JR Writer x Hell Rell x 40 Cal – The Upstage (FULL MIXTAPE)

yes a one two a one two look you do punani hopeful bhajami running down on everything Rudy Giuliani who would you rather fish meals latter myth I put this eight on your head you're gonna need out the kiss yeah all I stay with his hitters pick somebody else to play with I ain't playing with niggers I'm so cold I can't give refrigerators the shivers with them places with me like I'm Damien Lily listen mr. Otto wall will be talking for I'm fresh out nothing funny mr. Commodore dog Jay y'all bought that action and they say what you want or break the laws of attraction do my first jobs like affluence flourish cars they savor like a waist trainer where your curve brought her brought her y'all word search the word balls last nigga G check Oh a surcharge up now I'm here to collect don't buy we're not even the thread and no bomb scared get you upset that note I'm here that's a 142nd like the flow time squid for more Wall Street my Street off the world walls when he saw his deep and grief bought the mall I mean Baltimore and Baltimore where's the protocol and I'm the protocol the four lines oh boy she kind of ugly you go cold this powerful money Mongol hordes gonna hold when the kid finally come you know the dog begging for in the district go kiss huh st. Phil see the guys they got all the hitters I only count money after pastor knows krill hugger look ahead when your pass is so real I just want to go to church with a pastor don't steal on the highway after those trails still scream Tony but I ain't come here to dishwasher trying to hide a vote for my kids the quarter kilo move do we went running in Puerto Rico my mom gone I got a deal with my alter ego despite this again and I play CeeLo hustling on the DLO he called me a brick of better nigger Nobilo I feel oh my pol finer intermission oh I've been putting it work now I'm in position let's get up hey my theater stack maker that minute come to these bitches I'm a back breaker back smack bacon strips it on flat eight NBA flow may be looking at the latest fool I be the line leader everywhere I go I move with mine eyne heater with some red bus ran boy air force major pain to any nickel dare cross probably heard I ain't the nicest guy waiting niggas with the birds when the prices for a whips when we swerve them we like to get flying when this shit pop you know he gone right what about like all the uh you know you guys had such a move in between like the Jo riders and the hell rails what's up with those guys right now they they gonna be making any appearances on the Dipset outdoors it's strictly the core members you know being good ain't good enough when you amongst greatness there's a difference between us and them you'll see yeah look I'm for real with this you a little Richie ain't got nothing for writer at all y'all inconsiderate I'm sick as a dog I will chop you the kibble bitch Hustler's with all assignments you forgot who you dealin with imma Larissa's you can stop with the whispering in the mumble and play what are y'all some ventriloquist cuz i wonderin but i see what you doing on my niggas still here we don't need no reunions truth is you guys corny you'll never get fly on me now I'm killing this beside she American crime story your name is on the menu once they play the instrumental rap nation but I meant to say it's like a paper plane it's simple fuckin y'all frogs tell me I got balls yeah he's playing games I'm in your house don't get brought drunk yeah so tell cha-cha we got shells and own shell taco if that's the case then hide the jury bitch I'm out chapo who is talking silly let them know I brought the melon in the door in the fall come perform for duty right is the bar my nice is your mom's I ever dish you let me come and ghost write your response come on you niggas bore me your music is corny I'll try to play it hearing it but it don't do nothing for them doggy I never lost it but be losing and surely you looking for feature what you want Rugel 44g shit broke it down the simplest form gotta love it this which I wanted my thing they'll either hit a slick saw who prints up a Maserati pitchfork pull of Italy over make the bitch walk you from New York I need receipts where your textbook and pop the Hancock and eat all lots of God kind of car the speed or proper role X and a pica see your box just put the rat just got my body's now like do your doctors to feed your Oscars cuz we know the New Age this ain't a freestyle team Oh Tuesday corner social to shame a to older Boucher's they just had the game til I stolen okay how I took it and ran with it for new things that his mug or the man get it like loose change if I pull up in the pants then it's my mood change like look at the damn pretty kiss new flame a nigga feelin loving now when niggas taking Wu Tang gobo mumble brat dude flame please explain how you are the wack shit like taxes I claim on boogying yeah I mean it's a different type of sauce huh different type of cloth right different type of broth cuz these niggas is soup can't believe a good shake Haggar folks in a block nigga I went from property stricken to looking like I'm lottery winner a fresh it in me you gotta be kidding I wish Snickers they never seen and straight lie to these women y'all love me you love my lifestyle bitch why you pretended I had these niggas pressing RRP shirts wish your face on niggas screaming word do you homie pouring drink Tony I've been around the world you've been around your block block a hundred times in that Oh 650 truck I'm Ferrari shopping you Picardie shopping ball hoppin I'm 20 bags and the mall shopping Jerry's here in Barney's and Nima's down when it's our stop every time your baby