human capital a company's greatest assets ever heard that yeah we all did but in order to develop human capital you need good leaders so do you want to learn to lead and maximize your potential or do you want to know why there are so many useless leaders the five levels of leadership by New York Times bestselling author John C Maxwell is right for you okay let's work through the five levels to reach the pinnacle the first level is position you only have rights to lead and people basically only follow you because they have to if you have been to the army you know how that works somebody gets a rank and believes he or she can command people around it's similar outside the army the result these individuals might be bosses but never leaders positional leaders accumulate whatever they can only to make themselves look important they have subordinates not team members they have trouble giving direction and people working under them only do what is necessary and no more I think it's not even a starting point it's level zero so avoid being like that or avoid such bosses and companies that think it's fine to be this way now we move the real stuff level to permission you lead with good relationships people follow you because they want to connect with yourself understand and grow yourself and have the right attitude towards others so you can connect with them then as a leader express value for each person on your team and open up communication liking your people and treating them like individuals with value influence is created trust is also developed when people feel valued and trusted they begin to work together with their leader and each other and that can change the entire working environment level three production besides influencing people you produce results people follow because of what you have done for the organization first understand how your personal giftedness contributes to division figure out where you true strengths lie then casts the vision for what needs to be accomplished having a clear and communicated vision contributes to the productivity of the team prioritize and get the right things done by the right people be the change agent because progress requires change like this you get your team and organization on another level of effectiveness work gets done goals are achieved morale improves profits go up level for people development here a leader reproduces leaders and empowers others people follow because of what you have done for them you invest in your followers and develop them until those followers become leaders in their own right you invest 80% in developing and leading others this means recruiting positioning modeling equipping empowering etc with this high investment in people relationships deepen and loyalty is strengthened you have more leaders and performance increases level 5 the pinnacle you have respect because you achieved all levels and you develop level 4 leaders that develop other leaders people follow because of who you are and what you represent level 5 leaders bring success with them wherever they go most leaders who reach the pinnacle do so later in their careers leadership at this high level lifts the entire organization and creates an environment that benefits everyone in it when you are here you should with gratitude and humility lift up as many leaders as you can and tackle as many great challenges as possible like this you will create a legacy and extend your influence to make a positive difference beyond your own organization and industry if you only take one thought with you it should be dis get to like people and be interested in them then you already start at level 2 and if you keep going you will get to the top and take others with you and remember a leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way thanks for watching and if you want to see more videos like this click here to subscribe you


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