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There’s no resolution. It’s just, “Fuck you.” “Fuck me?” “Fuck you.” “Aight. Bye.” And it’s like, “C’mon bro.” That’s what’s wrong with the world. How do we create a resolution? As soon as the video opens immediately it’s
offensive, immediately offensive to everybody. Because you don’t know my voice, because
you’ve never heard me before you are going to think that this guy, and I think that’s
where the shock factor comes into play like “Who is this motherfucker sitting here saying
this shit?” And I knew that when writing it. For years there’s been a lot of that. That’s not new. But white people come out like, “Why?” “My favorite rappers are saying it. Why can’t I say it?” ‘Cause they’re like, “Hey, it’s acceptable
now.” and then when it’s not and somebody reacts they’re just like, “That’s not
fair.” Nobody never ever came at me like that. That would be the end of them. I couldn’t listen to somebody say that shit
to me. Mexicans do all the grunt shit that nobody
wants to do. So basically he was saying, “You should
be doing the grunt work, but you can’t.” “The Mexicans are doing it.” “So let’s kick them out like Donald Trump
wanted to do.” “r matter of fact let’s send them all to
the ghetto then.” He was being an asshole and again being racist. Pac had this side and then he had that side. He was a gangster, he was a gentleman, he
was a ladies man, he was a revolutionary. He was all these things in one. He acknowledged the wrong shit that he’s
done and he’s back tracked and he said “I said this in an interview, I take that
back now because I got more experience.” “I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t do…” He was real conscious, a lot of these niggas
ain’t conscious. Pac openly made mistakes and I think that’s
a lot of the reason why we look up to him. There is a lot of hip hop that’s spreading
a really wack ass message, like doing drugs. Because hip-hop again it’s such a strong
voice and a lot of people want to be hip. Even with the fashion
and the tattoos, you see that and you’re like, “I want to be like him.” It’s a cool thing. Now you’re making it cool to be a pill head
and you’re making a cool to be high all the time and drunk. You’re just talking, you’re just saying
the most outlandish shit not thinking that there is a whole generation and a cult that’s
following you and what you’re saying. Now what’s happening is they’re going
to grow up and they are, then they start using those drugs and they start dying and shit,
you know what I’m saying? They start overdosing and it’s like, that’s
your fault bro. A lot of these owners of these NFL teams they
feel like that. Like, “How dare you kneel?” Donald Trump has openly said that. If you really pay attention to the record,
like I said it slowly starts to get more and more and more racist. It went from the , “Nigga, nigga, nigga,
nigga,” to, “Nigger!” He hit that “e-r” real hard. This is what I meant by the closeted racism
shit. It’s cool, and then as time goes on it’s
out there. Now they’re being real comfortable with
it. Black culture, I guess just being black is
enough to die. You know what I’m saying? And that’s what he was saying. “Or maybe if you pull your pants up, maybe
if you put the grills out of your mouth, maybe” “if you just stop being black,” pretty much. He’s saying all this fucked up shit, but
then he goes, “Well, you know what?” “I’m open-minded enough to listen to you.” “I’m not gonna say all this fucked up shit
and leave it at that.” “I want to know what you think about me.” Fuck you. We’re not gonna do all the, “With all
due respect.” Clearly you don’t like me, I don’t like
you. You just shitted on my life, so let’s just
get disrespectful. There’s a lot of culture vultures, man. There’s a lot of people that just directly just rip off the black culture. Black culture come up with a lot of cool shit. So you’ll shit on the black man and you’ll
be racist as fuck, but then you take the very things that you’re claiming that is what is making him ignorant, and now you want to take those things because they’re cool. I made a whole record about it called “Half
Nigga” a while ago. It just breaks down everything
that I’ve been through growing up. To feel like you don’t know where to
fit in. Man I swear every time I see an article pop
up on CNN or some shit my heart drops like “Damn.” North Korea fired a ballistic missile blah,
blah, blah and I’m like, “Oh shit!” I feel like these niggas going to hit us with
a nuke soon bro. Fucking around with Trump bro, that dude is
reckless and Kim Jong-Un, the president over there, that motherfucker don’t play neither. So it’s like he ready to push that button
bro. Again, I was speaking from the perspective
of somebody who’s actually really full black that is going through all of these things. Getting harrassed by the police. I would imagine it’s enough to make somebody
cry. Again, my intention was to create a resolution. To kind of get people to open up their minds
a little bit.

