies movies documentaries are dumb so funny she didn't say that he says nothing like them you'd rather watch a movie movie but this is like how movies are based off of you know I really that that's what's funny because one is make-belief yes and one is history yes well it's not even the same thing sometimes which is even better it's even more fun yeah like the Paul McCartney one yeah she only likes watching movies on our base like that are really really but using like watching documentary anyway funny I never knew that about maybe he doesn't like her there she'll like shit he doesn't might get me slapstick comedies here's my comedy and he's gonna direct our movie cool this is a really good director can't wait keep me great with this good do you understood I knew for that I want to share on everybody for you shout out them right now but no one else and I didn't either I said in a complete fact that you like those have to come he doesn't like the kind of counties that we write though yeah so he doesn't think documentaries are dumb I never said you said he doesn't like this like yeah you added the thing you added um those are so that's so documents are so dumb minded did I say though I don't know he's like this dumb I didn't mean it anywho maybe she said it's so dumb because she wants to see it oh yeah yeah maybe that I don't know because I heard the word dumb that's what I was repeating and now these now they're all gonna think they'll you me what's the sex story that looked it up and see we're totally beefing now let's see yeah exactly oh you people with my man such a good kid oh actually I am more curious about what's so crazy yeah like what is the crazy thing homeless who wrote how to murder your husband was charged with murdering her husband Wow we've heard a story like this before no the other one was where this dude would write about how to kill that's right and then he only killed someone that means that the world this is very common in the world that's scary I know is this in the booth yeah Susa the six lives in Portland why would you do that so she is a romance novelist who's written she's been published at least seven times Wow making ladies all kinds of orgasms yeah does that mean anything no one in the Amazon publishing world that we live in but being published doesn't mean that any more of this yeah yeah I'm not you could be if you wanted to yeah just submit just write something rampage into a book there you go coffee table book Gio the coffee table book I mean I'm buying that I'm pre-order yes get your book right now I haven't done it yet but I'm gonna cross the title the coffee table book deal the coffee table Gio the cavity with the colon yeah yeah oh I love this collaboration guys I love and then you can check out my coffee table book it's called Nikki's but I've had secret super pictures of Nikki's but secretly for at least five years now or I'm gonna scrap it you'll be like hey hey hey can you pick up that towel over there dude you have no idea I get so many sneaky a shot I always sit weird and like I always sit like this and she doesn't know it but she's the most sexual being on the planet I've seen it yeah and the way that she sits is like she wants to get fucked that way you do text all do ass so you get the tip mark and I get to ask market I'm it could be your book where like the front pages the tips and you flip it over in this yes this is why you're a genius yep that's why you're fucking you she just cut me out of the deal you're out this is like cardi B versus Nicki Minaj and all over Steve is that your fucking wallet on the table this problem explain what the fuck is going on this is actually my wallet in a better condition than normally that's a baby while I compared to my clothes everything so many things I got 30 grand in here what do you need to see [Laughter] daddy say I mean what do you mean poor fuck yeah exactly what's in your wallet I don't know yeah exactly mine's all receipts for expenses and shit but that was before the internet I know me about any card no everything's all mine I know man but my wife makes me follow receipts rollers oh my god your wife is that way – I don't know if wallet no she she is like a purse I know there's a duffle bag on the purse but to me that's not that crazy because when I got with Nicki she didn't have a personal and I made her get personal yeah because because we go somewhere and she would put everything in her fucking pocket and then when she gets up and I'll come always on the seat I'm like your IDs like on the chat do you not understand how I like falls in the grass so I'd always have to like I always a dad her watching and like holding her but this whole time but that's for sure if she loses it she's like oh my god where to go and then we got his family a whole fucking pay until we go back and then I heard all the TV with her all shit I just just backpacks now man it's the male parts at this point that yeah before it was just like you would have a key like a card maybe your ID or some shit and then that was it but now your fucking phone is the size of a tablet you have also this it's like have you seen the venmo debit cards yeah it's smaller than a credit card it's like this big really does it go on your keychain tickets keep that small I mean it's like a credit card apply over here this one's like that I love the genuineness in that like Freda you really believe that it's cute I just yeah it's a door yeah cuz then because a lot of people they're like oh that's my bit that I like small things but you it's completely genuine not sure if any of us have a bit on this show I think you live in you are literally bits you are this yeah you are the bit yeah because you're such a joke jail cuz rusev yeah are you calling a bitch for just shortening and call me a bit no no no that's not his thing that's my did yeah that only happens the first time I know about it though I love it though it's always a genuine thing I love it it's fun true it's just the way the pee is submitted by spider good piece oh fuck no it's better shaped what if their spider shapes guys yeah no they're wafers what the wafers spider wafers with strawberry in the middle then you admit their cookies fuck I said what eff and I like how you talk to conclusions you don't think waivers like wafers of cookies I do not believe they're cookies I think well I think we need a brand you're bought drawn Butler to figure out cookies get the jobs they don't have the watch of the video well we don't want mrs. fields to talk about these we know that we want some random celebrity and talk about that's all Sam the woman who was paralyzed after being catapulted from her bed during sex is suing the furniture supplier meet my rough sex needs yeah was it an electric bed no so the way they describe this bed is a king-sized double Devon did they advertise like this is perfect if you like it rough and then it wasn't for her no because what basis could she sue on so she's saying that the bed was in a defective state at the time of her accident yeah she looks pretty pissed yeah I mean like like what happened to you I got fucked like this you know the guy that did that to worry forever now he's like yo I'll just go so hard I'm paralyzed dude tip you're making fun of the paralyzed that you horrible person why is that guy's got a cigarette by her fucking hand dude you are a savage there's a helping her smoke she's like bringing it to her lips no but they in the UK they I'm thinking smoking I don't say I don't know everywhere in Europe right yeah zooming in zoomed in all the way on her face you are the most brutal people do the butcher

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  1. why does geo always go so hard on a point when she's wrong? she said casey didnt say that so many times its annoying, and in the best of nikki limo 2 video she insisted so strongly that she didnt say "fireplaces are for rich people" when she did say that, such an annoying trait of hers.

  2. I love Tiff, she's my favorite. I feel like she grew so much over the years, and I love how she started joking around with everyone too

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