Johnny Depp Biography

johnny is one of the most misunderstood human beings on the planet there was interest in him because he was so attractive but he wanted to fight the beefcake image don't call me sport oh right I hate that was one of the only actors around at the moment who is willing to take huge risks his choices are wonderful but I'm sure he drives his ages crazy he doesn't take garbage from anybody he threw away all the rule books and just did what he wanted to do he's created his perfect world Johnny death now on biography oh bugger he's a character unique in modern movies the swaggering staggering Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow you know these clothes do not flatter you at all it should be a dress or nothing it's a role that turned Johnny Depp one of the screens most unpredictable and uncompromising actors into a superstar Thanks mm Ruiz Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the Black Pearl and its 2006 sequel Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest how much do you know about Toby challenge you owe me our soul he's very courageous he really has chosen his own path he's going to take word he any stuck to it he's gone down the road he wanted to take and not one that somebody else tried to shove him down it's a fine girl to be sure no they very many many American actors that we have that house they're kind of firm at the range of potential to do so many different things Johnny dad was so beautiful and yet he's a character actor which he completely don't expect I think he might be a genius he morphs from from film to film which is something that I think everybody tries to do and very few people do but he also manages to maintain instead of just having that character on the surface he always puts incredible warmth and an emotion behind it we're allowed to embark on quite a journey he doesn't make choices based on money he doesn't make choices based on fame it's all about the work run look at the disparate kinds of roles that he's chosen it's an amazing career unpredictable and uncompromising deaf has earned comparisons to Marlon Brando and James Dean don't call me sport all right I hate that but like those earlier Hollywood Outsiders success would come with a reputation at times 4x centricity and rebellious what you see on the screen is Johnny Depp he's a kind of classic meaning he doesn't take garbage from anybody is one of the most misunderstood human beings on the planet he's one of the most gentle thoughtful intelligent bright young men around describe myself oh that would we be here for a long time as I am trying to still try to figure that out myself despite his movie Idol looks Depp is always identified with the outcast and misunderstood ever since his difficult childhood he was born jon-christopher death ii in Owensboro Kentucky On June 9th 1963 seven years later his family headed south to Miramar Florida where Johnny's mother Betty Sue found work as a waitress in nearby Hallandale Beach his father John was employed as a civil engineer Johnny Depp was born into a family that I guess can be accurately describes mildly dysfunctional some parents and four children they moved around a lot in Miramar Johnny lived in a series of houses apartments and sometimes motels the one constant in Johnny's transient lifestyle was his family he loves his family he's very close to his people and very loyal to them they moved from place to place looking for better opportunities and a better life for the family but in retrospect it just drove a wedge into the family and made it more awkward and made tensions grow and simmer johnny was part Cherokee and proud of his Native American heritage he was fiercely imaginative but had strange interests like a fascination with notorious nineteenth-century serial killer Jack the Ripper was also attracted to things like those things on this kind of darker side I suppose especially when I was very very young what I kept away with always with Johnny this is curiosity his seeing thing is not as they appear to be but as they really are and I think even as a kid he had that in other words that's what it appears to be but that's what it is and it takes a special kind of sensitive child to see that to have that Johnny dreamed of being Bruce Lee were the first white harlem globetrotter and imitated Evel Knievel stunts on his bicycle he got into the same kind of trouble than most kids in that situation do they they find that that the crowd that they can gain acceptance in is always the one that's populated with the most misfits and people like himself and so you know vandalism and drinking and everything but gradually Johnny found a focus in music thanks to his loving and supportive mother she was a very inspirational to Johnny Depp she was responsible for him having his first guitar she saved up and bought him a guitar for $25 when he was 12 years old and encouraged him to march to his own beat used to practice in his garage day and night his idol was Eddie Van Halen and in fact mimicked his guitar playing techniques and a time dressed like him a lot of girls were after him and were interested in him but he was so focused on music and playing guitar and becoming a rock star that all all the girl thing in the school thing it was all secondary to him though Johnny didn't care for school his older brother Dan taught him to appreciate the works of nonconformist writers his brother Dan introduced him to the beat poets and beat writers like Jack Kerouac and Ginsberg and also the music of Bob Dylan and got him to listen to soundtracks like a Clockwork Orange and all of a sudden Johnny Depp started to feel the cool of that it attracted him a way that built the character of an eccentric cool guy but Johnny was shaken out of his fantasy when his parents told him they were getting a divorce frustrated and angry the Restless 16 year old dropped out of high school he struggled to support himself pumping gas and playing in bars with his band the kids they played originals and cover tunes by groups like the police the kinks the clash they were a rock n roll slash punk type of a group and their musical mixture was really accepted by crowds they played in several different venues across Hollywood in Hallandale Florida and they usually packed him in which made them a real commodity to club owners who could you know make their overhead knowing they put abandon that would get it done in 1983 Johnny met 25 year-old makeup artist Laurie and Allison the lovestruck 20 year old was eager to give his life a sense of home and family and he impulsively proposed to Laurie months later the pair married and hit the road along with Johnny's band the kids who'd worked their way up from dingy bars they opened the Ferengi pop they opened further b-52s at the time then they decided that while work we're getting gigs and it's time to head to head to LA and see if we can't get a record deal but competition in LA was stiff and the band bombed with nowhere to go Johnny and Laurie put down roots in Hollywood but tensions between the couple grew as they found themselves living below the poverty line and seedy Hollywood apartments Johnny took a telemarketing job selling pens that that job is sort of like my first training as an actor really because you know if you make these calls and people hang up on you you know it's it's it was interesting with you you could you'd start playing different characters on the telephone because you got