mothers see me hugs your drop damn I've called nigga on he's gone niggas ha I might do to Mike Jackson jacket with the gold zippers with some magic Jimmy Choos Snickers like whoa if it's touching my dick litter is touching your soul nigga right the other day a palm reader she read my hand and she said Ruger you're gonna have a petite or the bus damn baby and you deserve a lot of acres go buy some land little nigga touch a wave on you he died a waste and my adventure bitch closer build us some statutes only bigger pull the far cause up till the bad bitches get it give it up you names have been changed at second Tennessee um just tells the story so don't you dare laugh about a couple Harlan inches on the wrong path the next main Hector a small stash that you get your more blocks if you're bringing more cash to get me the shit ain't fair just get a gypsy cab and this shit'll get bad if you try to diss me kiss me on the edge clean and I ain't even tipsy I turned down beans for big money game Christy and if it aint crispy then bitch you can miss me I'm trying to put stones with my fists and my wrists be these teaser verses getting this bread you see I'm nervous stay on the run from the vest and the Secret Service I got a fleet of workers I'm not ready moving I've been clicking of this pcs my metro boomin this shit execution ain't no resolution I throw money with you Barry that's your respiratory got the Chevy Cruzes stash in the Reynolds Wrap trying to say flow the tags used to say diplomat plates on the whipped smooth shake with the chill attached break the soup fish Saints trip with Tom dispossessed spittin crack Jesus el pase getting that it's already licked you're supposed to be hitting at home with Mama to the street in my veins low-key but you know them niggas deep in the game and it's like niggas always so quick the judges man thinking we really wanted this shit man we want this way had no choice no other options let's go warrants for my arrest but our rebels run boy that niggas touch better to grab your gun see it's on a jet with a habit from having none let you turn into the harness you deta I take a little woozy with the shoulders you cool but I'm the coldest to close this for the wreckage toe 40 I need 40 call that nigga Hector ninja said Hector steady tries texture you Jack going voicemail asking for extra I think you trying to Stannis and Roose wait past threatening how you dangerous bad work like at least mentally crib on Lexington 47 stretch you wish we never mess with bamboo by the lettuce spinach foul-up get turn dreamin fucking clouds up pulling out a fucking machine like nigga now what master batch on my feet the shoe size evil you give us the money back for some new pots batter fast Jo Bradish cheese eggs Ratatat Ratatat jumped in a Cadillac that we had to scare back the bat black-on-black not the night having that got away that's a wrap on either side cataracts the moral of the story don't never confuse the fake never talk bread with the birds or make holes of snakes Seuss Jos yeah look you should not worry about but your damn mouth what's the paper route to a handout if I go in the house it's a damn drought he was counting niggas out and you can't count back like we never left back like we never left back like we never they thought we was dad's on the resurrected just a breeze I never sweat slack dealing with a killer fate respect the deck deck when I got for you you were never got snaps until I put in pounds on you when you heavyset track track niggas ever come to 810 have your brains everywhere mental breakdown it's a playground and you wanna fence like I was playing with you huh claim you blowing up nigga you would never blow now are you showing up I must have missed the episode I put off for the city so let me know who these clouds popping up Diddy on The Ellen Show ever fuck the Jay you want dad had to know what color wait you'll be red black and blue blow Ali you wear to the Baja Lights murder dance with the money uh you should know what we about but your damn mouth what's the paper route to a handout if I go in the house it's a damn drought you ask our niggas out and you can't count back like we never love back back like we never left back never Rezanov cloud chasing being lame that get on my hands when these niggas out the game that's where this desert right and I love this baby mama she's a profile away matter of fact histogram that could go follow-up real tough on the net we don't want no part of my letter Fein tasted Oh pset is so marvelous got rich your follow self can't compare to risk our into the motel 6 and this bitches on mommy she see the money in smell of power these niggas once smoke like I'm selling sour spins him around the banana clip getting my heart oh yeah I think my nigga is did it no luggage packed but that way trip with it hey them full your money miss sweating they got my name and a real nigga Bible the street stone love you are no real niggas like you know what we about but your damn mouth what's the paper route to a handout if I go in the house it's a damn trout you ask our niggas out and you can't count back like we never loved back like we never left back let the never they go with his dad's on the resurrection so Mickey D's friend this McLaren whips just number 310 we mailing list he locked we think I'll be really quick when she want my speed man like I'll be selling shit duh be beasting the sheriff it cuz I be cheating and steady fella Quinn I get the heat then cook it to the beat and the problem is the beat answers at the right seat man now I gotta serve the pot for no reason and telling the desert with a block see if we see any Helen just smirk at the clock be a comedian put him on the shirt