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  1. The way people on the video comment "if you pick a side you haven't understood it" and then to only find out that the person who wrote it meaning was to bash whites 😢

  2. Xxx was like 2pac just 2pac was responsible for the shit he's done and tried to get out but xxx beat the shit out of girls and would have been in prison for life

  3. i realized that the white guy says “split into two floors” insinuating that one is above the other, and the black guy says “split into two sides” meaning they’re on the same level, they’re equal.

  4. This is realer than it gets black People wanna cry how everyone owes them this and that just because they can’t get their own shit together and the excuse is it’s everyone else’s fault , when in reality is their own fault because they think gang life and street shit is required lol they just do it to try and be cool and all it get them is jail and the grave , it’s fine with me tho more opportunities for my family to be successful “I’m not racist”

  5. You can see the bias in Joyner. When he talked about the police killing line. Having your pants down and having grills in and not having a job isn’t apart of black culture. It isn’t a culture, it’s an idea for anyone to use to make them seem cool or rebellious. Similar effect to what punks and hippies of the 70s and 80s. They weren’t “white culture”. No, they were a group of people who thought to do it to seem cool in front of each other and be rebellious. Also you included “quit the pitiful stuff” which references petty crimes like robbings, getting into fights, harassment. So that calls for police action, although killing is still extreme.

  6. I grew up with black culture as white because my family is mixed. Its interesting to listen to this as black and white. I grew up qith kool aide and fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cream corn about every night lol

  7. I feel like he feels that all black ppl are street, my dads black and he ain't street, he is a full time doctor and my mom works as a lawyer. Not all blacks where do rags, chains and gold teeth (I forgot the name of it)

  8. This video is so heavily edited to project a negative message and that’s all most of y’all took away 🤦🏾‍♀️ the point is both views are flawed and wrong rooted in hate and ignorance of the life of the other side …. the songs legit self explanatory

  9. I went to Boston for an appointment and I saw a Black lives matter sign or painted onto a building and I just smiled

  10. Im not racist doesnt mean what people think it does im not racist means white people are racist wake the fuck up people the song is racist

  11. I'm white, and I support Trump for the things I agree with. This song has a lot of truths in it, on both sides. Yeah, it's full of stereotypes, but like the song said, instead of being divided, we should try and get along. I'm white, and I don't get the n-word thing. I don't say it of course, and I know people use it to greet each other now and whatever, but I don't get why it's still used so much. I don't fully think this, but sometimes I fwel like everyone should be allowed to use it or no one should.

  12. If you're hated, then why don't you just leave? Stop forcing everyone to be around your blackness. Blacks for black countries, whites for white countries.

  13. WTF this is supposed to be the lyric breakdown. He didnt break down anything he felt on the white does he feel on each verse…stupid video

  14. I thought the song was unbiased and used for the purpose of promoting equality…boy I was wrong. What a let-down! Still a good song though

  15. I’ll be honest there some outlandish shit on both side some of it doesn’t make sense like just because you know black people doesn’t make you not racist and other side we don’t like Obama because he’s black but because he was a bad president and we like Donald because he’s done more good then are last gen of presidents

  16. "i couldn't listen to someone say facts to me like i wasn't a slave and shit, i would end them because i'm a over emotional piece of shit"
    there you go, fixed it for you

  17. Peep how the white guy said “split into 2 floors” signifying that one was under the other while the black guy said “split into 2 sides” signifying that they were equal

  18. Some people are just naturally drippy, if i wore that outfit id look weird but looking at him wear it makes me wanna wear it.