bored so you'd start playing different characters and you know you'd come up with different names and different voices and stuff like that this actually turned out to be kind of fun it went through Laurie Johnny met rising actor Nicolas Cage nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and star of the hit movie valley girl Paige persuaded his down-and-out friend to take a stab at acting Johnny Depp was going along stealing sandwiches out of the 7-eleven and she was so broke and then Nicolas Cage says why don't you try this but the shift black tank came purely as a fluke of opportunity and as he developed as an actor the the sense of being a musician lost it's sort of a lure because all of a sudden he realized he didn't actually have the passion for music to make it the career to make it a job where he did with acting in 1984 20 year-old Johnny Depp gave his first major audition as an actor for Wes Craven director of the horror hit the Hills Have Eyes Craven was now casting his latest movie a Nightmare on Elm Street we were looking actually for a group of teenagers that were instead of the kids from next door and we needed a boyfriend for Heather Langenkamp it was a central character and when Johnny first came in I thought I don't know I don't know about this kid you know first of all he didn't have any experience he was in town I think with his band and he he didn't look like the kid next door but there was something about him that was no no just totally different you know so I didn't cast mitt first and I happened to have my daughter at that time she was 13 watching the casting session so I went home and we were going through all the pictures and I said I don't know what about these guys these guys and I went through all he's very handsome you know it's a sort of jock types that I thought teenage girls would like and she says dad Johnny Depp and it was it wasn't even a name that was known whatsoever who see which one was seen it's like she points out Johnny just because I said he doesn't look kind of like sickly he's kind of pale generous yes he's dreamy no and I just looked in her face it okay gasps death and that was it Johnny had a small supporting role as one of the doomed teens murdered in their dreams by boogeyman Freddy Krueger but the scariest thing for Johnny was facing a camera for the first time I was shocked at Wes Craven and Annette Benson the casting director and the director for you know for taking such a chance on this guy was totally green I mean I had no idea I didn't know like something like marks you know camera position I you know I was clueless he was really nervous he could see his hand shaking and he wanted very much to do it really really right but it was afraid that he would be terrible on screen I kept telling him you're looking very natural you're looking great the fact was that very quickly he was he was doing things in the first row second take perfectly well and can you bring it in real quality to the film when Nightmare on Elm Street opened Johnny's fears disappeared the film was a huge hit and the novice actor got his first taste of Fame with a Nightmare on Elm Street he didn't have a lot to do or to say but he's in a memorable role he's this good-looking kid lying on a bed who gets swallowed by his bed and it's memorable because no one had seen that in a film before and I think it's also memorable because no one had really seen someone who looked like Johnny Depp yeah sure he was good-looking like most Hollywood actors but he was part Native American parts something else that you couldn't figure out and he had a really magnetic look that the screen grabbed after he starred on Nightmare on Elm Street he came back to South Florida and actually was so proud of having done Nightmare on Elm Street that he would go to the movie theaters and let people see him and actually freak people out by allowing him to see the movie and then see the starring actor in the same movie theater and he certainly was proud of that movie and then we're all proud of heaven but Johnny was still struggling to pay the rent and when offered a starring part in the low-budget comedy private resort he had no choice but to take the money private resort was a terrible little little teen comedy that's teen sex womp and and it boasts one of the only nude scenes he's ever done and this is a guy who had no money I mean he was he was living with Nicolas Cage for a while and it's actually like taking Mexican money that Nicolas Cage hadn't gone and changing it into American money for a sandwich this guy was broke by 1985 Johnny Depp's shaky marriage to Lori Alison had run its course and the pair agreed to an amicable divorce but Johnny still longed for a family of his own and months later after he met a beautiful rising actress named sherilyn fenn Depp once again proposed the interesting thing about Johnny is when he was going with a woman he was totally committed to that relationship always he fell in love with one and stuck with one and obviously fell in love easily the newly-engaged actor also scored a meaty supporting part and director Oliver Stone's Vietnam drama platoon but before shooting began johnny was pushed to his physical and emotional limits I had him camping out all night Crysta for two weeks in the Philippines they all died from the Marine Corps they found themselves up on a jungle mountaintop in Southern Luzon in the Philippines where there was absolutely no civilian contact allowed whatsoever they were deep in the jungle and no agents no trailers no catering no nothing they did what I told them to do or they would die the office don't scared the hell out of them because of how intense Oliver Stone is and how personal this story was and how you when you were when he was working in the Philippines on this movie for months telling himself that Oliver Stone this is stuff that he actually lived through and not just pretended to Donnie was very excited to get this role and he went and learned some Vietnamese because he acted as a translator in the movie platoon went on to win four Academy Awards including Best Picture but much of Johnny's work would never be seen while tightening the film stone left many of dead scenes on the cutting room floor when Oliver Stone was cutting the movie together he found that he had a dilemma on his hands and that the the Johnny Depp character was more interesting than the Charlie Sheen character because Johnny Depp's character could speak Vietnamese he was an interpreter so any time Johnny Depp was on screen in platoon people the audience would look and say how does this young American soldier know how to speak Vietnamese I mean it's amazing and so Oliver Stone had to cut back Johnny Depp's part to save the the flow of the movie so when Johnny Depp saw the movie anything where's all my stuff you know it was heartbreaking for Johnny at the time because platoon was a giant film and everyone in young Hollywood wanted to be a part of it and Johnny was just starting out and I think he wanted to make a mark with that film and he'd poured so much into it and then have it be cut out and have no one see what how much effort you put into something was heartbreaking and I think he knew it was stalling his career Johnny's relationship with sherilyn fenn was another casualty of his time away and once again Deb was broke but the struggling actor refused to accept just any part he even turned down a chance to audition for a lead on a cop