on the spot is kind of smedium now I'm in convertible drop the mean creepy n got some girl working the top she's up convenient will be friendly murder a lot like it's just legal man push a button curb the opps how we delete in them card you should not worry about but your damn mouth what's the paper route to a handout if I go in the house it's a damn trout he was coward niggas out and you can't count back like we never loved back like we never left back like we never they thought we was dad's on the resurrected I know what it is I don't do too much talking I let the work speak for me you hear me no more beheaded oh yeah drum on a semi this gun is too heavy you better cut to the chase or get cut the confetti whoever comfort it great but beep up for the Getty there's gotta be a premature birth to son you ain't ready in this early nigger nah I wake up early to prosper on the first position chatter fuck that a burl like sriracha hug relax and get paid I ain't cassava Lu hotter a different bag every day I got a person who shot for you listening it won't be hard to hurt you you better guard your circle how many times you're gonna play yourself cutting hard commercial who feuding with me I bring Ruger with me ha Poirot not the Ruger that's my nigga he do music with me you can't collab with a sorry you ain't and Clive enough I'm on a different type of time and tell my time is up how you walking when you like it's the army who wanna dance I'm in your house and I'm crashing a party nigga ya see I've been told you niggas you were slacking take the S off for slacking now you like it take the hell off or lock it now you act it looks like she's trying out for motherfucker movies little dishes inside watching 500 Ruben watch it sous what's up let's talk to ya rogue bitches calling me Moses yeah like I'm caught in the sea see how my part the fried chicks with a kid D Y all the niggas lying see you babe girl believing me lying your ass on these Versace couches where you need to be that's real are rappers for a change give it to the fellas little garb in the fucking man that's what I'm trying to tell her they're gonna lick what she stupid tastes cameras around no disrespect to the scammers of the man in town see when I pull up to me like a king lick me like a lollipop introduce you to the Chanel and though she ever find a spot I have your ass all kind of shrine bitches gonna be jealous see you girl when you go by this rub your hair fly it in the private g5 flights yeah we fly him in the air niggas dying over stairs right so don't be lookin wrong don't be losing a lot of grams if you cook it wrong all my gum with a crooked wrong dog your minutes so screwed up we just signed your death certificate nigga we just gotta had a funeral yeah welcome to greatness history in the making I get paid to top this fly shit nigga fortune 500 Ruger red money in the cut that's a scary sight I'll repeat Alfredo give what up lat maggots lab chief ah we supply the whole heights we see y'all niggas oops yeah yeah yeah we're good to go 84 plate sounds overly Zeus huh look the shit you do is too easy none of you losers can see me I'm tagging everything who know that I'll be doing graffiti I'll keep the shooters believe me from be doing you greasy kill you for pulling a stunt and jumping nose like Houdini we be way too high to reach us stay inside the bleachers y'all I hate falling apart Isiah Thomas sneakers keep up I'll tell him scrubs it was never love now they Envy but see the girl ain't no in The Breakfast Club tough job i watch slip but all these knives I'm gripping these bitches pop up out of nowhere Bill Cosby victim Oh Thomas picking y'all been trippin I don't mind attention I'm couponing with the slipping you're gonna find it clip it I'll smack you sober though ain't no rapper colder colder bitch niggas through a shame women's fashion over / cuz it clearly ain't important I'm fucking up this bread like I'm killed by these Jordans Jojo why you acting no surprise I've been up so fucking long I got bags under my eyes I'm backing you know why no loud I was shorter bigoted what and it's in contact I'm claiming all you niggas bags and we involved we the barber mr. bags and we involved we the bosses y'all the workers need a job or attack because we got we don't need a key to stuff yeah we tomorrow mr. Bagga we involved we the barber mr. bag can we involve we the bosses y'all the workers need a job work type of cars we got we don't need a key to stop prayer when you telling me to Said's ready I'm Rock give me every speed with a straight face this money sometimes I don't wanna make me pull them on sound like it's summertime you got hammers well you should see some of my niggas freeze the King sees fucking time come this you can stop yo gimmicks I'll fight hard pad looking like Bob Ojeda I'm from Harlem right in front of the Apollo with it Manhattan Phil it's a penalty if I don't get it I City I'm a grown man they claim by kids clown show you wanna go with for whip Legolas in here I'm talking a German engine is that kids fire style with the winner fish you can start at your wanna I can increase the bags are we involved we devolve abyss of bags and we involved we the bosses are the workers need a job type of cars because we don't need a key to stuff yeah we do Marvel mr. bag can we involve we devolve a mr. bag to we've all we the bosses y'all the workers need a job work tight because we got we don't need a kid I will bring in the in the car to a bitly hall surrounded by fuck boys thank God must have built the wrong setting fuck the snap for me through his dog filters on I don't understand but they tell me that I'm really drawn washing chili wall my eyelids be balling balling for like