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[MUSIC] Books, yeah. That’s it, that’s the opening. [MUSIC] Hey, didn’t see you there. Welcome to the July Epic Reads
reading challenge. How’s it going? You can’t answer, you’re a camera. So I am going to talk about some of the
books we have coming up in the month of July over here on Epic Reads. But before I get into that I’m gonna
talk about the Year of Epic Reads reading challenge. The Year of Epic Reads Reading challenge
are challenges monthly, weekly, and quarterly where each challenge
has a different theme. And you just pick any book that
fits that theme and can read it. And there’s a Facebook group where you
can talk to other book people about what you’re reading said week,
month, or quarter. It’s a really fun time, fun place. Links will be down below. And monthly reading challenge because I’ve
only ever been able to do the monthly challenge. As hard as I’ve tried to
not been able to read more. I’m a slow reader, maybe someday but
that is not today, and was not the last six, seven,
over a year that I’ve been doing this. [LAUGH] I have not been able
to read more than one a month. Let’s not talk about it. And the reading challenge this month
is to pick the perfect summer read. And so the book that I picked
is Sea Witch by Sarah Henning. This book I read last summer but
I’m rereading it because there is a sequel coming out in August
called Sea Witch Rising. And so I wanted to remember what happened
here and it’s very summery, very beachy. It is about the iconic villainess
from The Little Mermaid and how she became quite so evil. And I don’t want to spoil it more for you,
it’s definitely something you should read. It’s the perfect time to read it and
you’ll be reading it in time for the sequel to come out. But if you want witchy, summery vibes,
this is the book for you. That reminds me, and by that,
I mean talking about books. Talking about books reminds me
that my shirt says, it’s lit. It’s an official Epic Reads merch shirt. And, when I went to pick up my lunch,
today, at Chipotle, the lady across the counter said,
it’s lit. And, I said, yep. And, it’s a pun, because it’s lit,
but also, it’s literature. And if you guys have been watching
these videos you know I love puns. Okay, let’s get back to the rest
of the books but links down below. So the next book I have
here is Pan’s Labyrinth, the Labyrinth of the Faun by Guillermo
del Toro, and Cornelia Funke, and this is based off, inspired by
Guillermo’s movie, Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s, first of all got a gorgeous,
stunning cover. I wanna make sure you
see every bit of that. But there’s also some fun and
freaky stuff going on under the cover. Bam, it’s kind of terrifying,
but I kind of love it. And so this is an adaptation of the movie
that was written with Cornelia Funke, who’s the author of Ink Heart and
a lot of other fun books. And they’re interesting extra fairy
tales woven into here that give you more background on the story from the movie and
the story within the book. And there’s also really fun art
pieces within it that Guillermo found an artist himself and
commissioned to do the art. So it’s like a really great package,
really spooky, dark, fantastical read about a long lost princess,
some trickster faun, and some evil men. And it’s wonderful. [SOUND] And the next book I have here
is Soul of Stars by Ashley Poston and this is the sequel to Heart of Iron, which was an Anastasia retelling
with tons of action set in space. And yes, it was as epic as it sounds. This is also going to be
an epic space sci-fi saga. And it follows, without spoiling the first
book, Ana after she escapes from the hive but must save her best friend Di and
the kingdom from their evil clutches. So it’s going to be an epic,
all out awesome novel. Can you tell I’m excited? Sorry. [SOUND] So the next book I have
here is The Beckoning Shadow by Katharyn Blair and this is an urban
fantasy a low fantasy similar to Cassandra Claire’s The Mortal Instruments
series. And follows a girl named Vesper who has
the supernatural ability to turn your worst nightmare into reality. And she meets this group of other people
who are like her and enters into this thing called the tournament of the
unraveling which is like a tournament or fight club for
people with supernatural abilities. I’m sold. [SOUND] And
then here I have Immunity by Erin Bowman. This is the sequel to Contagion and
is another epic sci-fi novel. So in the first book Contagion, a skeleton
crew had to go to this faraway planet to answer an SOS call and when they
got there, most everything was dead. Or was it? Maybe some monsters rose from the dead. And the people who survived Contagion and