TV show for the new Fox Network there was interest in him because he was so attractive but he wanted to fight the beefcake image the show was called 21 Jump Street the production had already started on the drama about young cops going undercover in high school when producer Steven J canal realized he'd made a key mistake in casting when Johnny was reproached he reluctantly agreed to audition shooting up in Vancouver and we were starting to get dailies back with this actor and and all the other cast looked really right to us but this one guy that was playing handsome we were going oh well I don't know that he's gay I don't know that he's got the flavor of what we're trying to get so we had the weekend at plus four days to recast the the show so we went back to all the other actors that that you know that had been on our list before and I directed the test we did him over at put them all on film did it over at KTTV which was the Fox affiliate here in LA and and when we got it all together and cut it Johnny was just the guy I mean there was no doubt I mean he had such a charisma about him and such a sexuality and he was like so interesting to look at and he was a marvelous actor very young with very little film experience but you know had tremendous chops even even back then Depp was offered the part of Tom Hansen and signed a five-year contract Johnny was really talked into doing 21 Jump Street first of all he needed the work and if you need the work and you need the money you need it and you just do it but he also thought that he could make something of this character and he did add a lot of layers to his character but I think you know TV is TV and 21 Jump Street was really meant for teens and I think that the the producers of the show sort of wanted more stock characters they didn't want any weirdness in there they didn't want a lot of acting they wanted a lot of smoldering Johnny hoped the show wouldn't last but when 21 Jump Street premiered on April 12 1987 it was an instant hit with teen audiences in the last six weeks 7:15 for five nines in the same area all between 4 & 6 a.m. I thought for sure Kenny Weckerle he was involved in trucks but that looks more like a burglary ring but then where does this waxing guy fit in I still think we should pick Kenny up and book him I hope he and I can make a pretty good case the show dealt with topical issues like AIDS teen pregnancy and drug abuse but young viewers were most fascinated by the smoldering unknown playing detective Tom Hansen very quickly kids were watching this show in huge numbers and and then we had on top of that this great guy Johnny Depp was one of the few guys who made his street thuggish tough rebellious James Dean type characters seem authentic and Johnny had this this hurt wounded sensitive authentic side to him that teen girls just went nutso for and the next thing he knew is almost as soon as he got onto the show and started playing this character he was on the cover of Tiger Beat and young miss magazine this is police business let's roll Johnny was flooded with 10,000 fan letters a month and Fox had its first hit you know I'm a success right away and there all of a sudden you have a guy who's you know who's used to having no money at all and being thrown out of his apartments that are linked to making twelve sixteen hundred dollars a week and getting fine tables and restaurants and everybody knowing who he was and it was quite but for a guy like Johnny Depp oh it was both intoxicating and extremely disturbing hungry to capitalize on his appeal the network's PR department made sure death hit the cover of every teen magazine they should send him a huge you know Christmas present every year because he basically turned the lights on it at fuck within weeks of 21 Jump Street premiere the hit show was retooled to showcase its young breakout star Johnny Depp he started off being very naive and very quickly we realized that Johnny was too hip for that role so we started more of him almost immediately made him a much cooler much hipper guy for the next two years Johnny's fame kept expanding and so did his bank account but after his years of financial struggle Depp was generous with his success the actor donated his time to the Make A Wish Foundation and he moved his devoted mother to Vancouver where the show filmed he even had her name Betty Sue tattooed on his arm here he was going from basically obscurity to becoming like the teen idol of America and being only 20 to 23 years old he was very adult in a lot of ways in terms of where he wanted to go and not letting an insanity of you know of the moment taking and so I think you have to look to his own upbringing his mom for that but by 1989 after two years on 21 Jump Street Johnny was dying to change his address I tell you what scared me back then I was sort of witness to the power of whole the studio and I saw these people building this image and selling it but it had nothing to do with me and and it was frightening because I I it was almost impossible to reverse it he would have much preferred to be on something darker and edgier I think that that was my more sophisticated I never thought Johnny saw how good it was because he really disdained the show he felt like a product he felt like a piece of meat and you know he saw himself on teen magazines and he said you know I don't think gosh Laurence Olivier ever started this way Johnny found creative ways to protest his situation like ceremonially burning his underpants on the set he made it pretty well known that he didn't wanna be on the show he didn't like the and yet even in in spite of that you know he never misbehaved I mean yeah little little things you know I remember once he came to the set dressed like Elton John he had a powered wig on and platform shoes and Mario Van Peebles was directing the episode who's a friend of mine and where I'll call me I'll hit get this guy out of this powdered wig what am I gonna do you know Johnny used to do stuff like that which was which was sort of more of a prank and I was fiscally at risk for every episode and he could have just killed me if he'd wanted to and Johnny never did and whatever misbehaving was going on wasn't you know wasn't of a nature that was that was costly or in any way destructive to the manufacturing of the show for which I am eternally grateful off the set Johnny refused to play the part of a teen idol he dressed in rags smoked like a chimney and cheerfully claimed to be deathly afraid of clowns and talk-show host John Davidson the most common thing that they try to label you was rebel or bad boy or something was horrible you know silly names and it's just it's such a joke you know I mean every young actor who's come out they try so he's a bad boy talking it you know you can't do that it's impossible to know a person just by looking at him Johnny still had three long years left on his contract for the creatively adventurous actor it seemed like a prison sentence and Johnny Depp couldn't wait to break out 21 Jump Street was shot in Vancouver which was kind of a lonely thing for him because he didn't have anybody but the crew and fans around him so he would have his family brought to stay with him two times and his childhood friend Sal Janko would come and stay with him and sort of keep him in line a bit he also started having run-ins with with reporters and with hotel people it was kind of like a vise kind of tightening around him that yes but it's