Judge: Kids Don't Deserve An Education

a federal judge has ruled that Americans specifically students in Detroit do not have a right to literacy in fact they don't have they have no right to access to literacy as long as there are public schools that are being run that's all that matters the law is being followed now this all stems from a federal lawsuit that was filed by students in Detroit and it was because of the conditions that they were learning in in fact they weren't learning anything at all because the schools were severely underfunded and didn't even have the resources necessary to learn so a handful of Detroit students charged in federal court that educational officials in Michigan including Governor Rick Snyder's denied them access to an education of any quality so if you don't believe me here are some of the issues with these Detroit schools overcrowded classrooms lack of textbooks and basic materials unqualified staff leaking roofs broken windows black mold which by the way causes cancer contaminated drinking water rodents no pens no paper no toilet paper and unsafe temperatures that had classes cancelled due to 90-degree heat or classrooms so cold students could see their breath now a lot of that has to do with you know these terrible buildings and unsafe conditions that the students were trying to learn in but when it comes to the quality of education itself there were instances where there were no teachers in the class and the students were left to teach themselves the lawsuit even mentions one eighth grade student who taught a seventh and eighth grade math class for a month because no teacher could be found so I want to pause there because that that story is powerful and it really got to me the oftentimes right-wingers will yell at African American communities honestly and say why don't you pull yourselves up by the bootstraps but there are no bootstraps so not only do they have not toilet no toilet paper blackball I mean they said it's a disaster area right but they have no pens and they have no paper so how are they supposed to do homework how are they suppose do any work a lot of these classrooms have either ridiculously old books or no books at all but to me the over the the lack of a teacher was so over the top I can't fathom it can you imagine for any of you when you were going to school or if you're a parent with your kids going to school they're like oh by the way they're just not going to have a teacher for a whole month and that young kid an eighth grader in that community steps up and starts teaching his fellow students students peers yeah and then they yell at that community for not doing enough no this is this ruling actually sets a devastating precedent that not only impacts these schools in Detroit but impacts every public school in every country and I'll explain why in just a minute but the the plaintiffs essentially later look to the Constitution and they cited the equal protection clauses of the 14th amendment the I'm sorry due process and equal protection clauses of the 14th Amendment right and so they're arguing hey look at what schools in Detroit are like compared to other schools in the state of Michigan you know there is no equality here we are being severely underfunded we're not being taken care of we're being completely you know ignored and and we're learning we're supposed to be learning in these incredibly unsafe unhealthy conditions with no resources no materials no pens no papers and the judge said yeah you know I mean you really have no right to literacy and so if that's the that the ruling by the judge when it comes to these Detroit schools that's that's the president for all these other schools right yeah because if you're in a state let's say you are a liberal municipality in an incredibly conservative state red state and the governor decides yeah I'm okay with this school district being underfunded or ignored I'm not gonna look out for them I'm not gonna protect them I don't care about them he has the right to do so as long as that school is still running let me just read one quote from the judge and then jump in jang-hee says access to literacy is not a fundamental right accordingly the states alleged failure to provide literacy access to plaintiffs fails to state an equal protection claim on the basis of burdening a fundamental right the court is left to conclude that the Supreme Court has neither confirmed nor denied that access to literacy is a fundamental right the court must therefore cautiously take up the task yes so well that means you don't have a right to an education be all that means that we could just turn the schools in areas we don't like or care about at all into warehouses you must go to school we're not going to educate you at that school because you don't have a right to literacy we're just gonna house you there and maybe we'll arrest some of you from time to time but we're just it's like a holding cell if you will we are now back at pre civil rights era separate but equal you go to some of the private schools in the good cities okay and they are spectacular you wouldn't believe the facilities that they have and then there are schools sometimes in the same exact city where they have no paper no pen there's rats running around in the hallways there's no teachers and then the courts go yeah yeah no they're separate but they look equal to me I mean in this case though there's absolutely no concern about whether or not these schools are equal there's an acknowledgement that they're not equal yeah in a sense it's worse than the separate but equal phase it in American history where we pretended that the schools were equal when the black kids were being sent the terrible schools and the white kids were sent to good schools now we're saying no I know they're not equal and I don't care so your kids will rot and my kids will be in great shape and you'll just have to deal with that it's gross it is gross and and keep in mind that historically governments have wanted to keep the masses uneducated historically they've wanted people to be illiterate in US history the slaves were forced to be illiterate they were not allowed to learn to read yeah I went to a plantation in South Carolina when I was there and they explained that one of the strictest rules they had was that no slave was ever allowed to learn how to read and so there was severe punishment if you were allowed to learn because if you learned and you got an education well you might realize that you should rebel you should rebel against the system and and and then they would turn around and go well they can't be educated well if they can't be educated then why do you have a sign that says or and a rule that says don't educate them you know they can be educated they knew it all along and that's exactly what they were afraid of knowledge is power and when you are knowledgeable you can fight back and governments don't want that too easy wasteful young turks want us hit the subscribe 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33 thoughts on “Judge: Kids Don't Deserve An Education