thought they were free and thought they were safe now have to stop
whatever happened on this planet from stopping esewhere, and from spreading. And so it’s epic and terrifying,
and exhilarating and awesome. [SOUND] The next book I have is
Destroy All Monsters by Sam J Miller. And this is a book that follows two
characters named Ash and Solomon, who 12 years ago,
something happened to them. They were in an accident. And then nowadays, Solomon lives in
this fantasy world where there’s this fear of outsiders and
there’s a lot of corruption and brutality. And it’s like there are dinosaurs,
and powers, and it’s this really magical place. And then Ash lives in the current present
world, where there are bullies, and things wrong at school,
and family issues at home. And as she sees her friend, Solomon, continue to sort of sink further
into this fantasy world, she realizes she has to figure out what happened to them
years ago, in order to save them both. Because she’s also dealing with
a lot of tough things on her end. And it’s this really mind bending,
interesting, great novel. [SOUND] And so the last book I have
from us that I’m going to mention is The Arrival of Someday by John Malone,
and this follows a roller derby girl named Amelia, who has a nickname
first of all, Rolldemort. I told you earlier in this
video I love me a good pun. So I really appreciate that. And everything in Emily’s
life is going one way until a rare liver disorder she
was born with flares up again. And unless you can get a transplant,
which could happen potentially anytime, she’s gonna die. And so her whole life becomes
a question mark, her future, college, a question mark and her family and
friends are treating her differently. And then someone from her past
unexpectedly comes back named Will and he promises not to mention her disease and she finally can feel like
a normal person again. But she has to face like, hey,
this might be the end, is this forever? Does this continue for me? And it’s just this really touching
emotional story you guys. [SOUND] And so now I’m gonna talk about
some books we got from another publisher. And the first one is this box
with Wilder Girls inside, which I’ve heard is like an all
female Lord of the Flies where this island got infected by something and
people started to mutilate and die off. And now these girls who are left in
this school, like this caged in area, can’t go outside fence, because
it’s toxic and dangerous out there. And it sounds creepy and
atmospheric and really cool. [SOUND] So the last book I’m going to talk
about here is There Will Come a Darkness by Katie Rose Pool. And this is a new epic
fantasy set in this really, really cool world where the prophets,
first of all, one last vision, about essentially like,
the end, the end of everything. And there are five characters,
five main characters in this novel, and one might be able to stop, or
will cause this end of everything. And, it is a Prince exiled from his
kingdom, a ruthless killer known as the Pale Hand, a once faithful leader
torn between his duty in his heart, a reckless gambler with the power
to find anything or anyone and a dying girl on the verge of giving up. And so it sounds super epic. [SOUND] So that’s all I have for
you guys today. Again, click the link down below for
the Facebook group, for the shirts, for anything else that I
mentioned that I forgot. And I will see you guys next month. Thank you for watching and
I hope you’re having a fantastic summer. It’s lit. Okay, bye

19 thoughts on “July 2019 Epic Book Haul | Pan’s Labyrinth, Soul of Stars & more! | Epic Reads

  1. The pan’s labyrinth (the movie) is a heartbreakingly beautiful story if someone’s haven’t watched it they should.
    I think it’s very Underappreciated film.

  2. Pans Labyrinth is forever in the top 5 of my favourite movies of all tine😍😍
    I need there will come a darkness … like yesterday!!!

  3. I say it every month but I’m living for those intros 😂 I can’t read more than two books a month, so glad I’m not alone there. I have to check out The Beckoning Shadow 🙌🏼

  4. Pans Labyrinth is my favourite movie of all time and when I saw this book in my bookstore I literally died. I had no idea this was being turned into a book. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

  5. I’m currently reading SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson, the next books are SABRIEL by Garth Nix (re-read), CIRCE by Madeline Miller, and hopefully BLACK LEOPARD, RED WOLF by Marlon James!!!! July is a busy reading month for me!!! Lol

  6. Subbed love this haul it was lit thank you I think everything you've picked out is now in my Booktopia cart… Hate you jks I look forward to following your channel

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