this what I want but although johnny was frustrated by his work by 1989 the 26 year old actor was once again in love debt met 17-year old actress Winona Ryder at a Hollywood movie premiere johnny was struck by her beauty her intelligence and her bohemian spirit a Winona is really really smart she's interested in the world unlike a lot of actors that really can only talk about themselves she you know she's just so much fun to be with when Nona's parents were close friends with Allen Ginsberg one of the Beat poets Johnny idolized he was sure he'd found his soul mate and eager as ever to settle down Johnny proposed to Winona after five months of dating he proved his devotion with another tattoo Winona forever he craved marriage and he craved that stability he had a great relationship with his mom he obviously adored women so he he hoped to have this lifestyle with with women and it's not easy in Hollywood paparazzi swarmed over the beautiful talented couple Johnny hated the unwanted attention they were stalked they were followed every interview they did they were asked about each other not about their work if Johnny couldn't escape Fame he decided to mock it with his first major film role crybaby director John Waters spoof of teen rebellion movies Waters films often featured transvestites and set new standards in bad taste he was Johnny's kind of guy it was important to me to do something as far away from Jump Street it was really important to be able to make fun of that image Johnny played a juvenile delinquent with a tender heart opposite Ricki Lake and an appealingly odd cast that included rocker Iggy Pop former porn star Tracy lures and kidnap victim Patricia Hearst the 26 year old felt right at home he really went out on a limb I mean here he was this kind of teen star that could have done any movie and he played this kind of ridiculous character that made fun of himself for this very fringe director John Waters cry-baby was a huge shock to all of Hollywood that Johnny Depp pair this beloved Hollywood heartthrob would dismiss his his teen beloved character and go and work with John Waters who had a reputation for insanely strange material it was shocking and a lot of people thought well Johnny is throwing away his career because his fans will hate him starring in cry-baby and a lot of people on the inside thought smart move because he's showing his range before it's too late after cry-baby Johnny completed his third year on 21 Jump Street but with more film offers coming Depp's way producer Stephen Cannell was concerned his star wouldn't return for another season he says have you have you been hearing that I'm gonna walk off the show and I said yeah as a matter of fact I have heard that and he said well you know I don't want you to worry he said I've got a lot of great movie offers and I sure hope we get cancelled because I want to go off and take these these jobs but I wanted you to know that if we get renewed I will live up to my contract ha stand-up is that Cannell was so impressed by Johnny's willingness to play ball that when the show got picked up he let him out of his contract to pursue his film career when I was in a position to make the choices that I wanted to make I started making those decisions based on building something that I would be able to leave for my kids you know would hopefully be able to watch in 30 40 50 years and and hopefully you know be proud of Johnny's first project after Jump Street was Edward Scissorhands written by Carolyn Thompson for visionary director Tim Burton the hero was a boy built by a kindly inventor with scissors for hands a lot of actors wanted the Edward Scissorhands role and the studio wanted other wanted Burton to look at other people like Tom Cruise was mentioned this as one of the people that they wanted they'll hurt wanted to do it really badly Robert Siegel those people hung out there and owned it and stuff they wanted to keep a piece of that and yet he wanted to be up to date it wasn't enough you know once it's a smack of the past and the old Sunset Strip from days gone by and yet be hip and I think he achieved it the Viper Room was the place to hang out for young Hollywood it was dark it was small it was cool there were great musical acts there I know a couple nights she slept there he actually you know it didn't go home I slept her because he wanted to surround himself with it on Halloween night 1993 Johnny was on stage jamming with his friend flea bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers he had no idea a tragedy was unfolding just feet away River Phoenix the young star of movies like stand by me was in the club at 1:00 a.m. Phoenix staggered out onto the street and collapsed I've got off stage and went out the door and the paramedics were working on this young man and I didn't I didn't know at the time that it was River River Phoenix had overdosed on drugs and died before reaching the hospital a stunned Johnny shut down the club for two weeks and allowed Rivers grieving fans to set up a makeshift shrine outside Depp was saddened by the senseless death and enraged by the sensationalized media coverage that surrounded it the media wouldn't let not only River rest but they wouldn't let his family rest Johnny's favorite place of escape was now a magnet for ghoulish sightseers and for the paparazzi he despised this was just an unfortunate incident having more to do with with the tragedy of River Phoenix's life and Johnny Depp but because he owned the place that happened to be he was tarred with that same sort of media brush once again feeling hounded Depp channeled his emotions into acting really where's film you ever saw well my next one will be better in tim burton's outrageous biopic Ed Wood Johnny gave a funny and tender performance as the notoriously incompetent cross-dressing director of 1950's exploitation films Edward was not a hero I mean he was a strange guy to make terrible movies but he did it with such glee and happiness and he was just a great character in Hollywood history and I think that people were thinking at the time why would Johnny Depp play this guy what's interesting about him what's the story is the schlocky director well I don't get it what's there to see here and I think Johnny just sort of fell in love with the end would character and just played him to the hilt the movie centred on Ed's relationship with his friend and star an aging drug-addicted Bela Lugosi played by Martin Landau you must be young Zion went into that character with hells bells but had he played that guy without any apology absolutely dignified I mean yet at the same time you could laugh at him he based it partly on Casey Kasem the radio personality because of the delivery the very upbeat kind of delivery and and I remember speaking to to Jim Jarmusch who directed Johnny Depp and Deadman and charmeuse said that it was very funny because Johnny Depp couldn't let go of that Ed Wood character and then months after he was finished they would be sitting in a restaurant and and Johnny Depp would all of a sudden be Ed Wood and isn't that bad time fabulous you know that in the Ed Wood voice we're about to embark on quite a journey four days of hard work Johnny relished the chance to again collaborate with Tim Burton on a tale of sympathetic misfits they're both unique and they're both visual escape o–'s seem to like very much of the same stuff they see the world which is skewed in a certain way very much the