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if you are searching for a simple way to create beautiful custom interactive digital publications look no further than Zhu Mac whether you're a small startup looking to put together a local publication or a big corporation with a large-scale magazine in mind Zhu mag supplies all the tools you need to create the perfect project the best part is how easy it is to get started all you have to supply is the content no prior publishing experience required if you already have PDFs you can simply upload them and create an interactive digital flip book in minutes and if you don't it's easy to start from scratch by using one of Zhu mags pre-designed templates and the professional online editor with our online editor at your side you can make the final product as interactive as you'd like combining video audio slideshows and animation in one experience this isn't your grandma's magazine once your publication is finished Zhu mag will take over and help you distribute it any way you'd like but automatically creating versions for any device like an iPhone an iPad or a platform like Android you can include it on your social media channels like Facebook embed it in your website and use your personalized URL to share the publication over email as the magazine gets distributed around the world Zhu mag tracks the progress helping you shape future content and improve the reach of your message and Zhu mags advanced analytics make it possible to provide advertisers with hard proof that their investment is paying off if you want to make money on your publication Zhu mag can easily set that up for you just decide on a price and you mag will provide you with capabilities to sell it both online and print versions Zhu mag even handles the publication and distribution of the hard copies worldwide so you really don't have to worry about a thing find out what more than 100 thousand clients have already discovered by visiting WWE

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  1. Sweet. Joomag is honestly amazing!! Here's a magazine I made with my team for a school project using Joomag:

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