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hi guys welcome back to my channel for part two of my July but call if you didn't see part one then I explained in that video that I've decided to split my book hauls up in a new way every month so I will upload one book haul which is all of these secondhand books I have purchased or books I have I've been passed on my friends or family as well as the books I borrowed out of the library then in what is today's book all I'm going to tell you about the books that I bought new or were saying by publishers for a review now I don't want to stay here for a terribly long time because I am this close to be melting in the style of the Wicked Witch of the West it is so hot and my Puri Scottish soul cannot deal with it but I didn't want to share with you these books I'm very excited about thermos so without further ado let's get straight and I'm actually gonna start with a bouquet shoot par so I haven't had a look in yet but came this morning so I knew it was time to film this video and this is a bookish subscription box called the bookish Lea classic book crate and I was sent this box for free to review by the company but I'm not being sponsored and my reactions are going to be my own etc etc I'm just like I'm saying any other books for review so let's see what is in here uh-huh right I've got some classic I don't know why I just did that my brain is melting just I reckon ugliest fact there's lots of that keeping it safe and pad days I mean it's recyclable so that is good no plastic or border I am we then have a little sheet which tells you about what's in this box it says hello welcome to this month's create this one is themed around a room of one's own by Virginia Woolf we hope you love everything inside I already think I will the themes are freedom and confinement literature creativity wealth and poverty and power I won't look at what's actually inside but I'm super cute yes to feminist classics so the first thing I can see here is a little packet of tea which is always appreciated it says tame a horrible tea I think this we made four bookish sleepers from the brand Jenny or worlds of teas can never go wrong with tea Oh does anybody else notice you get a lot of tea and book subscription box you don't get coffee I love coffee anyway I'm not complaining okay this is a little pocket mirror with a little book there on it but we sadly don't pocket mirror so I can see her sweat I am lovely I then see a little passage which has a little makeup bag in it or a pencil case or whatever you want to uses it says it is much more important to be oneself than anything else do not dream of influencing other people think of things in themselves that's lovely yeah well I can never have too many makeup bags so that is really cute and actually really tasteful which I can't say is always true because subscription boxes and we then have our notepad which also has a court which I imagined from Virginia Woolf that says so long as you write what you wish to write this is all that matters and whether it matters for ages are only four errors nobody can say that is lovely and I can always do a little no pass to make lists on my desk really handy and then have the first big this is a tiny little penguin mini modern and this is the crack looking-glass by Katherine Anne Porter which isn't actually one I've got so that is very lucky I've got some here and it says a passionate unfulfilled women considers her life and her marriage in this movie novella one of America's finest short story writers never heard of this author never at this bit so these books are always great to introduce yourself to new authors let me know if you read anything by her I was probably with its pals and then we have unsurprisingly Virginia Woolf a Room of One's Own and the voyage out it is absolutely lovely basically this is a paperback of this big but because they have created their own little cover to go right there that is genuinely adorable I've not seen anything like I'm before and it looks beautiful I love that oh you got like little special cover so it's like a special edition that is really cute now I actually own a few copies of Virginia Woolf Room of One's Own and at this point it just feels like I'm collecting them so I'm actually happy have another one but we'd recommend this book very highly we then have some other little bits and pieces including a little print that says lock up your libraries if you like but there is no core no lock no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind that I love this is going on my wall of prints and postcards and then we also have a little fat she about Virginia Woolf and he bookmark with another court which are always handy and lastly something that is wrapped up in wrapping paper so let's have a look at what this is I I don't like Haroon wrapping paper because you know reuse recycle everything let's see if I can keep this reasonably usable oh my god there's another little piece of art and this is so cute it says a woman must have money and a river one if she's to write fiction and which is a quote from Bridget in a little over a page of a Room of One's Own page 87 specifically and it's in like a little frame oh I'm gonna piss on my desk this is really cute and these are things that like I actually like okay I am super pleased at this I have to say genuinely this is one of my favorite because subscription boxes I think I've ever gotten because I mean obviously it is theme during something I enjoy I am and I think everything and it is actually genuinely quite useful so thank you so much British Lee great really enjoying that but let's move on because like I said I am melting here next I will show you the books that I bought myself which are only a couple and then I will move on to the books I was saved by publishers so the first of the two books I got myself new is nightshade a tale of ancient prophecies magic and love by Shia Godfrey so this is a fantasy romance with queer characters in particular female female romance which as you've probably learned at this point of something I love in my fantasy I mean I love it in general but I'm always on hum for more like queer women in fantasy and I write about this one on a list of queer fantasy books and then so it was reduced online so decided to treat myself it says in a land torn by war for generations princess Jessa is sent as a peace offering to the country of understanding all too well that she's being sacrificed upon the altar of her father's ambitions and condemned talents certain impossibly shortlist future if the machinations of her own family are any indication but she finds a black stone keep is not what she expects and for dr. royal blood he has known little of freedom and even less love the members of the gironde family are proving to be a very pleasant riddle to solve the youngest daughter Daria strand is most surprising of all so a princess princess romance and a fantasy world bring it on and then we have a school for unusual girls by Kathleen Baldwin I think this one is young adds up and it's saying 1814 and during the Napoleonic Wars in Britain uh finishing school where girls who behave slightly unruly and like young ladies aren't supposed to behave are sent to sorry be fixed but instead they're actually trained up as spies and is about our protagonist they're sent to school and becomes a spy during the Napoleonic war and I think also falls in love with one of em the men working for the same organization so here for that but then when I books that were sent to me by the publisher the first one was actually sent to me by the author and I feel very honored because that is once upon a river by Dan Satterfield when Dan centerfield saw my recent review of the thirteenth tale she offered to send me a copy of her new book and of course I said yes because thirteen seal it's one of my favorite books of this year so far potentially of all time love it and this is her new book I actually