Mike but they might be George safe on the beach Jordan so I give him the crying face they wanna see forest when he saw it in front of race no but on the licen place says we're kind of like what kinda nigga you are to be a blogger and I'm from a Chara different kind of Persian type of nigga Zwolle verse be in the comment section never mind the weapon protection red light green light on the scope by silenced by trying to tell them on the gun for the Rope coming you I hate prettiest like the wildest or for yeah we the bag that we involved we devolve a mr. bags and we involved we the bosses y'all the workers need a job are tight because we got we don't need a key to stuff yeah we tomorrow fits the bag do we involve we the mob of mister bag do we involve we two bosses y'all the workers need a job or type of cars we got we don't need a key to stop [Applause] [Applause] all right in the Lambo don't get shot rat-a-tat-tat a new Ferrari black man all left crack Adams be always killed niggas never had standing when the prosecutor best friends and Ratbat nothing you ain't like like wishing pays for your channel spin twice there take a fourth trip bring your wife back everything bus now we got a nice step nothing you ain't like that wish you pay for you to chain up spin twice there take a fourth trip bring your wife back everything but still we got ice there all these guns and they all from Yugoslavia bang Sally's bum Jo Marvin Junior MAFIA copy look at the copier honestly if y'all believe this was Amateur Night at the Apollo my apologies are I've got a cold heart hard I got your whole arch we're in the back busing it while the Rose Park Jung Hwan no parks up I'll let the toast pop who are wholesome who I'm a loan shark may we have to pull it this and make your head look crooked Brooke it's got a trick let's see if you can shake the magic bullet I'm ahead of the curve that's partly the reason why get the head and I curse to wish you pay for your chain of spin twice dad take a fourth trip bring your wife back everything falls down we got a high step nothing you ain't like that wish you pay for your chain of spin twice there take a fourth trip bring your wife back but still and get it in 4 million hurricane Irma attack the pretty yet turn the lights on I'm in your fridge whistling like stop playing what a ninja one is diffident cause I Bluff whoa Josh stop you should make your next tour bus cigar box truck breath boy y'all suck Sequoia your duck got my help whoever makes oops get off chuckles touches and stuff up in the ball yards let the song fuck Lobster and at the carwash they get a Grammy off the hardball come to me when they want they favorite stars rub it's all all who the fuck where they soon you said fire nowadays they got stands up to stare at 18 they take ride with a cool back out of scene pregnant dykes that would make a shooter smacks what she pays when you chain I spin twice that take a full trip through your wife bad everything bus now we got ice step nigga you ain't like that which you pay for your chain uh spin twice there take a fourth trip bring your wife back everything bus now we got a nice day okay ready so see whoa yeah I'm on my game I promise promise I got the same game in the yo who got a taste for omelette it's time you pay some homage right this thing I lay is timeless hummus ain't got long in the friend zone cuz ya'll ain't fucking with me Bob this shit is straight platonic got it got it cut the shit dickhead Lorena Bobbitt and not to change the topic for what good show you don't know me I'm a mobster I go Tony with the Yabba I'll be balling making movies minam Colby at the Oscars whoa I have my way with the flows y'all I hear breaking the codes good to know Lisa bloom ain't the only one saving these holes these days got a dad so good mean whips when I travel drop Porsche with the top off Queens flip at the battle yeah I've been ready you're my life right you don't only one left at what that could never get it right I'm faster than I hide into this mozzarella off the white fight I clearly see it's a drought drought I'm on Schmeling with the price bright you know March belly facing time for boosting the price on her to get it over forget it look they say write it need some help how I can not be on the Shelf how when a nigga so nice with it I be go straight for myself I'll be really spinning neither they'll ship me head through this cos Vegas I will kill your favorite rapper but it's hard for me to get a feature come take a look at the best best how might you look out of prep I hope you ready to learn to breathe but with a foot on your neck that's me hey baby I ain't looking for mrs. right I'm looking for mrs. right now get your african-american ass in this foreign car right baby you better get her let's talk money okay yeah I'm a little slow right now right here I'm gonna take this home right now right I was winning Platinum's chains in my freshman year you get a fuck go right now uh-huh goddamn put a mink on a nigga back I'm feeling so cold right now so ain't no talking ain't no debating he gettin smoked right now you know I'm free she don't with it is pull out my dick thrown up a face won't go up in the safe won't load on a raised won't answer yellow fish then I'm gone from the place they like play fit one kinda creep and figures you're you stay there nobody tell me turn it to a daycare a capability up your big gift who me shit about to have a great year young chicks looking like phones over short winners hot long summers hot I think it never took them fucking stone from us no I might go die but you feel a rope yeah diamond city shine so beautiful babe I put a lot of work in nigga yeah I'm but I never said it no cubicle you