  19. What Joyner said about the rappers talking about drugs because one of my friends just overdosed recently and he listened to new rappers talking about drugs

  20. I like the song and shit but it’s not okay for a white person to say nigga even if it’s not in a negative way but it’s okay for a black person to call a white person a cracker or a honkey

  21. It's an amazing song, although some of the points made on either side, white and black, were not correct. Genius also said in the description of this video that the white trump supporter is racist. That takes the whole point out of the song, being that the black man was not be respectful, as he pointed out, while the white man was. Yet, the white man was rude in ways that shouldn't have been used. The song is rooted in such a way to project there are two sides to every story, that we should put aside our differences and come together to achieve better understanding. The edited video of this is directed to make the white man look horrid, while the black man is respectable. Neither men are respectable, but both men are. It takes balls to ask for the other side, and to understand the story. The fact that I'm as young as I am, and people will still play the ignorant route, saying the black man is correct, or the white man is correct, without siding both stories, is not only wrong, but unknowing.

  22. I’m Dominican Italian native and African but I came out white skin wise so would I be aloud to say “The N word” because I’m 50% African and I say it but I want to know your opinions

  23. Lost respect for the song completely knowing how he has interpreted it. I think people should stick with what the public thought it was a unbiased,middle ground song showing the flaws in both races and that at the end of the day we are all flawed humans and to try to understand one another respectfully. Fuck journer Lucas's interpretation

  24. People keep saying "well he just sounds like he's saying whites are wrong and blacks are right" that's not what he's trying to say. I don't wanna come off as racist or trying to offend anyone. But I think its because of slavery ya know? Ya I know it was in the past but its still part of life and it feels like honestly slavery could happen again. But white people aren't wrong. And I think its because we normally only hear white people doing crimes. And then we hear of black people getting killed by white cops and doing crimes and then doing nothing and getting arrested by cops. And clearly youre not supposed to pick a side, that's not how this works. He's trying to make people see both sides of the story. And of course you can have your own opinions. But he's trying to make people see both sides of the story and make people change their point of view which is clearly changing everyones because y'all saying that he's sounding like whites are wrong and blacks are right. I think why some of y'all are saying that is because he made some really strong points in both sides but more of the black side. And honestly im biracial and when you hear about racism I always think if I come across one are the going to shame me because I'm part black? But I'm also part white and you can't say more of a skin color I am. So are they going to shame their own people? If a black is racist are they going to shame me for being part white? So someone answer that question. Will a white shame me for being part black but I'm also white and will a black shame me for being white but also part black?

  25. I miss these days of Genius. I want more people like Joyner and Logic on that chair explaining their lyrics. No more meme or musically people please. AND NO MORE MUMBLE RAPPERS!!!!

  26. Y is the white guy racist but the black guy is just black?? Thought it was a message to agree to disagree but apparently not

  27. Me :fuck you😑
    Crush: fuck you alright 😑
    Me: whispers let's fuck 😶😏
    Crush: what did you say something 😐

  28. Mmmm i dont really understand people saying he is being racist and this song just says bad white man. Did you heard the lyrics? The message of understanding each other amd finding a common ground so we all can improve? Why you twist something like that? I really dont understand

  29. ok so like i love this song but if white ppl are coping your culture, it’s bc some white ppl may admire you culture and want to incorporate it in theirs. at least that’s how it is with me🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. Damn. I just learned that Kim Jong-Un is a president apparently.
    The Republic of North Korea; North Korean Republic – can't decide on the new name.

  31. Culture isn’t tied to a damn race. If a race borrows something that another race does, it’s not stealing. A white person invited basketball…a white man. Do you say black people stole that? No.

  32. Can you believe that as i was reading a reply to a comment on a reaction to this song. Some dude says "hispanics were never slaves, or did u get confused?" I was so furious, he really thought just cuz Black people were more popular as slaves that anyone who was colored or poor wasnt a slave. Hell, white people were slaves if they were poor. But this is society

  33. “We were all human until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.”

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