same way maybe a little bigger too if you want it's like it's great great you get stuck let it fall a little bit yeah they're both dreamers and a little bit misfits and Johnny Depp's one of those actors where Burton doesn't have to explain a lot to him he gets it and Johnny Depp actually told me that Tim Burton is one of the few people that if he calls Johnny Depp and says I'd like to do the answer is yes before it's even before it's even told to him what it is he wants him to do want to keep moving you've got to get through that door johnny is Tim scream altered screen alter-ego I guess I predict your next project will be an outstanding success Wow he's a very nice guy Johnny he just he shows up he's very pleasant to work with he always knows his lines he knows everybody in the crew he's unfailingly polite he's really easy to be around he's a great guy and he's good actor hey pops we don't have a permit run Jonny also practiced diligently to master the art of walking in high heels he's a beautiful man as a man and that's difficult enough to be on-screen with him because he's distractingly beautiful and then you put him in the hose and everything and he's got great legs and beautiful figure and he looks better in the tub than you do and he's in drag how long have you been doing this since I was a kid my mom one of the girls so she used to dress me in girlie clothing just became a habit his likability quotient is huge with Atwoods when he's wearing a dress you know you still love the character that Johnny's playing because he has a way of reaching out and getting you to to accept him take a deep breath relax the company was shooting at Musso Frank's and Johnny was wearing a blonde female wig high heels a skirt and an angora sweater and who had consternation to say the least because he'd heard that Ed was wife was on the set she walked up to him when they were introduced and she looked at her she said just like in the recovering team poster-boy also got a real kick out of being ugly or Atwood wore dentures and so we made a set of dentures for him that were just these two canine teeth and no front teeth Johnny liked the look I'm not having those teeth so he would go out to clubs and stuff wearing the missing four front teeth just have fun with it if there's ever a concern with Johnny of making himself attractive certainly didn't pop its head and and this is because he Wow I mean it was just terrific and right off the bat I having a Johnny Depp that I was talking to in the chair and a Johnny Depp second he popped those teeth in his mouth he was a whole other guy too offbeat for mainstream moviegoers Edie wood was a failure at the box office but the film earned critical raves and won Johnny's friend Martin Landau his first Academy Award Johnny was truly pleased it was it was as if he'd won I wanted him to win it so badly I mean ed woods about a relationship two disparate guys who have no business being together they need each other they wind up really caring about each other it's an odd love story and it takes two to tango I could only be as good as Johnny was Johnny deserves much more credit by 1994 Johnny Depp's impressive and eclectic body of work was burning comparisons to the career of Marlon Brando Johnny Depp has really admired the work of Marlon Brando and James Dean but he's done something that other actors haven't done he hasn't you know mimicked them he has taken lessons from them and he's become a better actor because of it but he has just realized that if you want to be a great actor you really have to bring something unique to the role 31 year old Johnny was thrilled to work with the elusive Brando himself and the romantic comedy Don Juan DeMarco the film co-starring Faye Dunaway was the gentle story of a man convinced he's the legendary lover of Don Juan it was Johnny's ID to cast Brando as the psychiatrist assigned to counsel his romantically obsessed character the two actors discovered they shared the same sense of humor the same contempt for fame and the same refusal to take themselves seriously I think Brando saw in Johnny Depp a guy who was committed but didn't take it seriously and Brando his whole life his opinion was that acting was not something a grown man should do for a living but did he really feel that way can you actually be that good at something if you're not passionately committed to it and I think Johnny Depp had that same kind of duality in how he approached his work as wow this is I'm getting paid to have fun one irreverent way Johnny approached the Don Juan character was through his accent the choices are always a little like Marlon idiosyncratic I mean I said how did you get the accent and he said he listened to Montalban on that is the island but Johnny wasn't just an actor he was a celebrity a status he still hated the Hollywood lifestyle being successful in Hollywood does not lend itself to a stable happy personal life he was running around a lot partying a lot and there wasn't a lot of satisfaction and he started acting out in September 1994 Johnny and his girlfriend model Kate Moss checked into Manhattan's mark hotel late that night the couple reportedly argued and as his anger increased death took out his frustrations on the furniture security was summoned by another guest Roger Daltrey lead singer of the WHO and an old hand at hotel room trashing himself apologized and offered to pay for the damages well of a sudden it's okay mr. movie star I'm in charge now and the security guard you know did a number on him and threw him I called the police and Johnny Depp had to spend the night in jail Johnny was sentenced to pay nearly ten thousand dollars to the hotel a worst punishment was being forced to discuss the incident endlessly in interviews I haven't spoken to anyone who's worked with him before who hasn't described him as being very easygoing very gentle person but there have been incidents that have been blown way out of proportion in proportion to what what they actually were that all of a sudden labels him as this guy who tears up hotel room that was probably a turning point in his life because he realized he'd become a Hollywood cliché you know yelling at photographers trashing a hotel room what is this is this what his life would be like Johnny channeled his restless energy into work in his next film nick of time he took on a role that he'd struggled to play for years in real life that of a family man depp starred as an accountant whose daughter will be killed if he doesn't help would-be assassins commit a murder Johnny's passion for family was a key reason he took on part I was I was very excited at the possibility of playing a father it's a universal thing to say I would do anything for my family I would I would die for my family I would kill for my family but to see a person who's actually been put in that position to where he you have to make a choice to do that it's pretty fascinating months later Johnny tapped into his Native American roots for his most ambitious creative challenge so far directing and starring in the drama the brave the brave I think is one of the most interesting things that Johnny Depp has done most successful absolutely not most you know the best thing that he's done no but interesting absolutely it's based on a very dark novel by a guy named Gregory MacDonald and the story is about a Native American man in Arizona who's who's mired in poverty mired in alcohol alcoholism and he sells himself into a