  1. And I thought Fox news was lying about kids testing as low as kids who had never gone to school….

  2. And some wonder why there is the stereotype of the ignorant American. If you don't value education, well, it's kind of noticeable after a while.

  3. Being born and raised in Detroit I can say without a doubt it is the worst school district in the US

  4. They want the children to fail so that they would end up being in the streets and there by been arrested and dumped in their private industrial complex prison systems. (prisons for profits in America).

  5. Is a purposeful setting of a precedent to make the obscenity of education and literacy denial is an outright attempt to make the hate crimes in this so-called education system "defensible"

    If the opportunity is there share the plague carrying vermin with the Judge and his family

  6. Sue the judge. This precedent is a purposeful prejudice against individuals of non Caucasian pigmentation. The entire decision of this case by this judge is an

  7. This is outrageous!!!! It is immoral, unethical, selfish. This is the Ayn Rand that Neoliberalism and the likes of Paul Ryan worship.

    This is what economists Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman promoted and eventually sold to Ron Reagan. Laissez Faire Free Market, Globalization with slave labour and privatization. This is the catastrophe this philosophy without empathy, ethics, and morality produces.

    To the point it is putting the people that much closer to a revolution past the Bernie's "political revolution".

    The more I research the history of where we are in economy and government today, along with looking at the commentaries from the people, the more I realize we are approaching the "fight to return to more equality with slim hope.

    In the first place, to understand Neoliberalism you have to look at how it began in 1938 for the wealthy to defeat the social programs brought in by FDR. I will leave that topic for people to look into other than say Friedrich Hayek followed by Milton Friedman swaying Reagan was the driving force.

    Every president from Reagan onward, no matter the party, swung over to Neoliberalism which core value was to defeat "expensive labour", be it organized or otherwise, by creating a world wide unregulated, no rules globalized slave labour pool, which they in fact did create…..

    We now have over 21 million slaves across the world producing 150 billion dollars in slave laboured products.

    Now we are reducing children to attend a school abyss in poverty without even teachers at times?

    To understand how this force was driven, was with a very selfish philosophy that people such as Ayn Rand perpetuated.

    Rand sold her twisted view of the world by promoting deep greed…. along with self love if you will, as a kind of self help….

    Paul Ryan admits that as a young man, with a father that died young, he was searching for a belief system, and became engulfed in the "self help" of Ayn Rand, who at her base belief was against any social programs, including pensions, health care, and zero charity.

    She emphatically believed that any social program such as a pension plan or health care or any help of fellow human beings and communtiy was a weakness in humanity that should not be tolerated. She believed each individual had to ignore these kind of virtues in order rise above all of that.

    Imagine that kind of world with no empathy….. Well it is actually not hard, as we are heading that way right now. We just seen the GOP give a trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthy, while this Detroit school is left in a gorge of poverty. The ethics of this is awful!

    The philosophy is anti community, anti government. In fact, under Rand you would simply have a military, a police force and a court room, with a small government…Somewhat libertarian in approach. This is the kind of hardship that fosters fascist type leaders, that people are hoping will lead them out of the mess. it took place in Germany after the the WWI as well as Italy, and many other countries…. It may be happening in America before our eyes…..

    The combination of Friedman's neoliberalism in conjunction with Ayn Rand, is what you have dominating the one percent wealthy's outlook on life.

    That in mind, the corporates then lobby the politicians to shape policy to their collective view point in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

    You can see where the monies has corrupted both parties in America to vote for corporate wishes, even though the people feel differently. NRA clearly showed that in gun control, where 92 percent wanted updated gun laws, yet the politicians voted against their own people in favour of the corporate world backed by the NRA….

    The monies is what has corrupted the left as well, who used to support unions, but they have become weakened with overseas slave labour being the go to location for manufacturing. So now the only monies left for establishment democrats is with the one percent, hence they do their bidding. Thankfully people like Bernie Sanders is trying to change this with "people donations", but it is very hard.

