JR Writer 6 Minute Freestyle

yeah if you continue born diplomat fire five motherfuckers the school some freestyle junior come let's do this hey J alright er yes the wine girls loving dig a pimp with the cane don't get your girl Doug's and dick hugs when they come to our brains they love again show me trick ain't the only one that learning kids know who slut it is I'll go got out and show you the handcuffs when the doors is out I'll turn your daughter out life in this game them and take a mouthful bite to eat here I like the ones won't like the street back shots for our put them right to sleep right on Crete I hate stupid slides and is your stupid unless you pass me a 50 Cal no I went super far I've been super fly ever since super fly floor the palace Big Macs got a more super-sized for five nickels and dimes twins fifties dog I'm officially mom's on the corner with a pistol and nine I had these competitors got a Rand y'all can skip to get Tom got issues at times huh Rollie Glocks and rented uncle minutes before you was watching dinners have a lot of shits in there how crazy like as a baby I was throwing up in the bathroom and locked up any calls a Guinness keyboard and tossed in my body no pacifier force just a guard or dog then i wobble couldn't see a thing straight grew up for hustler long toilets and wait we know is out of them there is a light on Wednesday and see Thursday and state laws had templates Linden sauce burgers and move through the Brits like I'm riding across Jersey dog early is the dawn of course the only bricks you putting up is on the court I keep two little pig you'll be the fool nasty since the kid had the cootie to school the boy kids in play around we just had to watch for knife at the sandbox eating a sock drawer drawer stop cool I'm a bad mamma jamma that a drag out for him as a bread out the pimp that's Jo Jo got your Busters running from girls he know that I'm up incoming Eddie boy boy listen Jay use a pistol burst out the bare ruin'd grace through your chisel muscles you ain't never spent a day moving liquids I think they came like I'm just say booty cripple these chickens be thinking they're you're cute just another chick looking for a lawsuit out yours or me I would have put in a lawsuit without the suitcase trip with a sore lucam Jesus laughing with John the Baptist the dawning tight clips I'm beyond a threat I told room you're running high when I'm around then I'm going to sex pit road bergdorf person Tara Bailey's oh my gosh your vacation on the lady cow no hopping off the jet light where's the Scala's and farm your dumb chick that's compared to Haley I like your Neela Allie for some dumb folks and have a drop me off to the job oh never with us dropped out of school took over my own throw a brick at the crib was my only homework started with my zone throes of an expanded on a block line I wasn't one of those that was stranded on a blogroll fi many grams is in the pot I crammed it to the bottom and had a fiends Hammond in and talk to us granting with a lot uh-huh cut and informant why you in the cops took it up with informants and I'm gonna show you how to bake it up when the foreman is stretched like you're just waking up in the morning floor I've been a yarn and I roll this girl you already know what my game is about power raised in a mount I could get it in your face but I like the truth Bates my aims for your mouth no stains on the cow stuff the babies in your throat don't wanna bid so it's all gravy if it show all maybe in the go through the eighties with it so do it yo correlations Mercedes getting show up I mobster Scooby bulb chef let's pop in and drop this movie Watson is you so hope I ain't coming to get you and cross your fingers like I got the cooties pop bue and throw your whipping the roast fuck get on your stick shift fingers my room slip me getting moat MA I know your mom taught you not to but here's the reason you'll sit in a dirt dirt ditches they were smokin Taliban crazier Shadia any beef grab the can blazing your long many killers trouble rooms in the run little brother got a runner born you don't remove your chin sugar or no no he's your relay nut what up you saw it lining watching the game day I'm locked in the game jam look doors your door don't be mad cause you're broke and you're not in the game of slow ha ha I use a dumb ass gonna repay for I'll buy you a fun passer yours me so be your dude is the wrong environment hope is on crews may hope they all lose knock them out for the watch what your face make it look like it's choking on food alone food for I look up in the stash at loading class that you're like I'm looking for the pass of the whooping on your fast we have to see the crew just give me a second I'll put you in the cast with you cooking up his trash on the car others and style and stood around again I could get you weight off the ll off your package get it weight off the a liar with you eject and finds you away off the airs right I stay away leftovers like real Hospital runs a little my cases get dropped or my adjourn homeboy you devil nice to earn all of you ain't talking about money then I'm not concerned that you got a lot to learn I'll school you boy boy you okay yeah straight noodles bore news I'm a mover boiling let's just move the boy anyway come on your block I'll show you how to move the boy boy with that whoo good choice gotta send them more so that you peeed you Church or the pen of course I'm gay I keep senators don't make me cinnamon hot y'all it won't stop till they are so numb box you pricks can stop alrighty but black pawn is you four blocks pawn with shots that internal wrap this way before girls right on your package on my hands cooking up off to the war stories homes I got scars nothing we're dealership looking like a rockstar song so how roll up and pop cause you ain't never got far from people Jane no yeah no yeah no yeah I let me oh yes a cripple my brain man it was really good oh yeah mohnish really running on the right rounds I know he's gonna like Rob's oh wow that's that

41 thoughts on “JR Writer 6 Minute Freestyle

  1. If rap was a sport than Dipset would be like the 90s America’s all-team for hood “Drop out of school took over my own turf so a brick at the crib was my only homework”
    Ooohhh my G Why they sleeping on writer line for line 🔥🔥🔥

  2. @ 2 minutes and 26 seconds was the most epic freestyle verse I ever heard in my life. I was 20 yrs old when I first heard this and now I'm 36 and still feel the same way

  3. Omggggg he blacked tf out miss this era when u had to spit to be hot…now anybody can rap…..The only bricks u putting up is on da court

  4. Jr writer!!! Remember dudes in school doing book reports on this dude. Now where figuring out what to say at his career eulogy smh

  5. 😆 All the people putting the year in the comments 😂 You and Thousands of others listening this year 👏 Plus, it says when you posted the comment…

  6. This is in the top 10 on radio freestyles up there with HOV's Grammy family. Cams & all the Diplomats ad libs 🔥Good ol days 💖

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