snuff film so that his family can have the money to get out of this poverty that they live in now that no bundle of laughs but he was deadly committed to this Johnny Depp inand he wrote the screenplay with his brother Johnny invested his own money in the project his passionate commitment convinced Marlon Brando to make a cameo appearance but the brave debuted it can to blistering reviews and the film was never released in America how dare he try to make this serious film it was crucified I thought like he had no right to do it and I think that really made him bitter but that same year Johnny dazzled critics with another knockout performance in the fact-based drama Donnie Brasco debt played in undercover BIA agent opposite Al Pacino as the mobster he befriends and ultimately brings down Johnny spent months studying the real-life agent he portrayed the result was a performance of quiet extraordinary intensity he was able to stand up to Pacino who you know it's really a powerful actor it was peer to peer now when I said wow this guy can he can be on the screen with anybody and he's got to give him a run for their money mr. Marlon Brando and mr. Al Pacino honestly does that make you a made man in Hollywood makes me a very lucky man although Donnie Brasco was a critical favorite the film was only a modest commercial success and Johnny's next project the daringly surreal comedy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was an out-and-out box-office failure but Depp loved playing one of his literary heroes gonzo 1960s journalist Hunter s Thompson or this terrible drug Spanish medicine suite at once will be in the book I remember Johnny Depp telling me at the time that only two authors had ever made him laugh out loud one of them was Hunter Thompson the other was a guy named Terry southern who among other things wrote dr. Strangelove with Kubrick and Johnny Depp was extremely respectful of Hunter Thompson because again Hunter Thompson is a guy who goes through life on his own terms and he creates he reflects everything is on through his own sensibility on his own terms and Johnny Depp greatly admired that Johnny found a kindred spirit and director and ex Monty Python member Terry Gilliam who encouraged spontaneity on the set when I came to the general back-alley ambience of the suite was so rotten how long had I been lying there what had happened there was evidence in this room of excessive consumption of almost every type of drug known to civilized man since 1544 ad you walked on a set first thing in the morning and any director who says you know why not – why don't we try the lizard tail today you know put the lizard tail on it oh my god it's great between film roles Jonny also found time to indulge in his first creative passion music Johnny's made it as an actor has worked with several major acts Shane MacGowan in the Pope's pee oasis piggy pop johnny was a good to cook guitarist and he was a good slide guitarist and he was a good backup singer so I feel that you know his energy is what they were after and his fame couldn't hurt moonlighting as a musician satisfied Johnny's childhood rock star dreams but his longtime desire to settle down and have a family of his own remained out of reach Johnny made for great magazine coffee because you know every couple years this guy was getting engaged sherilyn fenn Jennifer Grey Winona Ryder Kate Moss there was all talk of marriage there and a few of these girls actually had engagement rings on and you know it's easy to make fun of someone like that always getting engaged that was the romantic but at least he wasn't always getting married and getting divorced and I think the reason he got engaged in the first place was because he was a romantic guy I mean you look at Johnny Depp you look at his work there's a lot of sensitivity in there there's a lot of passion and I think he approaches his love life in the same way so when he fell for a woman I think he wanted to get married by 1999 Johnny's relationship with model Kate Moss was over another casualty of separation and celebrity death spent that summer in Paris filming the occult thriller the Ninth Gate under the direction of Roman Polanski one night Johnny saw a beautiful young woman in a bar and struck up a conversation vanessa paradis was a major singing star in france who was just kicking off an acting career once again Johnny threw himself headlong into a passionate romance they just clicked right away they didn't make a big public spectacle of their relationship and I think they very quietly fell in love in France and it formed this bond that made Johnny want to live in France Johnny Depp really respects her her musical talents and abilities so much so that Johnny Depp directed one of her music videos and has played the guitar and some of her song they both had similar lives they'd say they'd grown up and then all of a sudden been thrust into this strange public life that weren't ready for didn't know what to expect after three months together Vanessa became pregnant johnny was ecstatic and in May of 1999 lily-rose melody Depp was born in France more than the fact that it's changed me I think it's revealed me it's as if I was born that day it was really like having some kind of fog lifted from my eyes and and suddenly meeting your reason to live I mean I know I've smiled and laughed and all that before I became a bother but I don't recall ever feeling it the most incredible loving father you'll ever see it's made him more of what aware as to why he's here on the planet the new father and his family set up housed in a villa in the South of France here Johnny could play with his daughter walk to a cafe hold hands with Vanessa and not be hounded by a pack of paparazzi I think that Johnny likes living in France because everyone's so accepting it's not violent and there's more of a village feel to it he doesn't live in Paris he lives in the country actually in France and I think he enjoys a simpler life but this guy is not there that often he travels all the time he's always making movies so I think he tries to spend as much time in a safe happy calm environment for his children he's gone through a period of very difficult years where the emotions ran high and if he's not very solid he feels like he's found personal happiness Johnny stayed close to his three siblings who were now also part of this professional life they're responsible for various aspects of his career and the Machine that's built up around him his sisters take care of his business so his sister Christie takes care of his his business and from a PR perspective and his brother Dan is a writer and a very smart guy and also co-writer of the only film that Johnny Depp ever wrote and directed himself so he has a very very symbiotic and very close relationship to his to his brothers and sisters but happiness didn't blunt Johnny's edges an actor we teaming with Tim Burton for the horrific fantasy Sleepy Hollow debt played a skittish detective he based in part on Angela Lansbury the idea of going back into the late seventeen hundreds um playing Ichabod Crane was it's like a dream come true for any actor yeah to take takers with what would normally be a kind of stoic sort of leading man type action hero type thing and yeah I'm kind of turning into a sort of fragile you know flawed sensitive nine year old girl in a sense he could have really hammed it up and been mr. movie star in this film and he didn't he played the