48 thoughts on “JR Writer x Hell Rell x 40 Cal – The Upstage (FULL MIXTAPE)

  1. I can come back to this mixtape months later and it still got that same energy from the 1st time I heard it. Brings me back to 02/03 sounds like a real Diplomat album.

  2. This tape is fuckinggg fire !! Too bad ruga on it talking shit .."you touch one wave on me you dying where you stand"…lolll keepnon dreaming fake ass gangster who ran out the restaurant on his mother and sister …because he had some money on him he left his blood relatives out to die …bitcchh asss move i never ever will Believe your fake ass gangster talk ..you DONE !!

  3. This Album goes hard!! The flyness is there, punchlines are there, this is New York ish. Moral of the Story is my favorite song.

  4. This is the meat & potatoes of dipset remind when they summer 2006 on ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ….besides that its shows how much Camron is hater he knows they rell ,writer & 40 cal cant spit to make the project hot but he said fuck it ..rap game so fucking fake !!! ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ

  5. FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I can't remember last time I heard a tape and listened all the way through for the first time.

  6. I think Juelz would off complimented all these tracks, but I'm inclined to agree wit tha majority of comments made about this album. These dudes are extremely versatile when they spittin together. Word life… DIPSET, BITCH! ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™โœŠโœŠโœŠ

  7. Go buy the album. Itโ€™s worth it, theyโ€™ll definitely make more albums/mixtapes if we support them. This really feel like the dipset I remember.

  8. I blame yall for making Jim Jones think he was hot! Between him and cam going back and forth crashed the dipset car. Jimmy you should've stayed a hype man like Zeek. These were the real Dips.

  9. This Chittt Crazy cuzzz I'm from the West Coast killing
    Diplomatic ties Cam lame on this 1 cuzzz the mixtape would've betta !!!!!

  10. Wooooow I'm just now listening to the tape this is nothing but FIRE!!!!!! I didn't expect this to be this good from the production down to the rhymes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  11. They should form there own group fraction of The Dips….and come out with more albums & mixtapes

  12. I Need Dolla'$ (Instrumental) 2018 {DipSet Style Beat} Produced By Nico Roc

  13. Cam, Jones, Juelz & Freaky = The Diplomats

    Jr, Rell, 40, Mafia & Gist = Dipset

    Next album needs to be "The Diplomats vs Dipset"

    Lyrically we all should know who would win, yet I still need to hear that.

  14. Yo he said
    "You better watch your circle, How many times you gon' play yourself, Kevin Hart commercial" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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