don't know terrible might not buy it because I'm purely going in fact I endure Diane's airfields writing and mystery building and the other book but it says three girls are missing one is returned our story begins on a dark midwinter's night in an ancient in on the River Thames an extraordinary event takes place the regulars are telling stories to wile away the dark Harris when the door bursts open to reveal and grievously windows changer in his arms is a lifeless body of a small child hours later the girls stars takes a breath and returns to life is a miracle is it magic or can science provide an explanation these questions have many answers some of them quite dark indeed but yet the answer field is just a masterful writer and mystery builder I'm so eloquent so creative such incredible well-rounded characters and I'm really excited to tackle another one of her books plus I love things stay in London so that's an extra bonus another author I know in love is Christie Logan and this is her new short story collection this is a proof copy I think the final copy is black with white text and this says things we see in the dark and these are particularly horror magic realism short stories know Kristy Logan is already an incredible magic realism short story and novel writer and this is very much you know heading more in the direction of the horrific and the creepy than her past work but that's something I love in short stories so knowing that I enjoy her other short story collections and novels I am assuming I'm also gonna love this compared to Angela Carter draw some fairy tale themes that's all I know about it and I that is all I need to know I'm really excited speaking of excited I just get absolute joy looking at the cover of this next book it is Nortec Tales folk tales from Norway Sweden Finland Iceland and Denmark illustrated by Thai now these are traditional like fairy tales from these the Nordic countries and is published by Abrams and Chronicles and it is gorgeous now obviously I'm quite familiar with Greek and Roman mythology I feel like I have reasonable knowledge of you know British and particularly celtic Scottish folklore I don't know much Nordic folklore so I'm really excited to read more Nordic tales because they have a long history and I'm sure they're incredible and just excited to have such a beautiful edition of them it also has illustrations inside which are stunning like this would be such a beautiful gift but in the meantime it is a gift to me from the publishers but when I greatly appreciate and cannot wait to dive into it I then have two books or sent to me from Emma over at big break which is the Pan Macmillan publishing house channel and those are the hiding game by night we wait and the nearly normal a nearly normal family by Mt Edwardson so this is a thriller which I have been in the mood for recently it says every murder case starts with a suspect what the suspect is your daughter would you believe her or the evidence against her so it's all about the different members of this family's reactions to the doctor being accused of murder so the mother and the father we actually differently and don't know whether she did or not and I kind of like that theme in a thriller in which we have a suspect and it's really unclear whether they are the murderer or not so I'm really excited first I did like I mentioned I have heightened game by Naomi wit this is a book set during the Bauhaus art movement in Germany in the 1920s I'm and the dreamlike an increasing unstable period in German history I mean I actually visited at the Bauhaus art gallery or museum years ago when I was in Berlin with my parents Berlin is one of my favorite cities I've ever visited I've been three T times now and I think that my house is a really interesting art movement although I don't know a terrible amount about it so I thought it would be fun to read a novel set around that time involving at that movement and I actually thought my mom might like to read it after me sorry for the interruption I just had to go and grab a battery for my camera because this one had died and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I can literally see the beads of sweat under my eyes don't know if that's showing up for you but oh well what can you do yeah this is also a bit of a suspense and a novel of secrets and mysteries in itself and I'm looking forward to reading it next we have surge by J Bernard winner of the Ted choose a word for a new work in poetry which is pretty high praise when it comes to poetry books this was sent to me by penguin platform in honor of Pride Month I'm just excited to try a new poet which is always fun it also has pictures in it which I kind of like when you get clean and multimedia used in poetry collections but this one is all about the new cross massacre which was a fire that took place in 1981 as a party and killed 13 young black people so it is about that so it kind of is exploring a real event in Reece history through poetry which is something I really enjoy and I'm intrigued to learn more and also experience gee Bernard's I'm poetry style so looking forward to this I then have two books in a series which is the smoke of Thieves series so basically Victoria has just come on and the publish are very kindly so many book books because I hadn't read pick one but thought they sounded like a lot of fun so pick one is of course the smoke thief and then book two is the demon world and these are by Sally green I haven't read any Sally green before but I've heard a lot of praise for her whining fantasy in the past so I am excited to finally beat some I pick one says in a brigant Princess Catherine prepares to marry a man she's never met while her true love Ambrose faces the executioner's book who wonder why in called–or giant rodent sermon march seeks revenge on the prince who betrayed his people in Victoria edia and stanza a crossroads family in fortune one way destruction the other and in the barren Northern Territories – is facing her demons literally as the kingdom's alliances shift and shatter these five young people find their features inextricably linked by a mysterious bottle of demon smoke and by the unpredictable types of war who arise who will fall and who are not the secrets of the small sounds like multiple perspective fantasy so much going on there really really intrigued to try it out I believe it's a geology so it's now complete I'm also gonna mention this to my friend who's also called – because she may enjoy reading a book with a character who shares her name so I have those and then last but finally not least I have against memoir by Michelle teeth this is actually a proof copy that since we buy and other stories but I love this I'm assuming the final cover looks something like this but regardless this is such an awesome design this book is the author's journey exploring queer America says Michelle T is iron exhibiting guide to the hard times and well creative it's wild creativity of queer and misfit life at America and I think she goes around and talks to different I am queer memoirists and queer authors as well as like activists that says she visited a trans protest camp and spoke to teenage Goths hustling for tips at an ice creamery you know really trying to get a broad idea of kind of like diverse range of queer people living in America and their subcultures this sounds like something I would really enjoy and of course is nonfiction that wasn't clear but those are all the books I have to share with you in this video do let me know if you have read or interested in reading any of these I would love to hear from you and if you didn't see how I also included a video this month which was called another victim er pics my book haul where I did a big swap with Chelsea over at Chelsea darling meets so if you didn't catch that I will link that down below as well as part 1 of my July boot cult but in the meantime happening and I'll see y'all again soon bye guys