character almost like he was a little weird and off and he wasn't trying to win points by by playing this current characters heroically but he won points by playing him interestingly there's the the cliche of you know every directors leading man as a handsomer version of themselves I think Johnny Depp is that for Tim Sleepy Hollow was Depp's biggest commercial hit to date the actor followed it with a supporting part in the oscar-nominated romance Chocolat he had a rather small role in chocolate and he didn't care many stars adore small showy roles where they can be remembered Johnny Depp like every fine actor doesn't count the role in terms of the length of time with what it will do for him as an artist privacy you doctor fell mom expects arrival on cycle watch happening in 2001 Johnny death brought one of his childhood obsessions to the screen playing a cockney drug-addicted police inspector hunting Jack the Ripper the project was the gory thriller from hell froa scamper there's no arterial spray on the wall rain last night in it mm-hmm she's joy she was brought here in a carriage or something felt must have been cut in the carriage imagine they stopped it just over there something is definitely that's the case that I was I get sort of interested in fascinated with when I was when I was very very young and yeah I'd said I've read you know the majority of stuff on the Ripper case I think he's taking more organs this time only Paulie ends up any were giving bribes only they were disemboweled in such a meticulous measure beside killing for profit this is ritual Johnny loved making the dark drama but he was ready to move on to something very different I started making decisions based on building something that I would be able to leave for my kids something that my kids would kids grandkids you know hopefully be able to watch it in 2002 Johnny Depp proud father eagerly jumped aboard the Walt Disney Studios adventure epic Pirates of the Caribbean it was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer creator of such mainstream Hollywood action hits as Armageddon and Pearl Harbor there was so much negative publicity about Pirates of the Caribbean when it was first announced the movie is gonna be made because everyone said oh what is Disney doing they're basing a film on one of their theme park rides Disney's selling out Johnny Depp selling out it's gonna be a bomb but although Johnny agreed to star in the family-friendly adventure he was intent on doing it his way and some Disney executives panicked when Depp decided to model his weird and wily pirate Captain Jack Sparrow on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards apparently there's some sort of high-toned and fancy to do up at the forte how could it be the two upstanding gentlemen such as yourselves did not merit an invitation someone has to make sure this stock stays off-limits to civilians it's a fine goal to be sure but it seems to me like that makes this one here a bit superfluous really how the Dauntless is the power in these waters true enough but there's no shippers can match the Interceptor for speed I voted one supposed to be very fast nigh uncatchable the black path I thought of pirates in the 18th century is maybe they were sort of the rock stars of their day and I thought it was the greatest rock and roll star that's ever lived and to me it's Keith Richards he's courageous and very very few people are and I mean with Jack Sparrow I remember seeing Jack Sparrow for the first time and thinking mmm doing and then you watch it you think I can't I can't imagine anyone else he would take the the risk of playing a character like that because nobody knew whether it was going to work or not and whether people would accept it or not sorry here you have Jack Sparrow a pirate who is not what you think of as a pirate first of all he comes off as kind of feminine and odd and Chris mattock and heroic and all these weird people at the same time it's just Johnny being Johnny adding more layers into the film and spicing up the characters he plays Boston I was here in front of the three days all right last time the rumrunners used this island as a cache came by and I was able to borrow a passage job that's the secret grand adventure of the infamous Jack Sparrow spent three days lying on a beach drinking welcome to the Caribbean that we were all thinking precision isn't really gonna play it like that cuz I really don't know if it is gonna work and how it's all going to go together and you see it now and you just go my god what if I can't think it I can't think of another characterization that's been quite like it in actually ever we under Sun us and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest honestly Johnny turns up and and you know he's doing this fantastic you know creation that he's come up with and I was like okay well I'll just play the swashbuckling straight guy then you know what I mean it kind of I sort of fell in line with what he was doing because he was he had created this guy he was you know at the whole you know the you know the this the the sea legged you know drunken pirate and it made my job easier because I was the foil you know what I mean and the the straight guy to that for a young actress to watch that and go okay wow you you can be that sort of in a funny kind of way single-minded about your characters I mean he owns a– and i remember i'm saying it's the only way I can play it I don't know how I was to play it this is it this is all I can imagine and you think well to imagine that is quite extraordinary what an imagination whatever we want to go that's what a ship is you know it's not just a keel and a whole new decking sails as Bishop needs but what if she piece of the black pearl really is is freedom to freedom to the Black Pearl johnny was just trying to impress his favorite critics daughter lily and his baby son Jack born on April 9th 2002 my daughter is absolutely convinced that I'm a pirate she doesn't ever it doesn't register the Dead is an actor you know it's just my dad's a pirate Pirates of the Caribbean leapt beyond industry expectations to become the top grossing movie of 2003 earning over 300 million dollars in the US alone fifteen years after 21 Jumpstreet a new generation of teenage girls fell in love with the actor voted by People magazine to be the sexiest man alive for most of Johnny's career Hollywood has looked at him like the oddball who will add more layers to your film but not necessarily bring audiences into the theater and Hollywood has always thought we'd love to work with Johnny but we need someone who like a Harrison Ford we need someone who will bring in people and make money for my film and that's what's so great about the success of Pirates of the Caribbean is that he can be interesting in quirky and he can bring in audiences at age 40 his sort of crowning achievement is that he got to do this huge wonderfully entertaining movie that made up fortune and he didn't sell it Pirates of the Caribbean also earned Johnny Depp his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor a rare honor for a comic role Johnny was pleased but hardly seemed crushed when he didn't win if the idea is that you got to win an Oscar to believe in yourself what you're ultimately saying then is I'm gonna let other people grade my paper part of Johnny's charm is that he doesn't care if somebody else grades his hey the 41 year old dead followed Pirates of the Caribbean