    The media get a spin off as well from the obscene corporate monies, including the left wing media, and so when Bernie Sanders wants to bring in controls for corporate donors, the establishment media says, hey wait a minute, that is our advertisement dollars, hence Sanders gets very little coverage, and same for other democratic progressives….

    In short, our children lose out to the Neoliberal push to privatize schools. The corporations want to dictate or have as nothing, or at the least, propaganda being taught…. Absolutely no morality or social programs that would take from their agenda, and of course all should be taught to push their profitable free market, and demonize all programs for people as "bad socialism"

    So with all of that we have:

    Trump, who is really the "me, myself, and I" philosophy, or a take off of Ayn Rand, however, he, unlike Ryan, knew enough to keep most of that to himself.

    Unfortunately, he is duping the people who are so desperate, they look at Trump as their only hope.

    And why wouldn't they, as after all the left abandoned them to push NAFTA (Clinton) and free trade which took their jobs…

    And then with Sanders being demonized by the right as a big bad socialist, and the media on the left afraid of Sanders because he will cut into there profits with diminishing corporate dollars into the political system……

    We have had the creation of the " Perfect Storm" for Trump to flourish as an "agent for Ayn Rand and Neoliberalism", disguised as a saviour for the middle class and disenfranchised trades that have lost their jobs to overseas outsourcing manufacturing

    Bernie Sanders may be getting older, however, at this time, he is the one point of light the free world has, but what a fight this man has to endure. Being demonized as a socialist on both the right AND THE LEFT!!!!!!…….

    What I say to people in this regard is FDR was the same as Bernie Sanders. He was a Democratic Socialist that forged the NEW DEAL….



  8. Not surprised this happened in Michigan. It's obvious that if you underfund public schools to the point of total inneficiency, then parents would want to use bouchers for private schools. It's so transparent what they're doing.

  9. So if i don't have the right to literacy then i dont have to go to school by law under any circumstance; and truancy should not be a problem for these people because no one has to go to school…??? <sarcasm>

  10. A very interesting thing about this video is near the end you start making it about the world rather than just the US, I think you realise how absolutely horrific this story sounds to people from other countries and want to try to deflect a little.
    Let me tell you though that this is not happening in other countries it is happening in the US it is an American problem and you guys need to sort it out!

  11. This is very true from k-6th grade went to a prodomitly white school. Had all types of classes, even learned how to swim, rescue, n CPR as part of gym. Giant gymnasium, a store inside of cafeteria in case I didn't want food from lunch, excellent teachers, ECT. But 8-12th grade we moved to inner City schools of save state in same area. OMG it was Soo bad. Barley enough anything, horrible building, horrible under equipped teachers. I passed two school grades with a 15% attendance. Never called to see why I didn't come to school. No extra curricular classes. It was just sad

  12. And they talk bad about Cuba. At least the Cuban children have better education and healthcare than the States, and y'all suppose to be one of the richest countries in the world.

  13. They're not white wtf in San Antonio is the same way .Were getting ready to make a move and protest the poorest city in the country zip 78201 south side Mexican east side blacks.these white people here hate non whites. I'm going to need you guys help.

  14. maybe the parents shouldn't have 30 kids each while on welfare..then complain were overcrowded.. none of this would be a problem if they were a responsible and reasonable community. blame the white man who isnt having kids and paying for you jackals. this is gonna end badly for every side if it keeps up

  15. He is absolutely right.  This is why Germany, with its ASTONISHING education system is doing so well and the country is the leader of Europe and the number one industrial nation.  Wise people USED to run the US.  These idiots couldn't run a brothel.

  16. This a deplorable state of mind that our officials are still in. They are still operating with a slave master mentality. Separate and still not equal… I'm simply discussed at the whole system.

  17. What the hell, those are kind of school in third world country. How the hell America still have this kind of problem.

  18. what happened to ur channel?, i used to love u guys but now u guys have completely hit a whole new level of stupid.

  19. Dear black communities,
    As the government keeps denying you every solid education they just are following the orders of the Elite who wants you to stay uneducated and dumb.
    So let them go to hell and stick to your own resources! There sure are some educated black people in your community. Let them be your teachers. Establish your own "community schools", built up, led and provided by you, where no one ales but you has the say. So you no longer will have to beg the "white man" for an education; you will rise to be the proud people who provide education to your kids by yourself.
    And by doing so you avoid any dependency from state-sponsored institutions which always come with some kind of demands and always wants something else from you in exchange for this education, be it giving up some of your freedom or some money.

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