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  1. this isnt related to the books u mentioned here but i wanted to ask you if you had thought about making a video about (books abt) communism lol and also if you had seen this reveiw of that book called "why women have better sex under socialism" or something!! i just thought you might find it interesting! https://thenewinquiry.com/for-one-another/

  2. Ah I saw you were doing your PhD in Classics and I subbed immediately, and as a bonus you seem like the sweetest human!

  3. as you go into Once upon a River, know that its a story more about the journey than the destination.. youll probably enjoy it better that way, instead of wanting to get to an explanation like I did.

  4. I read Against Memoir last month, I liked it ok– some essays were better than others. It is definitely more focused on people close to the author/on her own life and it was more personal than I had expected from the title. Still worth it though! The US copy looks sooo different

  5. I'm for sure putting the Nordic Tales book on my to-buy list. I already have Celtic Tales and Gothic Tales in the same series, and I really hope they'll continue making more!

  6. After reading Valencia by Michelle Tea, I really wouldn't recommend her books. The writing was so bad and felt really dated and poor when compared to similar books.

  7. Omg a novel involving the Bauhaus sounds so interesting! I'm jealous you've gotten to see the museum, I was just in southern Germany which is a cool place but I would love to see Berlin haha

  8. I just saw a book by Michelle Tea in Gay's the Word today! It was a fiction book about a young girl who moves to LA!

  9. It's 40 degrees in the Netherlands and I have been a puddle for the last couple days.

    Also Nordic Tales looks so pretty! Wish I could live in that cover and cool off.

  10. I'm so glad you enjoyed the crate! Thank you for including us in your haul. We also have a couple of smaller subscriptions with coffee just so you know 😉

  11. The Nordic Tales Book is a beautiful edition! Adding it to my list of books to purchase eventually for my collection 😊

  12. I like the way you have split your hauls, a lovely idea. That framed page from a Rooms of One's Own is brilliant, I must read A Room of One's Own at some point. I must, must, must read Once Upon A River this year. I can't decide if it is an autumnal book or if I could get away with it in summer. So jealous of Things We Say in the Dark. A lovely haul.

  13. Love your haul videos. I currently have Once Upon a River from the library and can't wait to read it as I loved The Thirteenth Tale also

  14. Try reading foundryside if you haven't, It's I believe ya fantasy, but anyways I don't think I should tell you why I recommended it because then you will be just waiting for something to happen, and it might make you impatient. Anyways, it's a series only one book is out.

  15. I've read The Cracked Looking Glass but only because I read the whole box set (and the box set of the Little Black Classic Minis too). You're right, I found that the main benefit of it was for author discovery!

    Also, your knuckles look sore, hope you're okay! Did you get that from smashing the patriarchy? 😀

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