with a typically eclectic roster of film roles some were made to satisfy his own search for offbeat adult moviemaking like the Stephen King thriller secret window and the Robert Rodriguez action drama Once Upon a Time in Mexico other projects were geared toward his goal to make films that his children and entire families could enjoy in the fact-based drama Finding Neverland Depp earned raves playing Peter Pan author JM Barrie opposite Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman Depp strongly related to the story of a man who uses the power of his imagination to create a better world for himself and the people he loves and in Peter Pan berry story of the ultimate lost boy Johnny recognized another kindred spirit the work itself is just it's it's really truly a work of pure genius I mean it's just that it's it's absolutely a masterpiece an incredible work of imagination when you look at his body of work you know that you know there's a child with him and so much alive and I was looking for someone who sort of is the fifth child in a group Johnny next we teamed with Tim Burton and for their fourth big screen collaboration in 2005's Charlie in the Chocolate Factory Depp played another legendary eccentric mysterious candy manufacturer Willy Wonka who gives a select group of children a golden ticket tour of his Emporium Depp and Burton set out to make a film more faithful to author Roald Dahl's classic novel than the previous movie version Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder and while their film honored the book Depp's Willy Wonka was a startling and slightly dangerous original critics were divided over his flamboyant characterization but it was further proof of the fearlessness that was Johnny Depp's trademark that same summer the actor gave a charming vocal performance in Tim Burton's corpse bride Deb played a shy young man who finds love in a local graveyard when he accidentally pledges his heart to a lonely corpse Johnny celebrated the film's release with a time-honored Hollywood tradition putting his hand in footprints in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre I'm honored and so thankful it's so grateful that all you guys yeah you should applaud for yourselves you know that's for you for sticking around with me on this really long strange road he's very thoughtful and and to be such a hugely recognized and appreciated actor and movie star that he is and to still be you know not caught up in his own world and to be thinking of others I think his it was a really great example for me for Johnny Depp movie stardom and creative risk-taking were no longer clashing ideas he could do both in a single film the fact he was about to prove once again thanks to a second pirate's journey to the Caribbean what is it as Jack spooked how much do you know about TV channels you owe me your soul and that's time to pay up in 2006 43 year-old Johnny Depp reached another milestone in his two decade acting career the release of his first movie sequel Johnny had agreed to star in not one but two sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean for a rumored salary of over 37 million dollars first to reach screens was Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest it reunited Depp with co-stars Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom this time Jack Sparrow was on the hunt for a supernatural treasure chest while trying to bargain back his soul from legendary sea ghosts Davy Jones played by Bill Nighy where the loose ball may be three and a half and did I happen to mention he's in love with a girl Jews to be Mally dividing him from her and her from him would only be half as cruel is actually allowing them to be joined in holy matrimony I he's done something quite remarkable and I think this performances is a major comic performance I don't think it I know it is it's entered the language in a way that very few performances do come to join me brunette welcome aboard I'm here to find the man I love I'm deeply flattered son but my first and only love is the sea I mean the idea that he's 42 and looks that good it's completely outrageous I mean outrageous it's awful when you know you have to have a two-shot with him there will come a moment when you have the chance to do the right thing I love those moments I like to wave at them as they pass by Johnny Depp the ultimate iconoclast was now a commercial brand his image could be seen on everything from action figures to candy to cereal boxes it's classic Johnny yes you'd run away from the obvious and then however oldies decide that you're gonna be part of this huge franchise and have your face on a toothbrush packet or something I don't know I mean it's hilarious it's almost like he just makes fun of the whole thing he's got that kind of pirate spirit the Pirates of the Caribbean films also allowed the actor to do work that pleased not only himself but also his growing children more than anything Deb now felt that his chief responsibilities was as a father I think it's our responsibility as parents who to do our best to to shield my children from from the harsh realities of the world and to allow our children to be children for as long as humanly possible of us it happened so quickly he'd become an adult and the responsibilities thrown on his shoulders it transforms people and you can see that kind of like peace that's washed over his face when he looks at his children it's like he's found he's found his way home all you want to do is just spend time with your kids you know you just want to hang out with him and do stuff with him you know so you know if you end up playing Barbies for 12 hours okay that's cool you know I know don't call me Sporto right I hate that Johnny Depp has found his own path to stardom by defying the rules and by embracing the outcast inside all of us we're about to embark on quite a journey he threw away all the rule books had just did what he wanted to do and like doing he's created his perfect world Johnny Depp ruled the high seas and the box office when Captain Jack Sparrow set sail and Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End released in the summer of 2007 in this most recent installment of the billion dollar franchise The Rolling Stones Keith Richards came on board as Jack's father Teague Sparrow the pairing made perfect sense as the guitarists iconic swagger was an initial inspiration for Depp's swashbuckling sea captain never content with mere blockbuster glory death continues to take on the quirky roles that have come to define him as 2007 was drawing to a close Depp delighted Sweeney Todd fans with his portrayal of the title character in Tim Burton's film adaptation of the Broadway musical Depp garnered an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for the performance in July 2009 Depp played the depression-era bank robber John Dillinger in the crime drama Public Enemies Depp's latest project is the 2010 remake of Alice in Wonderland in it he plays the Mad Hatter and once again teams up with longtime friend and collaborator Tim Burton now more than twenty years into a career that has defied all conventional wisdom Johnny Depp has used intelligent acting and uncompromising instincts to forge a singular path

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  1. People may not Believe but this Guy is one of the smartest and most intelligent actors in Bollywood .

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