John Donne: Poet in the City – St Paul's Cathedral

10 thoughts on “John Donne: Poet in the City – St Paul's Cathedral

  1. During the program I was greatly pleased to be able to listen to a friendly and yet refined reading of Donne's sonnet "Death Be Not Proud", which incidentally is one of his poems I translated into Japanese more or less satisfactorily to myself (not published, alas!). ♫(*I've saved on my PC this YouTube presentation by London's Cathedral on 12 May 2012. …I should have known it much much earlier !)

  2. As a mere but long-time reader of his poetry, a thousand cheers and thanks to St Paul's Cathedral for holding this special event commemorating the work and thought of the early 17th century Dean John Donne (an important poet as well). …His poetry (all of it) has been with me for years and years now since my postgraduate time despite my painful difficulty in appreciating it as it probably should be. …I'd have flown to London to see this great event with my own eyes & ears if only I were young & strong enough (even now that "I have lived long enough: my way of life is fallen to the sear, the yellow leaf…")…✋✋

  3. The brief talk by Peter McCullough is well done. Glad to see an event celebrating Donne's work and life.

  4. I'm an atheist, and I really love this! Well, I am a huge admirer of the staggering ingenuity of John Donne's poetry.  

  5. Nice production – nice photography. You are doing a wonderful thing by keeping alive the cultural history of England.

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